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Solid Board if the Fan Setting Work Correctly

GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 Ultra (rev. 1.0) AM3+/AM3 AMD 990FX SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 USB 3.0 ATX Motherboards - AMD
GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 Ultra (rev. 1.0) AM3+/AM3 AMD 990FX SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 USB 3.0 ATX Motherboards - AMD

Pros: I like the color scene of this board. It give a Metal Gear's feel to it with its blend of Gunmetal and Steel cover of the PCI-E to hold heavier card like my 290x 8gb XFX and it couldn't be any more perfect for my setup, plus it doesn't look too bend unlike it has on my x79 Asus Pro Motherboard. It also give colors and print on the board to help identified where and what port it is. Audio is nice on this board and it can get loud if I would crank up the volume of the speaker of mine and the component of the audio look high quality. M2 connector, Type C connector, and 3.1 USB for future proof if I ever get around getting them. Overclock my 4350 (got it for $69.99) to 4.7Ghz no problem with Cryorig H7 (got it for $30) using Enermax SP Fan for it cooling and going to push it more until I find the limits. The VRM showing in HWiNFO64 app on the Motherboard show a low of 43C to as high as 62C when gaming at that core speed thank to a good heat sink, especially the MB itself go from a low as 24C to less than 45C on my RX-1 Thermaltake Case with room Temperature at 20C with AC going. There are good app on the CD that are good from blocking which USB device you want block with your password; -Downloading Bio (No new Bio as of yet but show 970 Bio which I don't recommend which it isn't a 970 after all) -Live Update for your app's -Game Controller which I hadn't mess around with - Cloud Station -Ambient LED setting of the audio (if I can figure out how to actually get the Led to work but no luck). -Smart Time Lock.....I don't have kid yet. Two other App: Easy Tune is to overclock your cpu and rams by auto tune or advance. The Auto-tune work okay and I have better result doing it manually in the bio. The other app is V-Tuner, like MSI Afterburner App but simpler and less advance, which set your GPU speed while including a graph on the side of the app. It good...but I prefer Afterburner still. The Lan Optimizer took a while to set up as the setting I want. I can play my MMO game while downloading in the background at low speed so it doesn't interfere game play ping too much.

Cons: The Fan setting App isn't starting up as soon I load into Window. I have to open the app every time I power up my PC and move the graph a little to get the setting I want with my fans otherwise it is set by Bio. In Bio Fan Setting is way different than the app which set by PWN voltage, Standard, or Auto. Number of Fan port is lacking compare to my X79 having 7 fan port and this only have 5 which I'm using all my spare molex fan connector for now. In Bio, the mouse is very laggy and unusable. I don't like using flat screwdriver to reset the BIO with the CMOS but it work fine so not a big deal. No Debug Led Number Edit: Just a head up, I wanted to try the x16/x4 with my cards that would be impossible to install dues to the size of the USB 3.0 cables are, even when bend in 'U' will not aloud it to fits unless I ditch the 3.0 for the front. Ambient LED setting of the audio isn't working BUT i like it have a setting in the BIO to set the LED to Still, Puse, and Music Beat . Why couldn't Asus Aura 970 have this instead of the Software it come with, I don't know. It light up when starting it up but it shut off as soon Window load and I had tried YouTube, Netflix, and Window Media which still doesn't light up the LED nor can I turn it on on the app. Can't really think of anything else as of now.

Overall Review: A FX 4350 and this board, I pay for $200 and it play any game like Doom, Dirty Rally, Witcher 3 to name a few that ran really well without being such a bottom neck to my Crossfire 290x which I read online forum and video to see but wasn't true except in few cases of game being so CPU depended or horrible coding. It getting closer toward the end of the years and I haven't been on the update of the new AMD chips so I decided to find a new system for myself and the x79 I have is going to be given to my big brother when he need a PC that have lot of memory and core power and I'm not giving up my 3960X. One thing Gigabyte do need to fix is make the Fan setting app link to the Bio setting and I wouldn't complain much at all.

Most Critical Review

Made in China

Rajfoo SmartFox Esport Gaming Mouse Macro Programmable Mice 7 Buttons 3200DPI Adjustable Breathing LED Light USB Wired for Pro Gamers
Rajfoo SmartFox Esport Gaming Mouse Macro Programmable Mice 7 Buttons 3200DPI Adjustable Breathing LED Light USB Wired for Pro Gamers

Pros: Well it a cheap $10 mouse I brought and cheap that it is. It changes color pretty good with the mystic nine-tail fox lady working but didn't download the app to put in keybinding.

