Easy Setup and use for my solar project!3/2/2021 8:06:08 PM

Pros: Light, easy setup. compact and handy in power outage use! Low volt warning is a benefit with a alarm and red LED indicator. I am happy to own this power inverter for a good price!

Cons: I noticed that the xbox one only buzzes when I have the inverter plugged in. I assume it has to do with the sine- pure sine wave current. I worry that i may damage some device but im still testing, im new to this.

Overall Review: It works as advertised, I'm new to solar power but wanted to do a DIY project. I was able to power my xbox one X with about 160 watt alone from a 12volt 35Amp battery. It comes with the clamps and smoke socket for the car. I have not tried it in a vehicle and recommend to do some wattage research first.

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Good GPU for a Streaming PC7/2/2020 5:40:19 PM

Pros: Pricing was okay. Im happy that the encoding was good enough to record gameplay on a separate pc. My main one has a rx 590 Some limitations but constantly testing throught Streamlabs and im satisfied with the results. Much more better than running off CPU Doesn't need external power

Cons: Not really any cons, its good for the price to record. I have not tried it on gaming my only use is to record gameplay

Overall Review: Love it for the budget price and just pop it in. No extra power needed

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Im amazed, this a good starter mic!4/24/2020 6:43:39 PM

Pros: Mic is plug and play! My computer detected it. Win 10 64bit Xlr mic into 3.5 mm jack. The setup is awsome! Maayyy get in the way if gaming. Put it to your side! ^^ Wasn't really hard to set up. Its really high quality Shock proof and sturdy stand! No more holding and having trouble with a rumbly mic xD

Cons: I had to alter some settings in windows 10. Go to microphone settings and boost your level to 100 plus extra. To reallllyy get a sensitive mic. But literally its amazing! It nearly doesn't get alot of background noise

Overall Review: Love it! Im soo happy to stream on twitch for the weekend with this mic!

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Just what I Needed!4/24/2020 6:37:39 PM

Pros: Works for capturing your display! Use it for capturing my xbox one x to my pc! Some really good response to Streamlabs obs. Its almost like I have it directly connected! High quality video. 1920x1080 from my xbox one x. Plug and play! No power source needed. Only through usb/type C, it comes with an adapter! Package has 1 HDMI cable. An extra is needed for your tv (assume you already have one). 1x Usb male to Type C connector male I love it! Definitely money well spent!

Cons: This package does not come with an aux cord. An aux cord is needed to capture sound. 3.5 mm audio jack to be exact!

Overall Review: I use this device to record my xbox one X gameplay and stream to twitch from my computer! Just what i was looking for, for streaming :) definitely recommend!

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Love it!11/8/2019 8:10:14 PM

Pros: I absolutely love this gaming case, a nice design with well RGB lighting even in the case! Great cable management, zip ties would come in handy. Good background lighting for night time gaming. What a good choice for the sale! Im soo glad i got it. Good room for upgrades! Would definitely recommend buying!

Cons: My motherboard didn't support the 3.0 usb front panel connections but its covered with the default usb!

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