Basic Touch2/17/2016 8:13:24 AM

Pros: Does what you need it to do, back panel os usb ports is a huge Pro, 3.0 usb slots everywhere! Very basic and sturdy. Exactly what you pay for. No DOA on my end. No Bios issues but, I just did a basic installed, bios UI was impressive was user friendly for first time custom computer builder.

Cons: Wish it looked cooler but, you know you pay for what you get. Wish i had more ram slots or more spaces from cpu slot but, again price. Not going to knock off eggs for a bargain for extra features I wanted but Didn't want to pay more.

Overall Review: Bought this for my 4690K i5 for a new build. First time combining mobo and cpu, no problems with board. Very basic 2 ram slots and lots of USB ports. Using it for simple gamming rig set up, 1 video card, and two rams. So yap no problems. Would reccomend, cheap and does what you need it to do.

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Need an Upgrade?9/10/2015 2:16:17 PM

Pros: Looks shiny and everyone loves shiny Small compact and packs the punch you need Does what you expected and then some Comes with Shadowplay basically allows me to record game play without 3rd party applications besides the manufacturer Sits roughly at 51C without proper ventalation and I haven't seen it go past 70C during heavy game sessions

Cons: No fan noise, honestly my old card was my white noise factor when sleeping, because I upgraded to a new more efficient card, I had to go out and buy a Brand new Fan that costed me an extra 20 bucks just so I can have the fan noise in my PC.

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"Customer Support"9/30/2012 11:34:12 PM

Pros: My CPU died 6 months after I received it and The CPU was GREAT! I loved it until it died. They sent me a friendly email saying that there's going to be a follow up email, And it sounded like they cared :D

Cons: The follow up email never came into my email address, and I submitted the problem to the Customer Support Twice, 1st request I waited for 1 month, second request 2 weeks, so enough is enough!

Overall Review: I got an extended warranty but the warranty won't kick in until after the Manufacture warranty expires which is another 6 months and I don't have time to wait. I also went ahead and Purchased another copy of the CPU only because it was the only brand/one that would run with my Mobo.

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Got What I paid For4/11/2011 7:16:22 AM

Pros: I simply Got what I paid for, Low budget card = Low Graphics capabilities. ran great and did its job the second I plugged it in. Required Power supply said Higher than 250 but I'm Running it on 150PSU.

Cons: The inside packaging, was a little nerve wrecking of how it was kind of just in there with one layer of bubble wrap, when I got it, but it did work fine. Installation CD on card was out of usual something you'd expect but It was an easy fix...if I was on Cable internet, 100mb file, running on a cricket modem, 5kbs a second.

Overall Review: Running on AMD 4450e 2.30ghz CPU 32bit Vista 150 PSU unit and 2 gigs of ram Ran Starcraft 2 on low got 30 FRAMES lowest it went was 10FPS because of allot of units on screen Ran starcraft 2 on medium, got 20 frames but easily got Laggy when there was a moderate amount. (4on4 maps) If I played it on a 2on2 Map on medium I might've gotten Better Frame rate. Played Company of heroes on Low all the way resolution at 1280-800 No LAGG Ever even when there was alot of explosions and smokes everywhere. Then again maybe the 150 power supply might effect the maximum output of the video card. Not sure, Not That much of a tech wiz so far 150 PSU runs great.

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First Graphics card Buyer12/30/2007 2:15:05 AM

Pros: I'm impressed with its graphics performance and the game it came with it...CoH(company of heroes) It runs at high everything(depending on quality of your PC) Its pretty quiet..and doesn't get that hot after u leave it on for sometime straight a couple of days.

Cons: Hmm none yet to report in hopefully there aren't any!

Overall Review: I saw the very lame explosions on my stock card..Horrible and lagy..but with it I saw amazing FIREBALLS extra features and arms and legs flying everywhere I swear if there were guts you'd see them all over the screen!!! Overall i am UBERLY IMPRESSED This is on my recommended list!

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