Not much to say3/13/2021 12:39:26 PM

Overall Review: They work, they work well, and they have no issues Its RAM and i dont know enough to be more detailed -- i had zero issues with the item, the shipping, the price, none of it. i put them in and bingo bango dino dna, there isnt much else i can say.

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a couple issues but some can be overlooked3/13/2021 12:37:53 PM

Pros: We all know the processor is a good one to have, it works fast and stays cool if you give it what it needs, the OOTB cooler is decent -- not winning any awards or anything, but it wont let your cpu fry either.

Cons: The shipping speed, it was abysmal and took almost a full calendar month to arrive also, it had a bent pin when i received it and that caused some real problems getting it to work. I dont really think this can be blamed on the seller honestly because its not like theyre supposed to literally unseal the factory box and inspect it, but it was still a big problem.

Overall Review: Overall, i would tell people to buy this cpu, maybe even from this seller, but i would caution them about the shipping speed I really dont blame the seller for the bent pins but i would have to warn people about those as well

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Sleek, Stylish, and Super Heavy3/13/2021 12:33:18 PM

Pros: First off, this case is very aesthetically pleasing The rbg components shine through just enough to get your attention but not enough to be obnoxious there is plenty of space in and outside of the case and when i say plenty i mean PLENTY Cable management is a breeze once you use your eyes a bit too the doors actualy come off with one screw which makes assembly a joke as well airflow, cooling, setup, you name it -- it isnt an issue at all

Cons: Cable management is ridiculously easy BUT you do have to take a piece off if you want to really make things disappear, which can be a hassle if you have a lot of stuff going through the back because jamming them back under that piece is a little tricky. its kinda big, honestly for what the case offers it isnt an issue at all, but if youre working with some size constraints you are going to want to measure things first because it may not fit where you want to put it lastly, it pretty heavy when everything is inside, not really a big deal but its something youll regret not knowing beforehand if youre a noodle person thats trying to pick it up by yourself

Overall Review: Overall, this thing is beautiful and lets you do nearly anything "normal"-ish with it, you really wont have any troubles with space, cooling, or even looks. I would recommend it strongly but also caution people about its potential weight Price and shipping speed were outstanding on it as well

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A good buy3/13/2021 12:25:58 PM

Overall Review: Had some concerns about the power on my new build so i decided to go with this guy and i am pretty happy with it power isnt a problem in the slightest and the setup was very easy and straightforward. there is a cable for whatever you may need and setting it up with the motherboard wasnt a chore at all once i figured out where things went, which was also super straightforward. If i need another PSU anytime soon ill probably just get another one

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Kinda sticky3/13/2021 12:23:58 PM

Overall Review: didnt want stock thermal paste so i picked this up, CPU stays within a perfectly reasonable range and everything, zero issues whatsoever. I did find it to be incredibly sticky though, which is probably normal but some people dont expect that. dont get this goo on you or anything else it shouldnt be on, i had to scrub my fingertips with rubbing alcohol. Aside from all that it spreads well and gives a nice coat

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solid and capable3/13/2021 12:21:38 PM

Overall Review: Was having issues with cable management on some stuff so when i started my new build i picked these up in anticipation of me still being bad at cabling. Can't say i used all of them but the ones i did use were pretty much perfect for the job and i dont think theyll be giving out anytime soon either. fit right on everything and held it in place just howd youd want.

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Simple and easy3/13/2021 12:19:47 PM

Overall Review: The pricepoint on this was pretty solid and the installation and usage are equally as painless shipping speed was good and it works great. I really dont know what else to say honestly; it works, it was cheap, got here fast, everything youd expect or want

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There isnt much to say3/13/2021 12:18:13 PM

Overall Review: Pros, Cons, its an anti-static bracelet, theres not much to say aside form "it worked" or "it didnt work" and this thing worked. shipping was pretty fast and didnt give me any issues and putting it on and using it is self explanatory but it does come with directions which is cool i guess i would recommend and buy again if i lost it because i dont wanna zippity zappity any of my stuff

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overall pretty straightforward3/13/2021 12:16:09 PM

Pros: I guess if were doing Pros, the motherboard didn't have so many bells and whistles that it took a Ph.D to piece together properly. Its large enough and easy enough to deal with that you wont really have many issues once you know what youre up to

Cons: Cons, well this things really doesn't have any actual instructions which is extremely difficult to work with if its your first time ever piecing together a motherboard or a PC in general Also i wish it came with a third internal usb header but thats just nitpicking.

Overall Review: as a whole i thought the price was great for what youre getting and you can just pull youtube up to help you set everything in place properly, which is what you should do if its your first time anyways. it works well and i really have no legitimate complaints

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