Good Card3/24/2007 4:17:23 PM

Pros: Good Card. Easily get SATA 2 speeds on the 2 ports I'm using at once. Which was all I wanted it for, I'm not using the RAID capabilities. Very easy install.

Cons: Two minor things: Card BIOS is a little slow to load. The way the SATA plugs are mounted the latches on my cables will not latch with this card, but I have not had problems with the cables unseating.

Overall Review: Got this after I had a ohh moment after I ordered a Dell Precision 390 and realized it only had 4 SATA ports on the MOBO, with 2 already used. Wanted to make sure I wouldn't have a bottle neck at the interface with the MOBO if I load up all 4 ports, so the PCI-Express 4x was the main reason for choosing this card.

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Not Bad3/24/2007 3:44:27 PM

Pros: Good SATA 2 speeds. Built pretty well, all aluminum except for the front and back which is plastic that's sturdy enough you don't have to worry to much about breaking it. Seems to shed heat pretty well even though there isn't much space around the fan or drive. Trays are very smooth to swap out, the handle acts a lever to seat the drive the last bit. Takes power from SATA or MOLEX plugs, a nice plus if you have a old power supply.

Cons: Hot swap is non-existent unless you have a RAID card or some other way to spin down and unmount the drive. I pulled out the drive a few times right after a shutdown and felt torque when I turned it so it was definitely still spinning, so give it a few seconds even after a shutdown.

Overall Review: Fortunately I'm using the drives in the rack just for archive so hot swap is not a big deal otherwise it would have gotten a fat goose egg.

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Great Cable3/24/2007 3:19:38 PM

Pros: Great Cable, No speed issues, latches are great. Flexible enough to have no issues routing them either.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Some devices don't have anything for the clip to seat to, but they hold on fine without it, but it is a nice plus when they do clip.

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