Runs cool and efficiently.12/18/2015 7:24:44 PM

Pros: Compared to my old 600W Bronze this power supply runs cooler and 15-20W more efficiently on idle. Modular design keeps things neat. Zero coil whine and the fan is unnoticeable.

Cons: Newegg 3 day shipping turned out to be 7 days.

Overall Review: The only thing that makes me a bit nervous is a loud clicking sound when powering on/off. I know it is a relay but it really noticeable unlike my previous PSU. Also would have been nice if the fan completely shuts off to prolong the life of it and made the dust filter cleanings less frequent, but for that price I get it.

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Light edition?11/14/2015 3:52:01 PM

Pros: The card is well build, well packed and aesthetically pleasing. Card is running cool, just 3-4 C above my case temp because I programmed the fans to kick in above 40C. When under full load I've seen max of 61 during continuous gaming, but that because I need to replace one of my NZXT fans that came with the case, quiet but only 50CFM, new fan is on the way which will bring down case temp and consequently the GPU/CPU temps. Already overclocked it at 1060 Mhz GPU and 6200 Mhz (1575 x4) Memory. After the R9 380 Sapphire OC edition (see review) came defective I opted out for MSI. Comparing the packing of the two Sapphire is something you get for refurbished product, MSI retail nicely packed (manual was torn but nothing in there anyway). Don't get me wrong Sapphire are great cards too. Just tuned the fans at 100% and they are loud but not as loud as the Sapphire, but louder than 7850. This is not important though, unless you are playing in 90F room temperature the fan should never go there.

Cons: Not really a con but the card has higher TPD than my old 7850, although lower than its older brother R9 285. So sufficient case cooling is recommended to prolong the longevity of your components. Lighting logo is nice, but we all know what would be nicer... Ability to change colors and program it to fit the case lightning. I would gladly pay $10 extra. Not taking an egg of since most other models have no lightning. Also the control for the light should be integrated in the Afterburner software not in a separate app that runs concurrently.

Overall Review: MSI do not call your products "light edition" when they are as good as the rest of R9 380 cards. If some one in marketing department thought will be a good idea to target "budget" shoppers...well it is not trust me. I have old 600W PSU with only 36 Amps on the 12V rail, but I guess is good enough for this card and my APU even in OC mode. Speaking of CPUs I notice a little bit of bottlenecking on Fallout 4, and more so on FarCry 4, but first one is on SSD second one it is not, which could also makes the game seems more sluggish.

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Good memmory.11/7/2015 7:25:34 PM

Pros: The memory has low CAS timing (it could be even lowered to 8-8-8-27) at 1866Mhz.

Cons: Light intensity has only 2 levels bright and dim, even tough the crucial utility shows 4 levels.

Overall Review: In order to get stable operation an 1866 Mhz I have to bump up the voltage to 1.560 V. If you want to go beyond that you should push the voltage much higher which is getting in the the "danger zone" and would not recommend it.

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Average reception.11/7/2015 7:18:37 PM

Pros: The Antenna looks durable.

Cons: It is very sensitive to direction. I order to get a quality signal you will have to point it in specific direction. Still not able to get any of the 4 public chanels which have decent signal in my area.

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Poor quality control and packaging.11/7/2015 2:58:07 PM

Pros: Clean looking card with good specs and OC potential.

Cons: Packaging is unscientific. Someone can use the card for months put it back in the backs and everything looks "original". Honestly packaging is on par with that of a refurbished item. There are no stickers, seals or a static bag. The only accessory is DVI to VGA. I included the phrase "poor quality control" because if anyone had tested the card will immediately notice that the fans are running at 100%. Thanks to Sapphire quick response we diagnosed that I have bad fan censor/regulator. I RMA it and opted out for MSI version of the R9.

Overall Review: If you are not picky of how the card is packed, judging by my previous Sapphire 7850, OC editions cards show great overclocking potential. I was not able to examin temps and fan noise on low speeds, but 100% i pretty loud, I would say twice as louder than 7850. I hope newegg posts this review. It is the 2nd one I wrote about this product.

