It's a cord8/14/2014 11:02:41 PM

Pros: It does exactly as it is supposed to.

Cons: Not possible; it's a cable. If there's a short, you got unlucky, and you just go through the RMA process and get it dealt with.

Overall Review: It's a cable just like any other. It has magic pieces of copper and whatnot running through it. No matter what anybody says, there is no special version of copper that exists with this brand or that brand (that's the great thing about conductors; they do, or they don't). I don't even feel that cables should warrant reviews. Again: they work or they don't. I don't even think about cables once everything's plugged in. A cable itself is usually one of the last things I check when troubleshooting problems (outside of reseating, of course). In fact, the only reason I'm rating this cable now is because I have rated everything else in my most recent order, and laughed at the thought of rating this, so of course I had to. Enjoy.

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No Title Needed8/14/2014 10:58:08 PM

Pros: You know you don't really need to see a rating here because you know what you're getting with this brand (and that holds true whether you like this brand or you don't). The card is great. Has its own fan, but you know you need a chassis that supports cooling. While I dislike the large size, it has kinda become the standard these days. It's powerful. In today's world, it's technically obsolete, and it's still running all of today's games at nearly the highest settings with no compromising of quality/performance. Excellent card.

Cons: My only problem with the brand is the short amount of time before a line gets DCed. Whenever it's time for me to buy a new card, I try to make sure I buy near top-of-the-line, and then when it's time to buy a new card, I just buy another of the same (but at a much lower price due to its age) and utilize SLI until it's time to upgrade to yet the next generation. This no longer works for two reasons: 1) cards are not in production long enough for you to utilize price reduction so you can SLI for a better performing card, and 2) SLI is just no longer optimal due to the advances in MoBo, VGAs, and the almight PCI Express. That's not really the fault of this manufacturer any longer, but still worth noting.

Overall Review: Great card. Worth the money, especially since tech is reaching a plateau right now, this card should not TRULY be obsolete for still another couple of years, making it a worthwhile investment since top-of-the-line still isn't, and likely won't be, much more powerful than what this card can provide.

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Awesome8/14/2014 10:49:49 PM

Pros: Wireless, walls do not appear to be an issue. The swap between desktop speakers if smooth and flawless. Most volume controls needed are on the headset itself. Fully charged, it lasts a LONG time (I usually forget to charge it because of how long I can go between charges).

Cons: While walls do not seem to interfere with the signal, the distance away from the receiver could be a few feet longer. This has no impact on most usage though, so I barely even wanna call it a con. The surround effects are not as great as what I was expecting. The set I used before this (not wireless) were quite a bit cheaper but with a little better sound quality, especially as far as the surround sound goes (I play some great FPS's where hearing where the footsteps are coming from can be critical).

Overall Review: This is a great headset, and despite the cons, I'm still happy for the price I paid. Minus a bit of the loss of surround, the quality of the sound is still very excellent.

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Better than my speakers!5/17/2010 4:37:27 AM

Pros: These heaphones provide great surround sound that matches any video game I'm playing. That, combined with the quality of the sound, makes these headphones far better than my current speaker setup (which, admittedly, is somewhat of an inferior quality).

Cons: They are a little big for my head. Set as small as I can make them, a sneeze will launch these off my head.

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Excellent9/8/2009 7:36:29 PM

Pros: The picture is great. Product arrived with absolutely zero dead pixels.

Cons: The monitor sits too close to the tabletop. Were my desk actually against the wall instead of built into the corner, I would remedy the problem by mounting the monitor on the wall.

Overall Review: Great product for a great price.

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