Great machine, not-so-great keyboard/mouse9/18/2008 10:17:06 PM

Pros: The little machine is beyond tiny. You have to actually see one of these to understand how small it really is. It's dead silent, too. Asus' build quality is outstanding, the side covers are glossy and solid-feeling. One of the previous reviewers noted a problem with BIOS, this machine showed up with BIOS 0501 - no problems out of the box.

Cons: The included mouse is one of those miniature types that were intended for carrying around with a laptop. The buttons on mine did not work well at all - I was first thinking the machine was hung, but the mouse wasn't taking my clicks. I had to mash the buttons HARD to register. The keyboard layout was cramped and mushy-feeling, too.

Overall Review: I went over to a local big box store and picked up a USB keyboard and mouse, not very expensive for some reasonably good stuff. That changed the whole feel of the machine - much more pleasant.

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Backing plate has problems with some 775 motherboards7/22/2008 11:07:15 AM

Pros: I'm putting this in a Silverstone SG03 case. This is a perfect fit for the SG03, allows a bottom-intake ATX power supply to pull air over the NT06 and exhaust it out the back.

Cons: The stock backplate does not work well with some LG775 motherboards (my test system is an Asus P5E-VM HDMI) - the line of capacitors and VRM transformers on two sides of the processor means you are going to have protruding pins digging into the insulation on the backing plate. After measuring everything up, I decided I wasn't too happy with the length of the protruding pins relative to the thickness of the insulation on the backing plate. I used a dremel tool to smooth down the pins I was worried about so that they were little more than bumps on the surface of the board. Don't attempt to merely snip off the protruding pins with a pair of cutters - that will only make them sharper, and few pairs of cutters can cut the pin close enough to the board. Silverstone, Please Fix This!

Overall Review: Poorly designed screw anchors for the air shroud - the black surround is held in by four TINY sheet-metal screws that are seated into adjacent fins. My NT06 came out of the box with two of those screws very loose, one had actually fallen out. I decided to remove the screws and replace them with larger scews, this took some work to drill out the holes in the surround to fit the screws. Not an easy heatsink to install, I'd say.

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Silverstone NT06 backing plate woes7/22/2008 9:42:33 AM

Pros: Solidly built, good layout typical of Asus top-quality construction.

Cons: I had to take a dremel tool to the protruding leads on the back of the motherboard from the VRMs - the Silverstone NT06 heatsink I'm using with a Silverstone SG03 case has a backing plate that interferes with these pins. I don't know if this is a common issue or something specific to the NT06, but it was a bit of a pain. I smoothed down the protruding pins so they would not pierce the insulation on the backing plate and cause problems.

Overall Review: Odd heatsink fins on the North Bridge, probably a case of someone trying to get "Artsy".

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