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Absolutely the Best!

Pioneer DVD Player DV-420V-K
Pioneer DVD Player DV-420V-K

Pros: Let me start by saying that I purchased two (2) of these units. The biggest advantage to me was the USB port on the front panel. This machine plays from most all FAT32 formatted USB flash drives when plugged into the USB port. This means that, in my experience, to date, I have been able to play virtually ALL .AVI computer, video files. The actual DVD disc player works great. The unit does exactly what a DVD player is supposed to do, play DVD discs of various varieties without skips or video glitches that often appear on the really inexpensive models. This price is great for what it does.

Cons: The player does not play mpg-4 video files. In setting up a directory list for files when using a H/D, I created folders using the letters of the alphabet to more quickly access the video files I wanted to play. (ref: "Other thoughts)

Overall Review: I pushed the envelope further by connecting my 1 TB Iomega, external HD to the USB port on this player. I presently have over 600 .avi files (average 750mb in size) on this drive. Initially, the drive had to be reformatted with the FAT32 format. I presume that ANY external/USB HD can be used. Just format in FAT32, NOT NTFS or exFAT. If necessary, check your HD's website to reformat your external HD. Now, I simply play ALL of my .avi files right from my external HD directly to my television without having to make DVD disk copies. Frankly, I doubt that I will use the actual disc player very often. Many of my .avi files are also DivX encoded, but the player plays everything I can throw at it in the .avi format. To add new files to my HD, I disconnect it from the player, attach it to my computer, transfer the new files and reconnect it back to the player. This is a huge advantage using flash drives and external/USB drives and may be a precursor to the elimination of DVD discs entirely.

Most Critical Review


Fantom Drives G-Force 5TB USB 3.0 / eSATA Aluminum Desktop External Hard Drive GF3B5000EU Black
Fantom Drives G-Force 5TB USB 3.0 / eSATA Aluminum Desktop External Hard Drive GF3B5000EU Black

Pros: 04-27-2015: As a "follow-up" report on my initial comments, this drive continues to do what it's supposed to do, store data. It is a fast drive when being copied to. Writing to another drive, the speed will vary based upon the characteristics of the other drive. Physically, the drive warms up a little bit but I have other Fantom drives that heat up to a greater extent. This is not a problem to date. New Egg now advertises another 5TB Fantom HD (GD5000U3 Silver) for $210.00 with free shipping. The drive I purchased sells for about $204.00 plus about $8-9 shipping. It appears to be a "wash" regarding the price comparison. The silver version hypes the "the Cloud" and "green," capability, whatever that means. I bought my drive simply to store data. Maybe this other stuff is significant to others, can't say. Again, this drive is doing what I bought it for. It's still running fine and it is faster.

Cons: Refer to above.

Overall Review: HDs and USB flash drives may contain different components from the same provider/company depending upon who they sub-contract with to manufacture the units. This causes variances in performance and levels of dependability that result in great satisfaction or disappointment by the customer. It's basically a gamble when you buy these items. The buyer simply needs to keep this thought in mind and hope they get a unit that has all reliable components.

512GB Fang USB - Purchased 08/27/2019

Patriot Viper Fang 512GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive Model PV512GFB3USB
Patriot Viper Fang 512GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive Model PV512GFB3USB

Pros: Size dimensions are smaller in all aspects to other USB flash drives. Solid build. Positive snap cap fits tightly. Eyelet attachment for strap but maybe not for metal key ring.

Cons: 512GB USB advertisement is misleading. Actual memory (working capacity) is 461GB. 51GB less than advertised.

Overall Review: Manufacturers need to provide honesty in advertising. No justification for this. Don't insult people who purchase these. Most are smarter than those in the manufacturers promotional department. Overall, this unit (512GB/461GB) USB flash drive is average in speed and does the job. No "survive-ability" info. available as this is a new purchase this date (08/27/2019).


Komputerbay 128GB Professional Compact Flash Card CF 600X 90MB/s Extreme Speed UDMA 6 RAW 128 GB
Komputerbay 128GB Professional Compact Flash Card CF 600X 90MB/s Extreme Speed UDMA 6 RAW 128 GB

Pros: Failed to format right out of the package.

Cons: Attempted to employ this card in my Nikon D-810 and D-90 cameras. Neither camera could format the card for use. Error message kept coming up indicating defective card.

Overall Review: Don't waste your time/$$.

Serious Problem Using Unvetted Foreign Vendors

WIFI SD/MMC/SDHC/SDXC To Compact Flash CF Type II Memory Card Adapter Converter
WIFI SD/MMC/SDHC/SDXC To Compact Flash CF Type II Memory Card Adapter Converter

Pros: Product never received, vendor couldn't be contacted. NewEgg could locate or contact the foreign vendor. Money was paid. Money is now gone.

Cons: I placed an order for this item on June 24. It is presently August 15. The purchase price was taken out of my bank account back in June. The product was never sent. NewEgg is using foreign vendors to supply products they don't carry in stock, relying on outside sources to follow through to provide customers with the items. Problem is that these vendors are not being properly vetted to confirm reliability or integrity. After follow-up inquires to NewEgg and failed attempts to contact the vendor through email and telephone sources provided by NewEgg, no product is forthcoming. NewEgg has no explanation after they attempted to contact the vendor themselves.

Overall Review: To NewEgg's credit they are refunding me directly for the purchase price rather than their standard policy of making the customer deal with the vendor to get their refund. NewEgg should review their policy regarding the use of foreign vendors to assure that the sources are reliable, credible, and can provide the products they claim to posses. This is the second incident in just a few weeks where I received a product provided by a foreign vendor that was either defective or never received using NewEgg. Warning to customers: Read the fine print on the product regarding delivery/processing times and from where the item is coming. If it says shipping will take between 7-18 days from China or lower Slobovia, you may want to re-think placing that order. If NewEgg removes this product from their website, customers will probably never even see these comments or know of this problem. An exercise in futility. :\

Good Flash Drive - Prices are getting better

Patriot Memory 256GB Supersonic Boost XT USB 3.0 Flash Drive, Speed Up to 150MB/s (PEF256GSBUSB)
Patriot Memory 256GB Supersonic Boost XT USB 3.0 Flash Drive, Speed Up to 150MB/s (PEF256GSBUSB)

Pros: For archiving, storing large files or video files etc., this does what it's meant to do. Appears to be study and reliable. Price is coming down.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Patriot Supersonic Boost XT 256GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Model PEF256GSBUSB. Why did I buy this item? I'd have to say because it's bigger. The drive actually has 230GB of storage capacity. This is based on each of four drives I've bought. Speed is close to what is claimed by the manufacturer although your results may vary based upon your operating system. The drives all came formatted as FAT32 but they can be formatted to NTFS or whatever you like. The drive meets expectations. I paid $68, a good drop in the price as of this date, 02/12/2016. There are other 256GB drives coming out that are even cheaper. Good for the buyer! :) My recommendation? If you have data that requires this sized storage in a USB flash drive, this one won't break the bank. it's a good deal.

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Good Connector

Purchased this item to provide Roku Stick access to HDMI port on back of TV. Many TVs are designed with HDMI ports that cannot be accessed by the Roku Stick because its length interferes with port access or position/location of the HDMI ports. This short extension overcomes this design flaw/restriction. Solid build quality and very convenient.

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