Cons: Out of a brand new box, I can see scratch mark under the mouse showing it was used before packaging and cheap plastic. My old toys Megazord Sword I used to have better quality silver plastic then this as it look over burn.

Overall Review: I brought this just for replacement mouse when I needed for cheap and CHEAP is what I gotten out of this but hey, it work.

Solid Cpu Cooler and Ram Free

CRYORIG H7 Tower Cooler For AMD/Intel CPU with 120mm PWM Fan
CRYORIG H7 Tower Cooler For AMD/Intel CPU with 120mm PWM Fan

Pros: Easy setup and unique hive fin entering cooling design. It rarely lose any air from being push back and a optional of a second fan connector if going for Push/Pull setup without any ram interfering, it might as well be a ram cooler too for how close it is from pulling air. And the bottom of the heatsink have little space for the fan to blow across the socket to the VRM heatsink, cooling on the VRM is just as important as cooling the CPU when overclocking. The Hive fin work very well at low RPM to not need to crank up the speed to keep it cool. Installing is pretty easy to do and would recommend doing the installment on the Motherboard Cpu before placing in the pc case. It cooled my Fx 4350 125w I have paired with to get a successful OC to 4.75Ghz at 1.476 on the Vcore and gaming only see around 50c to 60c as all the Core is working near it max to not excess. This is my 2nd purchase of this unit to be going toward the Fx 6300 to OC a little bits and uses for office work I'm building for his assistance for better cooling overall and noises level. The stock heatsink will be in the field as target practice with the 30-06 rifle.

Cons: The Fan. Love it or Hate it. There isn't anything wrong with it and wishes it have more options to choose different fan colors or design. I can swap to any fans I wanted to and It does a solid jobs of cooling, wouldn't mark a eggs off for nick picking a fan design when options is available. It OC have it limited on this heatsink. It is rated as 140w TDP on the box and I don't see it shown on the spec sheet or Cryorig Advertise on this page. Don't go too extreme on overclocking your CPU. Some fans may vary from being zero ram interfering and doing horizonal airflow may get some interfering from the North Bridge or any component, along with taking off one ram space if you were to do so. I would take the Cooler Master Evo 212 for horizontal setup for similar price.

Overall Review: I would recommend this to anybody who want to games without breaking the bank or have an alternative cooling solutions to a terrible stock heatsink because of their noise level of a smaller fan, which need to spin faster in order to be on the same air flow CFM as the 120m fan of the H7 Cryorig. If you wanna go big on OC, you need a bigger Heatsink with more Heat pipe.


Perfect Fit. Almost.

Pros: It did the job well with my Enermax fan paired as slave running at 1600 rpm cooling my OC Fx 8350 with Liqmax II 240. It only pushes 53.6 Cfm compare to the 75.5 Crm at max fan speed at 1600rpm. My PC case is a Rx 1 Overseer to have an 240 rad mounted with two 200mm fan on top of it as it exhaust and a pull configuration, it safe to says it will do the job fine when I just need something to push airs through. The issue I had were my tall ram set to be virtually impossible to install because an 25mm fan like the Enermax, to block my Vengeance Corsair 1600mhz ram set being my best one I can OC to 2000mhz with tighter timings. I was surpise to see a short fan splitter in the box. That a bonus to have.

Cons: I have to peel off the rubber pad in order to be possible to fits between 15mm is the absolute limit. I was clever of using the spacer from my other cpu heatsink in order to fits it without going for a trips to the hardware store. Won't mark a egg off.

Overall Review: I needed the 15mm fan and the options to have an 15mm thick fans in the seach results should be added to help find thin fan for their system.


Dead or Alive, You are coming with me!

RAIDMAX Monster II SE ATX-A08TB Black Plastic/Steel/Tempered Glass ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
RAIDMAX Monster II SE ATX-A08TB Black Plastic/Steel/Tempered Glass ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

