SWEET8/24/2007 9:40:34 PM

Pros: it runs everything crazy settings man. no lag ever

Cons: OVERHEATS!! make sure you have a cool case or a pci fan because this thing gets to over 78c under load and often shuts my computer down

Overall Review: as long as you have some kind of fan pointed directly on it you should be fine...very good card intel e6850@ 4.0 ghz air cooling, 4 gigs of g-skill ddr2 800 ram, transformers case, 680 watt psu, this grx card===5.9 windows experience index rating : )

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NICE8/16/2007 5:25:33 PM

Pros: very good cpu. first day i had it it idled around 32c. i overclocked to 3.6ghz and is still running around 40c. very speedy. nothing can slow this thing down

Cons: what cons...no cons here

Overall Review: i had anti-virus scan going, browsing internet, installing a 6gb game,and listening to music all at same time. didnt slow it down at all. didnt even reach 60% load

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Good Case8/16/2007 5:19:03 PM

Pros: very nice case. nice and big. comes with 3 80 mm fans a a good 120mm fan, not very loud at all.

Cons: the instructions were junk. i couldn't figure out how to install the holders for the hard drives. i eventually gave up and used good old American duct tape.

Overall Review: good leds, nice long wires for the fans in case your psu wires aren't long

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