Been running since Ryzen Release11/10/2017 4:08:36 AM

Pros: Smooth running motherboard without a single issue. Easy setup and overclocking abilities. Board has the best combination of features and price Board ascetics work well with any custom builder color schemes and RGB lighting Aura sync works flawlessly. Q-Connector is actually pretty useful for installing front panel wiring. It simplifies the install. Extremely stable with Ryzen 7 1800X and Corsair Vengeance LED 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3000 Currently own and runing 4 of these boards and all are running fine.

Cons: Absolutely None!

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3 1/2 years and not one problem9/13/2017 2:53:44 AM

Pros: I have been running this power supply now for 3.5 years and have not had a single issue with it handling anything I throw at it. easy to work with and still going strong. currently running duel 1080 TI , Ryzen 1800x with 64gig ram, 9 terabytes HD space, duel Blueray burners, , H115I cooling system, and 9 cooling fans, not to mention 5 RGB light strips.

Cons: Absolutely none

Overall Review: Highly recommend this power supply for any build.

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Best Coolr Ever11/3/2015 4:00:13 AM

Pros: Absolutely best cooling across the board. Running a AMD 9590 at 5ghz keeps it at 89 degrees when not taxed and 108 when taxed completely out. HAs been in my system nearly 2 years with out a single problem.

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: Be sure when installing fans you are pulling air into system not trying to push it out.

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One Sweet Ride!2/2/2014 6:19:13 AM

Pros: So I decided to go all out. What a great decision!! The 9590 is performing incredibly. Started to play with OC a little and pulled it to 6.0 Ghz without a hitch!! All bench tests are through the roof!

Cons: None

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Recomended for All2/2/2014 6:16:10 AM

Pros: This is one sweet cooling system designed to control four fans as well that only respond as needed. I have the 2 fans that came with pushing air up and 2 200mm case fans drawing it through. all controlled by the cooler. They only come as needed and start slow and quiet and spin up just enough to cool her back down. Very important on my AMD 9590. Definitely not disappointed with quality of this cooling system.

Cons: none.

Overall Review: lol even the pump lights up in my case so it adds to the overall effect.

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Blazing Fast, Sweet Graphics2/2/2014 6:10:28 AM

Pros: I actually ordered 2 of these and SLI'd them together. I was definitely not disappointed in my choice. The response is Awesome. Currently Running 2 Monitors for a panoramic view in game and the flow is flawless. It meets or exceeds all expectations.

Cons: None!

Overall Review: wish I could put in a third one at this time. lol

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Sweet2/2/2014 6:06:25 AM

Pros: Awesome Choice drive is responding perfectly. All tests are consistent and matching or exceeding Manufacturer specs.

Cons: none

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Highly recomended2/2/2014 6:00:07 AM

Pros: Awesome board. Manufacture says to update Bios to see my 9590 but it saw it out of the box with no issues. Preliminary tests are all excellent. The board had no troubles seeing both 780 TI's, the 32Gb ram , SSD drives or anything else. Booted first go round without a hitch.

Cons: None. Board is responding fine under all tests!

Overall Review: I delayed getting this board at first and was going to wait for the Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7 rev 3.0 due to the Manufacturer showing it wasn't compatible with the 9590 out of the box. I am glad I took the chance.

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Not A Good Choice2/2/2014 5:53:05 AM

Pros: None to speak of at this time.

Cons: This drive can be seen in the Bios. Initially Windows 8.1 saw the drive as well when trying to initialize it gave an I/O error and would not partition. then it tried to partition but would not format. Now the drive can not be seen by Windows at all. Although the bios sees it fine. I have tried using multiple programs for trying to recover this drive, but with no luck.

Overall Review: In the Future it would be wiser to check more of the feedback. WD has a great reputation and I went with my gut feeling. having had so much good luck with their drives I really wasn't expecting catastrophic failure before 1st use.

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This is a must!5/3/2009 6:04:08 AM

Pros: Awesome card! Runs great follow manufacturers advise and upgrade your power supply! I use 750 Ultra pro series. Has absolutely no issues, has the dual PCI 6 pin connectors and a 8 pin pci connector for future upgrades! Super quiet!

Cons: None unless you try to use 4 pin to 6 pin connectors which instructions explicitly state not to do!

Overall Review: If you want high end gaming then this is the card, just have a large case, and ample power. I am hitting 100fps on most all games and nothing under 60fps.

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Awesome5/1/2009 3:35:01 AM

Pros: Absolutely no surprises here! Nvidea smokes. pulling well over 100fps on most games I have tried so far. WoW, Far Cry2, Crysis, Grid, CoD: World at War etc etc. seen frame rates of 245fps on some without overclocking!

Cons: none

Overall Review: Free overclocking software makes it easy to pick it up! nearly doubled the clock speeds before got a little warm and reset it settings (automatically) to avoid damage. Yes it is large, but no problems with that in my case, plenty of room to spare, looking at a second one to enhance it even more!

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Great Board!5/1/2009 3:28:44 AM

Pros: This is a solid board. the 2oz copper layer makes it a heavy board, but it stays cool. Setup and overclocking is a breeze. Absolutely no issues what-so-ever!

Cons: None

Overall Review: This board is rock solid and the dual bios insures safe operation if the bios gets corrupted from a bad upgrade.

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