Great computer!12/4/2009 2:14:43 PM

Pros: -Flat out looks fantastic -Runs decently well, I'll go over that -INCREDIBLE graphics and screen res, for the price of course. -Has met all my expectations, but one -If you're looking for a "cheap" (I hate that word) computer that runs everything decently well, but isn't overdone, this is it for you. I'm 16, and I paid for half of this computer, after I earned about $500 for this, a mouse, and a pad. This is an amazing computer, that outdoes some of my friends far more expensive computers.

Cons: The only REAL problem I've had is the processor speed. It does have 4GB of RAM, but the processor makes it feel more like 2 or 3GB. I am a gamer, and I wanted a cheaper laptop because I was paying. This computer can't run GTA:IV for example, which is very graphically demanding, but that's not a HUGE deal. I definitely could get nitpicky, like how the mouse pad scroller hates me, I !!always!! set off the function key (but I have a mouse now), and there's no numpad for Garry's Mod, unless you use the function key.

Overall Review: For those who bought this, and are reading THERE IS A NUMPAD, it's just hidden inside the keyboard. Not really hidden, but you it overlaps the keys, not good for number crunching but is good for gaming. This computer is a bit of a print magnet, OH WELL. Buy this computer, it's beyond worth it for the price! Unless you're rich and want one that exceeds your expectations, buy this computer. People might say the Customer Support is non-existent, but I haven't had to speak with them about anything and I've had this computer for a few months, and it got BANGED AROUND in the back of my car with NO CASE (smart I know).

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