Horrible Product10/1/2017 1:55:47 PM

Pros: It was inexpensive

Cons: It would not boot correctly to SD disk and the new M-2 2280 it had a hard time finding it. I tried everything all kinds of bios setting. I had to install O/S numerous times, it would go to sleep or wake up. When it did go to sleep I would have to hard boot it 2-3 times before it would load the O/S. I even had it set to never go to sleep, it has been the most frustrating Mboard I have ever installed. What kind of Mboard works this way, I will never buy ASRock again! I bought a Asus Rog X-99 plugged it in and it's been working beautifully ever since, no stuggle with booting, sleep, or wake up.

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A4Tech Keyboard12/30/2016 3:46:20 AM

Pros: It works well

Cons: I don't like the narrow "Enter" key I miss it and hit the quote key all the time The red W, A, S, D keys mess me up for some reason, even though I touch type, I just can't get used to them

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LG 27MP36HQ-B 27"12/16/2015 1:56:04 PM

Pros: Clear picture, large wide screen, easy to configure, price was awesome for the small annoyances.

Cons: The power cord is too short and it is a special cord that you can't replace with a longer one.

Overall Review: When it goes to sleep it has the white LED light that blinks and I can't figure out how to turn it off, not horrible, but it should have a turn the darn thing off feature,

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