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The better cougar fan3/11/2015 4:24:38 PM

Pros: This fan has great concentrated airflow just as advertised. There is no sound what so ever from the baring, noise comes from turbulence on higher rpm's. Also comes with nice rubber padding and installation accessory, I didn't notice any vibration transferred to the case.

Cons: None if you like simplicity no fancy led's this works.

Overall Review: I have the same fan in the orange version and is much noisier. I don't know if its related to the color its the same model basically, or rather quality control. I have them both installed vertically, so it's possible some of the noise do dissipate in horizontal set up but haven't tried it. Also this fan is great for moving air across the lenght of a case, if it's directed to something that needs cooling, like RAM,GPU, north bridge, or MB VRM, due to the concentrated air flow.

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health hazard,ouside the window for a 3rd day7/29/2013 5:28:35 PM

Pros: looks decent.

Cons: The item smells on gasoline or benzine and when I say "smells" it means it feels the room whit fumes which I describe as best very unpleasant and at worst carcinogenic. Some third-world fool just found an easy way to clean final products... I hope he makes it to his 40's.This outsourcing newegg experience is the worst so far, and I've been shopping here since neweggs early days.

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Pleasant to look at and quiet.2/23/2013 11:08:41 AM

Pros: The fan looks good, moves a good amount of air and is silent - all the things I was hopping for. I set the fan at 800 rpm and I can barely hear it and still moves more Air than 120mm fan on higher rpms.

Cons: 3pin instead of 4pin connector, but for $9.99 I would not expect it anyway.

Overall Review: Remember most advanced bearings are very quiet, the noise comes when you start moving air especially through tight spaces. To stay on the silent side choose case with more fan openings preferably 120mm and above and set them on lower rpm. If your MB allows it set one or more of the exhaust fans to adjust to the CPU temp.

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Best 7850 1Gb out there.2/23/2013 10:50:27 AM

Pros: I have relatively silent system and the only time I get notice the VGA is when the fans are over 50% load, which does not happens often because I have 140mm fan blowing directly into the card. I almost never ran the card on stock settings. 950 MHz clock and 1355 MHz RAM is good enough for me, but you can defiantly go higher. Far Cry 3 runs at 60 FPS on Medium and on very high varies between 24 - 60 FPS. Please note that newer games in combination with newer GPU's will set FPS to the max of your Display vertical refresh rate, in my case AOC 2353 IPS max 60 Hz. In case of Dead Space 3 is 30 FPS, regardless of video quality settings. It make some sense, the goal being to achieve a smoother game play.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Get the TRIXX software from Sapphire it has great custom fan settings. In case you're wondering I got 3DMark11 6586 graphic score, with GPU 965 MHz and RAM at 1370 MHz. I am running on PCI express 2.0 but I doubt you'll see a noticeable performance difference on 3.0. 6586 graphic score is very close to my other choice of card GeForce GTX 660 (score 6720). For $60 - $80 less I'll take that. The only plus Nvidia has is more constant FPS. I'am happy with my purchase I think Sapphire 7850 is one of the best Radeon's out there.

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Good HD!2/23/2013 10:16:10 AM

Pros: Very cool and stable temp. My SSD runs at 28 C, where this drive at steady 29 C, which could be contributed to tolerances in the temp sensors. Don't get fool this drive is slow. It was somewhat until I changed my BIOS settings form SATA/IDE mix mode to SATA only. Now I see transfer rates of 380 Mb/s and more between Sata III devices. When copying from SATA I (1.5gb/s) is much slower at about 28 Mb/s.

Cons: Almost none... You cannot hear the drive spinning, but if your system is quiet enough you may hear the heads occasionally...Well, the last time I checked the drive is mechanical.

