Best You Can Get8/21/2012 5:20:11 PM

Pros: Clarity and contrast is unreal. Glossy Screen. Games are amazing on it. No ghosting what so ever (I was afraid of this but took the chance). Movies look great on it as well. Hell even just using Windows 7 is better just because of how much better the picture is. Stop debating whether or not to get it, you won't find a better one. I upgraded from the Samsung 27" 950 series 120hz 3d monitor and all that jazz and this monitor easily outperforms it. As stated before 120hz is old news. You will not notice a difference between this and a 120hz monitor. Paired with a Gtx680 I run all games maxed out 2560x1440 resolution without a problem, even Crysis 2. Factory speakers are not too bad either for Xbox/Playstation users.

Cons: Not completely impressed with the factory calibration but this could be due to the lighting in my room.

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