The Seagate FireCuda gaming SSHD1/4/2018 7:26:56 AM

Pros: Easy install (plug and play), Awesome speed (short of not being an SSD) but still extremely fast.

Cons: Haven't found any at this time.

Overall Review: I have played pc games cents 1987, and I wholeheartedly recommend this SSHD to anyone that plays pc games and needs space and speed for less $$$ but with close to the same performance as SSDs.

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Handy and fun!5/3/2017 1:30:59 PM

Pros: multiple settings and colors, 4 settings for flashs to the beat of the music. Granddaughter Love it

Cons: The red and green color buttons are switched around, the mounting holes on the IR controllers mounting holes are to small they brake when using drywall screws.

Overall Review: Insure red button is red led and green button is green led and blue button is blue led.

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ASUS's Sabertooth 990fx R3.05/3/2017 1:21:07 PM

Pros: Outstanding in looks, and hardware assembly. Build to last! I love the fact that you do not have to run the gpu in the 1st pci-slot like other M/B's but can run just 1 GPU card in any of the pci slots. The 40mm added fan for the V-cores is a nice touch.

Cons: BUT! a few things need addressing. 1st BIG issue the problem with the software! After I swapping out the M/B's, sabertooth 990fx R1.0 for the Sabertooth 990fx R3.0. The FX-8120 for the FX-9590 and the custom liquid cooling, finely the 32 gigs of G.SKILL Ripjaws X DDR3 8166 RAM were installed. I add the Geforce GTX 1060 6g graphics card. I started the machine up and NO Glory! besides the LED's only 1 light came on, the power light. Called ASUS tech and they said to flash update the Bio's. Well if it don't start how are you supposed to flash update the Bio's???? Well 2.5 months and 3 different cpu's FX-8120/6350/9590, 2 different sets of ram, DDR3 8166/1333, and 3 GPU's and it's still on the work table (I did take a month off out of shear discussed/RAGE.) The 2nd problem is there is no plug for any LED's that you may already have in your machine, if you want to run your led's through or by the pc, its not happening!! Lastly don't advertise what it can do, "Windows 10" when it cannot! If its not 100% ready for mass production do not rush it into production!

Overall Review: Put a plug on the board for adding internal/external leds. Most importantly, finish the Blasted software!!!

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The name does give a good description of this items potential. TWISTER STROM1/11/2017 2:17:46 AM

Pros: WOW! It really moves the air when you kick it in the but! The 3 position speed switch is a nice touch.

Cons: It's spec's looks good on paper but the design isn't ready for the power it's putting to the blades. The fan propeller is not a quality build however! It begins to wobble at about 1950 to 2450 rpms pushed any faster and the wobble is so pronounced it sounds like the old office typing pool of 20 people. which is VERY annoying not to mention a hazard if 1 or more of the blades starts to come apart. Can only be mounted on 1 side of fan housing do to wobble.

Overall Review: I will only recommend this item once the wobble in the blades has been corrected in a redesign.

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Outstanding Graphics card!1/11/2017 1:40:03 AM

Pros: Easy to install. 1 of a few special founderscard versions. Identified by shipping with only 1 serial # (These cards have 2 s/n). This card is a BEAST! It runs all my fav's in games both MMOs and single player, The Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Dreadnought, Deux Ex M.D. .... on Ultra and or High graphics settings. Its comes VR ready as well. It runs circles around the smaller 3 and 4 gig cards.

Cons: it runs a slight bit hot 55 to 60 degrees on average. 65 - 75 degrees if you watch youtube videos while playing. But if you cool your system properly it's not an issue. This card can NOT be SLI'ed, the only major "bummer". The software takes a small amount of attention to detail to figure it out but after that one can easily handle the heat generated with just air cooling.

Overall Review: I would wholeheartedly recommend this card to any gamer that doesn't have the 400 to 500 dollars for a larger card this is the cat's meow!

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