It's Good Looking, bad quality4/2/2013 10:43:26 AM

Pros: I actually have the black one that's not sold on Newegg. The pros are 1. stylish, 2. internal memory (if it's the black one like mine, you get 8 GBs), 3. "External" memory (or in other terms memory you can insert into the device), 4. FM radio and FM recording.

Cons: here's what I have to gripe about. The cons are 1. voice recording sounds a little fuzzy and can't pick up sound from the user behind the device, 2. the headphone jack along with the other internals (*cough* Microphone, *cough, cough* antenna... excuse me I had something in my throat) are not quality at all. I mean when I have to move the headphone's plug around in the headphone jack just to get both speakers working on 2 sets of earbuds, and the antenna is located inside the device itself so putting it near you cuts the signal going to the radio down quite a bit and I use to have a phone that had a FM radio that used the headphones or earbuds (what have you) for the antenna which is a smarter choice so Sandisk has no excuse when the technology is out there. Plus my friend's Sandisk he use to have years ago had a similar headphone jack issue, so I am not ever going to buy a mp3 player from someone who should stick to external memory (good thing this one was a birthday gift so I could warn you), 3. the buttons and the mp3 player itself is way to small, my thumb is literally the size of this thing so voice recognition that actually works is a must for the next model if they stay on the course of making a small cheap product.

Overall Review: No other thoughts except do not buy any product involving audio from a company known for making USB sticks and SD cards because they are utter garbage made from the cheapest stuff they can find.

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iffy11/24/2012 1:27:10 PM

Pros: it works correctly as long as you pay attention to the keyboard & mouse symbols on it

Cons: the casing breaks after 3 weeks for no reason whatsoever. I mean it just fell off.

Overall Review: if you're a CNC person (like Ben Heck) then you could make a better case for this really simple adapter.

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