Works great!2/18/2010 4:45:37 PM

Pros: Works great with XBMC and MakeMKV

Cons: Only 4x read speed.

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It Works2/17/2010 9:53:53 AM

Pros: It's a cable, what more is there to say?

Cons: none

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Works with XBMC2/17/2010 9:52:56 AM

Pros: -Works straight out of the box with XBMC Live

Cons: -Weird curved shape, but not a deal breaker.

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Great HTPC Board2/17/2010 9:51:51 AM

Pros: -Low Power Consumption -Quiet -Handles 1080p like a champ

Cons: -Manual a bit confusing. It's been years since I built a pc, and I had the power switch set wrong on the header. No big deal for someone more experienced, but it could be a bit clearer. Not enough to take and egg away.

Overall Review: Running erhnam's ION optimized XBMCLive v12 with 2gb Kingston Platinum PC2-6400 ram, 500gb WD Caviar Green HDD with the OS installed to a 4gb PNY flash drive attached to the spare USB header on the board. I highly recommend this board to anyone looking for a good HTPC setup.

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Good HTPC Case2/17/2010 9:46:13 AM

Pros: -Decent amount of room for an ITX case. I know a lot of people complain about it being a bit tight inside, but that's the point. -Quiet fans. I don't notice any noise really, especially compared to my old V1 xbox that I was using as a media center. -Looks nice. I had wanted to get the all black version, but it was sold out with no in stock eta, and this one was on sale. Even the wife likes the looks of it.

Cons: -Power supply wires are a bit too long. It's kind of a mess inside the case right now. I was worried because the power wires go out right over my CPU, but it's been running for almost 24hrs straight and the CPU is plenty cool.

Overall Review: Works great with the Zotac IONITX-G-E board, and my 500gb WD Caviar Green drive. Like I said, very quiet. I can't even hear it over my TV, and can barely hear the cooling fan right next to it.

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