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Good Deal, Awesome Delivery!7/23/2014 4:07:47 AM

Pros: Has all the connections the tv it replaced had. Fits in my tv cabinet that the wife refuses to part with. Good picture for 720p.

Cons: wasn't even cheaper...? Trying to figure out upc rebate...

Overall Review: New Egg Super Shipping is awesome! I ordered this Sunday, it shipped Monday, Arrived Tuesday... Why pay for shipping when ordering from New Egg??? There is a rebate on this TV currently, but part of the box was cut away (just the surface) so I'm trying to figure out if the remaining barcodes include the UPC. The TV (refurbished) arrived with permanent marker on the screen... Whoever returned it didn't know alcohol makes this un-permanent marker so we are good to go...

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Excellent for $13!!!12/23/2008 2:10:53 PM

Pros: Price, Built-in USB connection, lightweight, price, backlight color features (when you understand how to change them), did I mention the price? As always NEW EGG delivered ahead of schedule, I got this yesterday and was able to get a ton of music on it in time to give it as a christmas gift to my wife.

Cons: According to manual, folders can only go one deep. I haven't tried, but that kinda sucks if you like to have music by artist and sub grouped by album (like Windows defualts to in the My Music folder)... if I test this and it is not the case, it'll still get 4 eggs for misinformation; so STAY TUNED

Overall Review: 1) I had no problems putting 1gig+ music on this device as someone complained. I just had to copy the album folders instead of Artist folders from My Music. 2) You DO NOT have to turn the player off to switch modes, the lever switch for previous and next can also be PRESS IN which takes you to the main menu where you can navigate to music folders, set the backlighting behavior, etc... Just learn that when you want to select something from the menu or a sub menu, press in on that button (not the play/pause button, moves you back out a level in the menu scheme)

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Works Great!1/16/2007 4:11:19 PM

Pros: Popped into my wife's Gateway lappy easily. Unfortunately it only has 1 slot and I can't justify 1GB. Even so, Doubling RAM to 512 made a SIGNIFICANT difference immedeately!

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: Yeah, I ordered this item Sunday night and got Tuesday morning... Mind you this was w/ UPS ground + MLK holiday! I LOVE NEW EGG!!!

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Good for the money10/13/2005 5:02:38 AM

Comments: Look Good! Sound is adequate for my needs. I'm actually buying a second set after getting the first and being impressed! One thing to note: the pictures make them look really thin and they're not. It's a good thing though 'cause speakers should not be that thin unless they cost $$$!!! Usual fast delivery from newegg!

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Does/Looks great in in my Blue Machine9/3/2005 7:25:32 AM

Comments: Early as usual from NewEgg. It went on so much easier than the thermaltake it was replacinig and the blue likes almost match perfectly to the Logisis LT400BL LED fans I have in there. It is also quieter! I'm only running a Duron 1.1Ghz so I can't vouch for it's high end heat dissapation, but it works great for my budget box.

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8/25/2005 8:14:22 PM

Comments: Look very good in my wifes blue computer. Pretty darn quiet too! NewEgg never ceases to amaze me... I placed my order at 7am Tuesday, I swear it was on the truck an hour and a half later!!! Got it Thursday!

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