Solid case with a couple flaws11/28/2017 6:04:03 PM

Pros: Solid construction like all fractal design cases

Cons: Fan controller only works on medium speed. Probably just a wiring issue, but haven't been able to fix it.

Overall Review: I was able to hide some cables in the front, but it would be nice if there was more space.

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Excellent11/15/2017 10:07:57 PM

Pros: No problems after initial bios update. This is probably one of the best values for an x370 AM4 motherboard (at least it was when I bought it)

Cons: Really could use another USB 2.0 header, or 3.

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Great case11/15/2017 10:06:17 PM

Pros: Heavy and well built. Quiet with good quality fans.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: This case is 40 pounds empty. Something to think about if you think you'll be moving it very much.

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Good cooling performance, mediocre otherwise11/15/2017 9:53:00 PM

Pros: Keeps my ryzen cool

Cons: The software is bad. Crashes often, hogs far too much CPU just being open, and it's very difficult to create a smooth fan profile. I understand they're limited by the resolution of temperature from the CPU (40, 41, 42, etc - rather than 40.1, 40.2), but they could have taken measures to make fan speeds adjust more gradually (and less noticeably) with changing CPU temperature. The pump has a high pitch whine that you will probably not notice unless you're crazy like me. There are only 2 pump speeds. Cooling performance honestly isn't as good as I expected, but with the mystery surrounding Ryzen temperature values, I'll give it a pass. The delta between idle and load is minimal, which suggests it's doing its job well enough. Lastly, a fan has a vibration that has gotten worse to the point that I'm contacting support. Regardless of the resolution, this is something that has lowered my opinion of corsair. I thought they made reliable, high quality products?

Overall Review: Did not fit the screw holes of my Fractal Design define XL 2 - the spacing between the two 140mm standard fan screw locations was different. I ended up drilling 2 holes and used a total of 6 screws to mount it. Seems like this should be more standard, but not really either companies fault. Overall, I wouldn't purchase this product again.

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Not that impressed7/16/2014 3:19:30 PM

Pros: LCD screen. Reliable. Good warranty and support.

Cons: About 80% of these that we purchase for corporate use at every person's PC has a very noticeable and annoying sound. The other 20% are quiet enough to not notice while sitting at the PC. I would never purchase this for home use as it would be far too annoying. Battery wiring is too tightly packed, which makes it difficult to get the wires to lay inside without much stress. Not entirely necessary, but I think it is bad practice to have wires under stress. Price is not competitive with cyber power and other brands of UPS's. I've got a cyber power at home and have no complaints at all. It was about $30 dollars cheaper than the comparable APC unit.

Overall Review: The sound level emitted from these is unacceptable.

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Good Printer2/3/2014 1:04:45 AM

Pros: Good quality prints, quick printing when warmed up, cheap ink, drivers were easy to find and install on a variety of OS's, affordable

Cons: Takes a long time to initiate printer if it was in sleep mode. Does alot of stuff after printing. Noisy.

Overall Review: Good value for your money I got it for free through a newegg deal a couple years back.

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fast and reliable6/23/2010 9:24:10 PM

Pros: i have used this hdd for over a year and have had no problems at all. fast for price can not hear the drive over my loud case fans (3 12v 80mm fans)

Cons: none

Overall Review: this drive is plenty fast for most users, you would be better off buying a cheap (but reputable) hdd so that you can spend your budget on more important components such as the cpu. if you spent 10$ more on a hdd, you might get 4$ more hdd performance and probably 1$ more system performance. -a faster cpu would give you better return contrary to widespread belief, a faster hdd does not increase gaming performance. it will make games load faster but thats it. the only time it will increase gaming performance is if you dont have enough ram and your system is using virtual memory (using the hdd as ram).... but in that case your already at single digit frame rates....

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Good PSU5/31/2010 11:00:19 AM

Pros: quiet, good power ratings for price, modular, easy to install, good looks, 80 plus. I had previously had a psu with 2 80mm fans on the front and back of it and after changing to this psu (with one on the bottom) my cpu temp dropped a good 3-5 degrees C. I didnt believe it either but it makes since because its sucking air off my cpu (psi is top mounted)

Cons: the intructions were pointless and did not help at all, i didnt need them but someone else might. i wish it just had a little more power. Basically your paying for the good build quality and the modular cables instead of 50 or 100 more watts and a few more amps have not recieved rebate, it was approved by them in a surprisingly short amount of time but after that i didnt get any emails or anything in the mail. i will email them

Overall Review: my system: 7750BE (dual core phenom 1, 95 watt), overclocked to 3.2 sometimes, normally at stock xfx 4850 1 gig (planning to crossfire) 4 gigs of ddr2 1066 (2X2gb) 1 dvd drive 1 320 gig hard drive

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poor price per performance7/26/2009 3:35:01 PM

Pros: its a great cpu that will overclock well it has a low TDP

Cons: ok well lets think for a minute blindly-in-love-with-intel people: we could either get a phenom 2 940 quad core processor for $190 or this for $190. not to mention that AMD boards are generally cheaper. ill take 4 cores at 3 ghz over 2 at 3.16 any day not to mention the extra cache that the P2 940 has

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XP>vista6/21/2009 5:05:41 PM

Pros: -64bit means you can have as much ram as you can put on your mobo (unless you mobo allows more than 2^64 bytes of ram) -fast and very stable, i dont think ive crashed once since i got it which was like 4 months ago, excluding ending non-responding programs -much better than vista, i know people who have quad core's with 6 gigs of ram and my 7750BE with 4 gigs still feels faster (both had everything tuned for performance ie- aero=off)

Cons: wont be supported forever unfortunately, the very high setting on crysis is unavailable on xp due to not having dx10 (i think, maybe MS just wanted more incentive for people to but vista, who knows) i recommend you get this now and then upgrade to windows 7 when it comes out

Overall Review: Just ask yourself, DOES BILL GATES USE VISTA? bill gates is not the type of person who sacs performance for pretty title bars

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great6/20/2009 10:41:55 PM

Pros: installed flawlessly stays very cool, generally at 60 when gaming, fan is quiet, unnoticeable <65% (note: my case fans are pretty loud) i get 15-30 (avg 25) when playing crysis at 1280X1024 on high (cant do very high, have XP) with 8x aa but then my PCIe is only 8x and my processor is a 7750 2.7ghz overclocked at 675/1093 and my cpu at 2.9 it get above 30 most of the time. gpu temp still stays plenty cool.

Cons: none unless you consider the frame rate mentioned above to be bad takes up 2 slots, i dont care but maybe somebody else will who didnt read the specs

Overall Review: jetway HA07 7750 2.7ghz 4 gigs hyperx 1066 ram win xp 64 bit ATI for life

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Great6/8/2009 10:10:07 PM

Pros: -price/performance -unlocked -L3 cache makes it better than all the other brisbane's (5600, 6000, 6400, etc)

Cons: performance/power gets KINDA warm on stock cooler

Overall Review: if you are going with AMD dual core the 7550, 7750, and 7850 are the best choices for gaming the 4850e, 5050e, etc processors give better performance/power the brisbanes are outdated, generally more expensive and usually don't come with a cooler overclocks easily but i can only get it to 3.1 stable MB: jetway JHA07 Ram: kingston 2gb 1066 (running at 800 for better stability) GPU: xfx 4850 1gb the intel e5200 is priced the same as the 7850 here are the dif's between them: -5200 is a better overclocker, (locked multiplier though) -5200 comes with crappier cooler -5200 has no L3 but more 2 MB L2 -5200 is stock at 2.5 GHz -->worse performance in most cases -MB's for intel are generally more expensive -5200 is more efficient

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