Decent phone, at first.7/2/2016 10:26:32 AM

Pros: - 64GB of storage - Expandable Storage - 4GB of RAM - Decent build quality (varies IMMENSELY from phone to phone) I got a good one - Decent speaker - Double tap to unlock/lock - Fast charge

Cons: - Build quality varies (usually in the negative). This includes audio jack, bluetooth, back cover, display, SIM slots, etc. - No backlighting for navigation keys. - Non-removable battery. - Poor battery life given its capacity (always recommend having a battery bank) - Lack of official back cover replacements (now typically out of stock). - NFC Built into the back cover. - Odd lock button placement. - Lack of Android M due to Intel dropping the mobile market.

Overall Review: I would NOT recommend buying this phone at this point. The lack of news/updates from ASUS on this phones future, Intel dropping out of the mobile market, and with their upcoming Zenfone 3 (which I also wouldn't recommend given their track record) does not spell out a good future for this phone. OTA Updates have been known to break the phones functionality and ASUS doesn't do the best job (if any) with returns. While my phone continues to work perfectly even today you're flipping a coin on whether or not it'll be lacking any hardware issues.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Jose, Thank you for your review of ASUS ZenFone 2. We value your feedback and apologize for any inconvenience. Although there has been a delay with Android M please continue updating the firmware to the latest version to help optimize system and improve performance. Android M will soon be released for ZE551ML. In regards to returns please note ASUS - North America (NA) is a warranty service center only. We recommend contacting place of purchase for any type of returns. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like warranty assistance please feel free to contact me directly at Please include case # N160711756 as a reference. Sincerely, Frank ASUS Customer Loyalty
Perfect for my needs3/31/2012 8:28:17 PM

Pros: - Overclocks nicely - Performs well when it comes to gaming or video/photo editing programs (Vegas 11 & PS CS5). - Idles at about 40°C (30°C per core according to HWMonitor) at an overclock of 3.6 GHz and 60-70°C at max with the stock cooler. - Potential unlock to a 6-core CPU. (See Other Thoughts) - Works great for gaming in games such as Battlefield 3. I average 60FPS (Vertical sync) on Normal @ 1600x900 with my build. [Build in Other Thoughts)

Cons: None, 4 months in and this CPU is performing well.

Overall Review: My CPU that came in was able to unlock in a 6-Core CPU however if you plan on doing so I recommend you purchase a good aftermarket cooler. This was on the MSI 785GTM-E45 which stated that it could unlock this CPU and was happy that it did however due to my lacking of a better cooler and since this build is mostly for gaming I saw no need to do so. Otherwise this is overall a great CPU for the price especially when paired with good cooling as, even with the stock fan, it has comfortably sat at 3.6GHz. Build Motherboard: MSI 785GTM-E45 AMD 785G CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 960T 3.0GHz / OC @ 3.6GHz RAM: 4GB GeIL Black Dragon (2 x 2GB) DDR2 800Mhz GPU: ATi Radeon HD 5770 Windows 7 Ultimate Edition x64

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Great headset for the price6/29/2011 12:20:12 AM

Pros: ~Audio is great for a headset in the price range. ~Mic quality is nice and clean. ~Feel sturdy and have taken a beating here and there. ~Fits comfortably on my head (and I have a large head, more or less). Some people complain about the headset being 'painfully' tight although I can wear mine for hours and don't notice a thing. ~Wire length is nice.

Cons: ~Volume is only lowered to 50% when using the volume control on the headset wire. This was the only reason I knocked off an egg, since I use this headset at night to keep my main 2.1 Speakers off this was a slight problem but I simply set my PC volume to 50% to allow for a lower volume.

Overall Review: Great headset I was looking for something inexpensive that would do what it was meant to do and be sturdy and not easily break after a few months. For $20 this headset has great audio, a good mic, and even with volume control only bringing it down to 50% I still think it was definitely worth it.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Decent...4/11/2010 8:11:23 PM

Pros: ~Runs my setup. (In Other Thoughts)

Cons: ~The fan seems to move out of place and starts hitting the sides. Sometimes it moves to far and becomes to loud that I have to shut down the PC for it to stop. This has only recently started to happen. So if you plan on buying this make sure you won't be moving it much.

Overall Review: MSI 785GTM-E45 AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 785G HDM POWERCOLOR AX5770 512MD5-H Radeon HD 5770 512MB 128-bit GDDR5 COOLER MASTER eXtreme Power Plus RS-500-PCAR-A3 500W AMD Athlon II X2 250 Regor 3.0GHz (OC @ 3.6GHz)

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Perfect4/11/2010 8:08:56 PM

Pros: ~Overclocked to 3.6GHz with only a small gain in temperature. ~Overall perfect for me and doesn't get hot at all with the stock cooler.

Cons: None

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Loving it...4/11/2010 8:07:39 PM

Pros: ~Runs almost everything at max. ~Fits in any Mid Tower case. ~Not so power hungry. ~Temperatures don't get so high. -While playing Just Cause 2 gets in the 60s while running all settings on High and others in the Very High with AA X4 and Filter at x16.

Cons: ~Got some wavy lines when the temperatures got to the 50s and 60s C. Although turning on AA at any level removes them completely. Probably driver issues.

Overall Review: It's what I wanted and expected. Runs L4D's 1 and 2 max at 75FPS with a AMD II X2 250. Also runs Modern Warfare 2 max and Just Cause 2 on High settings all at a 1440x900 resolution.

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Perfect4/11/2010 7:59:12 PM

Pros: ~Two easy OverClock switches above the PCI-E X1*** ~A lot of other options for OverClocking. ~An option to unlock cores if you want to try but it's not always a high percentage of working. ~6 SATA ports, more then enough for me.

Cons: ~NONE.

Overall Review: ***Running a AMD II X2 250; Depending on the 3 options you have every 5% boost raises it 0.2 GHz 20% being 3.6GHz.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week far.2/25/2010 9:52:53 PM

Pros: -The sound is what you expect from a headset in this price range, decent but not bad. -Decent microphone, for me it comes out right to the edge of my mouth. -Folds up. -Long cord. -Volume control & Mic mute option which is at about your chest area when you're wearing the headset.

Cons: None so far...

Overall Review: I know most people complain about it hurting your ears after an extended period of wearing it. Being a person who has gone through 2 headsets in this price range, you can simply place it on an object bigger than your head or something to stretch them out a bit, but for me so far they haven't really hurt my ears at all.

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Good card11/2/2009 5:55:09 PM

Pros: Runs Crysis at a average of 28FPS with a low of 20FPS or so. This was on High settings in DX10 on a Dual Core AMD 64 X2 2.2GHz? and 2GB of RAM and 400W PSU.

Cons: None it's a nice card.

Overall Review: It's good for Rigs with low wattage PSU's just make sure you don't have a lot of other stuff.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Great10/31/2009 1:42:39 PM

Pros: I've had this fan for about 2 months now. It pushes a decent amount of air and it's quiet. It cooled my case down enough for what I needed. The Red LEDs are a nice touch.

Cons: The screws barely fit but I managed to fix that. Not a big deal.

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