Worked great while they worked11/11/2013 7:03:50 PM

Pros: Took DD-WRT like a charm and both were used successfully in "wireless access point" mode, wired to my main router, and ran one upstairs and the other to the far end of the house. I use wireless video surveillance and they worked great for this and light surfing.

Cons: Both died after 13 mos (12mo warranty). They started requiring frequent restarts, losing both wireless signal and not seen by the main router, un-log-onto-able. Infrequent at first but now they last a few hrs at best before losing them. I have done a "hard reset" and aso tried reloading the firmware without change.

Overall Review: I am dissappointed at the short duration of effective life. I hope to find another reasonably priced ddwrt-ready router that will last longer.

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