Pros: Excellent cables clearance to reach the two main power cables to the motherboad and gpu is so underlook, pushing the inner middle walls closer without blocking the rads but to add more rooms for the cables is the best ideas they have! Room! So much to fit an Tomahawk b350 mounted with their Msi heatsink on the Ryzen 1600 and the best looking cards of the 290x, the Xfx. The SSD areas is easy! Screw them on the bracket and lock on lauch lock, and thumb screwed on to tighten. The power SATA wasn't much of a problem at all to reach them. The HDD bays I couldn't believe it, it have rubber mount to screw in to reduce vibration from the Hard Drive and it a metals trays. Come with two 140mm blue led fans is a good add to it, but you know the rages of rgb. The plastic on the front have open narrow holes to allow more efficency airflow. The fan itself are rated 45cfm at 1000rpm and not very loud either, I did end up cutting the molex cables to stick put like a sore thumbs. I can't see the front blue at a angles either, it help lower the lights in the rooms a little bit. Dust filter is easy to pull out and clean. Becareful, I almost broke the entire top plastic if I haven't knew before installing fans, you have to slide it toward the front, that your warning everyone. It's not to carry from the tops arch but the bottom only.

Cons: Um.....I would says none. Maybe not. I first thought of it legs design to be a problems, but adding an extra few pound from the component I install hold it down better. It would still be bad to have it trips over by accident. Closing side cable panel take a push and slide to fit perfectly. It could've added an little more inches of clearance to the panels. It looks isn't for everyone. For what it worth from this to be a absolute steal for the prices I paid to have good quality inside the actual case then looks from more expensive one.

Overall Review: I like the black color over the white to be unsure of it contact to direct sunlight to may fade the color. From the red fans and the included two blue in the front install, and its super white xfx logos showing it chrome. $57 sales for a glass window was the best money ever spent.

A perfect fit for my old x79 Sandy Bridge

Cryorig H5 Universal CR-H5A Mid Tower CPU Heatsink with XT140 Fan for AMD/Intel
Cryorig H5 Universal CR-H5A Mid Tower CPU Heatsink with XT140 Fan for AMD/Intel

Pros: I didn't fully overclocking manually, I have left the TPU on my Asus x79 Pro on as it never failed to boost to 4.3Ghz on my i7 3960x and leave it there, because I forgot how to OC a Intel chip. Playing most AAA title game keep my 3960x cooled very well under-load paired with 290x 8Gb Xfx to see under 65c on the core packet and all the core stay under 60c to be no where near it throttle limit and to be impress with their thermal pastes as I put the same stuff on my 290x Xfx 8Gb because I can. The 140mm fan to be thin enough to reach down both side of the rams and have tall profile rams to not be interfere. Not too loud either as I love the ideas of the honey comb design to keep good pressure of airs in the bank to jet right out though narrower length. Very easy to install on an X79 2011 socket too! Inexpensive as well!

Cons: -Vary on case. Check the company sites or support of your case to see if it can fits, this case I have was less then 1/4 inch to the window panels of DIYPC Gamestorm-W White Dual for example. The great thing about that case with that giant heat sink is getting ALL the airs coming in. Also to mention it a tad difficult to reach the Pcie level lock and it pretty closes to the back of the 290x and it not a issues to me, however I would be making sure the back plate doesn't extend too far or the PciE to be too close. The fans has it flaw when a thicker fan can push stronger and heavier air into those combs. The good news to come with a bracket in case you are planning to swap it with a different or Cryorig 120mm fan. Never tried it and thought to be pointless to put a 120mm on such a giants heat sink and I could have a different 140mm fan to buy instead, no bracket for thicker 140mm as this product is for no ram interfering. Update: The 120mm was a saviors with my original case, Rx1 Overseer by ThermalTake have a 200mm Fan on the side to not able to close it in because A: It was too tall to be blocking it so I swap the connector over to pointing it upward to lose out the two inner ram slot near the Cpu. And B: The 140mm fan STILL blocking it, so I place that 140mm fan as a Pull and replacing with a 120mm Enermax SP Fan I have left over to be a perfectly fit setup. The connecting to the very last possible fin with the metal wire straps to connect was the only way it would work too. Now I have a very effective Positive air pressure with 200mm from the side, 200mm in the front, 140mm on the bottom to be taken it all out upward with two 200mm fan as exhaust without needed the rear fan with the CPU pulling heat straight out from my primary crossfire 290x plus getting air from the side fan and I still cannot see it go above 65C on the package. Wish it had different colors choice like the higher-up Cryorig Heat Sink. Oh well, time to paint. But it still look good seeing it with Black case with Blue fan to reflect the light.

Overall Review: The Pro have out weight the con to be a excellent fit right in the middle to not interfere both side of the ram. I'm loving these Heat Sink I buys! To perform good enough to cools a 140w chips is to be impressive and I will continues to support these heat sink as a great buy for any Sandy Bridge or any newer generation of the 2011 Intel socket.