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10/26/2014 7:26:55 AM

Pros: all the usb ports you need

Cons: You will need to order a adapter that will fit in the front of the bay of the computer. I didn't know that. It will need this piece of equipment or there is no way it can be mounted. Further if you are like me and already have two USBs on the front of your computer then you will have to come up with different connecting solutions rather than the using the motherboard, because that port is being used by the cases pre mounted front USB ports

Overall Review: fast delivery from Hong Kong and well packaged, not sure I will even use it though due to these issues that I described.

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12/23/2006 3:33:01 PM

Pros: Fast processor

Cons: First one was DOA, using software that doesn't take advantage of 64 bit.

Overall Review: I was building a new system to replace my 6 year old Athlon 850. I got this processor based on the reviews I read here and my past satisfaction with AMD. I bought a Gigabylte M59SLI-S5 M.B. Corsair 1g pro memory, pny vid card, cooler master case. I got all the parts together and nothing. No video and so i finally thought it was the processor(glad I ordered ram with LED), so I ordered a Sempron and it booted right away, in the mean time I sent this one back and they are going to replace it. I built my other system in a hr or less 6yrs ago, this one has been frustrating but now its working great. I am not a gamer, but it works great for me. I just have a hard time understand the defective processor thing though.

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