Overall Review: I got my eye on this drive for some time and finally got it on sale $89.99. You can't beat that. After doing some research I concluded that EZRX is the superior line of Green WD. They seem to be more reliable than the rest. Only downside is 1W in consumptions more, witch translates to $5 PER YEAR in moderate use. At first the drive was showing only in Device manager (as ATA device, see Pros) You have to use boot disk (like Paragon Disk mngr) and create partition. Some people complain of DOA drives. In my opinion is the handling to be blamed. Usually Newegg does good job on packing (got mine on Amzn, :-) newegg won't let me spell the site correctlly), but there are other factors as storage, handling before is packed and...UPS.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Whisper quiet...1/22/2013 6:51:34 PM

Pros: The fan is practically silent and looks very reliable.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: It does not move large amount of air, but it helps overall and it could last forever.

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Worst CPU cooler!!!!1/22/2013 6:41:29 PM

Pros: Works for other people apparently...

Cons: After 10+ installs, 5+ different thermal compounds including the famous Artic Silver 5 no luck. CPU temps keeps going up an shuts down. Best I got is around 40 C idle. I have Asrock Extreme6 with FM2 socket and APU A10. My advise if you have those you may run into problems.

Overall Review: Stick with coolers that use stock bracket. Stock Heat-sink for A10-5800K gives me 29 C idle when MB is 28.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear customer, We are sorry to hear you are having trouble with our cooler. If the cpu is overheating and shutting down, there may be a puncture in one of the heatpipes causing this to happen. Please contact us via the Live Chat link below so we can get the cpu cooler replaced under the 2 year warranty it carries. Respectfully, CMUSA Customer Support.
External Link(s):
Live Chat
I like it....I am picky...3/31/2012 8:59:07 PM

Pros: Router gives good range.I like the interface.Supports my old EPSON CX8400 which is not even listed as supported multifunctional printer on the Asus website.Download Master WORKS, not as some people stated that it doesn't, all you have to do is put latest firmware AND latest utility software and you can download torrents while your PC is resting and saves power - a really great idea Asus!

Cons: Router stands in one position - upright. Could not recognize my Hitachi 2.5 external USB HD - I suspect there is not enough power from the router.My other drive works fine, but has external power supply.

Overall Review: If you are curious the router uses about 10W of power, which is not very low but not high either considering the range and the performance.It is really smaller than I was expecting. Lighst look alright but I am not a big fan of the finish - a bit over done and snobby, but lets not forget it is a router, who cares.

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Worst trimmer I ever own.12/11/2011 1:50:24 PM

Pros: portable

Cons: This trimmer is very ineffective.You have to make many, many passes in order to catch any hair.

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Value, compact, low power consuption7/30/2011 10:58:48 PM

Pros: I bought it for $269 which makes it a great value.Right out of the package you will notice this is esthetically sophisticated and well designed PC.I installed Win 7.Easy install with external DVD and has been running smoothly ever since.Do not worry about overheating, the machine runs cool at any load.This one comes with bluetooth which is not present on all Giada models.

Cons: Simplistic BIOS.Would not boot from USB pen drive.

Overall Review: If you plan to install Win 7 make sure you have at least 2GB when purchasing one of these mini bearbones.The video card will steal ram. Not for games but ideal present for the parents to skype ;-)

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Stable,power efficient.Great Buy!7/13/2011 8:43:03 PM

Pros: This bear-bone is probably the best value out there.Once you have it running the computing power is surprisingly good for 25 Watt machine.I installed Windows 7 and runs like a dream for more than 6 months now.When buying such compact PC get one with at least 2Gb RAM - upgrades are always tricky if not impossible.

Cons: BIOS is sort of simple hardly any flexibility there. Would not boot from USB.

Overall Review: This machine runs great and looks great. Takes very little space and draws little power.Makes it a great present for the parents!

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Great Compatibillity11/1/2008 8:51:39 PM

Pros: This is a great memory stick.I purchased it for my Mega-180 bearbone which has 333Mhz bus, and although the memory is designed for 400Mhz bus it work flawlessly on lower frequency.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Very inexpensive memory.

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