best so far6/11/2010 2:30:05 PM

Pros: I bought it from an other online store after reading its review by Maximum PC Magazine. I pair it with one of my own build gaming PC on Gigabit port and my ACER Laptop. 10 feet away I transfered a one about 4.5gigs size video file b/w desktop connected to gigabit port and my acer laptop wireless n. Now I have with wireless network gadget on my windows 7 acer laptop. It showed me a transfer speed of minimum 35 m per second to maximum 55 mags per second. Thats 10 feet away in the living room.

Cons: NONE,,, its fast

Overall Review: I have only n running on this. If you run g or b with n it will reduce the speed to minimum connected speed. For example .. if I run b/g/n all at the same time and connect my iPhone g network on it... it significantly reduces the speed and n I think also runs at 54mb/s speed of g. So use it for only n devices or buy a router that runs dual network at the same time and spend 150 dollars. SO i have an old linksys router and I connected that linksys to one of its gigabit ports. Now that old b/g linksys router is just for my iPhone g connection hideing under the table while this trendnet is running only n so I get the speed I want. There running 2 routers at the same time to have 2 networks instead of paying 150 dollars for simultanious dualband router will be slower than this. Sorry guys I have very limited income and being father of 2 I like to save money. Make sure you reset your old router before connecting to this one. HAVE FUN

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Excellent work12/6/2008 7:00:04 PM

Pros: I bought it for my HP media center Desktop that came with GMA 3100 onboard graphics. I opened the case and it took less than 1 minute to install the card. No separate power connection needed. I closed the case and connected to my 1080P HDTV with HDMI cable and pressed the power button. I did not have a monitor attached. It detected my tv and I had picture. I did not have to disable onboard graphics. It worked so good. I installed driver cd. Rebooted and never had a problem. I have a blue ray writer in my HP computer that came with nero 8 essential software. I also use my sony HD camcorder to make HD movies. This graphic card is excellent. Plays Netflix blue ray movies at full 1080P and upconverts regular dvd'S to full 1080P. Temperature stays b/w 40 to 45 degrees. I do not use it for gameing. It does great work in my HTPC. Blue ray at 1080P a piece of cake for it. I also edit HD video in this computer and also use TV tuner to record HD programming.

Cons: I have had it for about 3 months now. None so far.

Overall Review: My HP computer had a 300 watt power supply. I also upgraded the power supply to 430 watts. Thats was extra 25 dollars.

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