Definitely Not "for PC"8/13/2012 5:07:14 PM

Pros: Unifying receiver is nice. Well built for what it is.

Cons: Fn+Click for right-click ("for PC"?) Absolutely no ability to use F-keys (c'mon really "for PC"?) Not recongized in Logitech SetPoint (how can you still say "for PC"?)

Overall Review: Wanted a simple keyboard for HTPC and light gaming. Games require F-keys. Boo!

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Works in a Pinch1/4/2011 6:33:45 AM

Pros: Sturdy cooler design, backplate mounting is very secure. Everything was packaged in Styrofoam (Retail box). Push/Pull design for maximum airflow. Good cooling - Intel Core i7 875k ambient @ 25C, idle at 32C, load at 58C

Cons: Fans aren't particularly loud, but make a humming noise. This is beginning to annoy me after just 1 week. Initially, with both fans spinning at ~2000RPM, the humming frequencies would make even more annoying interference patterns as the fans would run slightly slower or faster than each other. Imagine listening to someone tune a guitar and never quite getting it right. I'm ready to replace the fans, but I may just get an entire new cooler. Use a lot of thermal interface material due to the fact that the heatpipes are making direct contact with the processor. Essentially, fill in the gaps in between the pipes with TIM. From what I've read about cooler design, this is not a very thermally efficient solution.

Overall Review: Was surprised to find my Intel Core i7 875k (ordered from Newegg) didn't come with a heatsink/fan, so I hoofed it up to a local store and found this cooler to be the Best option available. It allowed me to get up and running without waiting for an item to ship, but I'll probably be replacing this with another cooler whenever I get the chance.

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Fantastic for the Price9/4/2009 7:26:39 AM

Pros: The ability to play FLAC as well as expandability with MicroSDHC cards sets this player apart from everything else in its class. FLAC is nearly a requirement for classical and jazz, where MP3s just don't quite cut it, and the Fuze is the only player at this price point to feature FLAC playback. FLACS are larger than MP3s, so an 8GB SDHC card is a perfect companion. I purchased a recertified unit (big savings), it comes with "REFURB" etched on the back. It has performed wonderfully, constantly amazing me with its battery life. I use it primarily for audiobooks, and the separate playing functions for Audiobooks are incredibly useful, as standard music functions (such as changing tracks) are rarely desirable in an audiobook. On other players it is too easy to go back an entire chapter when all I wanted is to rewind because I missed something. Also, audiobooks make it easy to resume playback. The unit is very durable, putting up with my clumsy drops and keys in my pocket with no trouble.

Cons: The Sansa Media Converter software is a bit clunky, but since I haven't had any real trouble using it I would have still given it 5 eggs if it weren't for the following complaint. I have experienced weirdness with the USB connectivity of the Fuze. If I copy files to it in MSC mode, and then go back to MTP, the files are no longer visible from a computer. This is inconvenient because, although MTP works great with Windows Media Player and Winamp, older computers (and Windows computers without the latest Windows Media Player) require MSC. Switching back and forth between these two has resulted in my not being able to copy files when I need to. I have not had trouble with the files being available in the player itself, only when trying to copy files to the device from one computer and then copy them back off to a computer that didn't support MTP. The player is so good at everything else it does, that this is the only thing keeping it from 5 eggs.

Overall Review: Other users have reported that they have broken the headphone jack. This is a common problem with small players, and typically just requires a little extra care when putting it in your pocket. I use the Fuze with a pair of Denon AH-C351 headphones, and the audio fidelity is the best I've ever heard from a portable player and small headphones. Other reviewers have reported the unit freezing, displaying a white screen, some suggesting that the only option is to let the battery drain. This is incorrect. This has happened twice to me, but only after using the USB cable. In both cases, holding the power button for 7-10 seconds caused the device to power off. It powered back on, refreshed the media database, and worked fine. I have been very impressed with the Fuze. I have recommended it to my friends, and just purchased a second one for my girlfriend.

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