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so far so good6/19/2012 12:07:16 PM

Pros: First ill just say its what i expected except actually better quality then i thought it would be for the cheapest IDE enclosure i could find.

Cons: Not a true con - because its the nature of the product and already expected but its Size. u can detach the fan, but the nature of a 3.5" external are all large in relation to the more compact expensive alternatives available. Only thing i can say about the fan noise is i can definatly hear it on high, but on Low I hear the HDD as much or more then the fan. its a westerndigital 250gb IDE in good great condition, always used it for backup and not everyday use.

Overall Review: This review is mostly to clearify some of what others have stated.. or as it apears on the one i received anyway. (1)the LED lights up Blue and blinks Green on Activity. (2)the body is aluminum but the tray is plastic, however the fan's direction is blowing out not In, so its ventilating not blowing on the HDD, which is better in this case IMO since the vent holes would block a lot of the windchill if it were, defeating the purpose. so aluminum or plastic not a big deal. IMO plastics better in this app, since most people wont use the fan anyway. it keeps the HDD safer from vibrations since its not directly contacting the aluminum housing.

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How to make it work on XP SP110/26/2008 8:19:18 PM

Pros: Go to >start menu/run, type "services.msc" ,hit enter, scroll down to "windows management instrumentation" >right click/properties , set it to Disable, >Restart the computer. before i luckily came up with that solution, i went threw the hole song and dance to try and get it to work, and believe me i tryed everything. if you have questions or anything i created a thread in the forum were u can respond bellow.

Cons: -

Overall Review: personaly i dont think any product deserves 5 stars, except rarely u may find a perfect item, but i gave it 5, cause its cheap and it works.

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