Great Product, bad AMD or something else driver3/26/2021 7:53:40 AM

Pros: Received this cars 2 weeks ago Powerfull, silence, so enormous! 4K Ultra preset 60 FPS min in every game (Except Cyberpunk but play with Fidelity FX+ sharpened to reach 4K 60 FPS) 1440p 120 FPS min , she's a Monster!!!A friend get 3090 SUPRIMX, and if no DLSS-RT this 6900XT rules! (ok, yes a bit more)

Cons: AMD drivers!!!! One or two time per day, when playing on my TV on HDMI port, system freeze and crash randomly! The problem less when Radeon Software is off. Never encounter this problem when playing on my 1440p monitor with DP.I'm not alone, a friend has the same problem with his 5700XT. Windows Fiability reports looks like something wrong with RGB ICUE sometimes, other time it's AMD CPU update tool looks like interfere with Radeon Software

Overall Review: This card is amazing and so powerfull!AMD drivers or MSI Bios, I don't know, but something wrong and it's a shame regarding the high quality standard of this graphics card.

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Good but a little just concerning cables10/30/2019 8:53:12 AM

Pros: Silent Consommation Great construction

Cons: Just 6 Sata, it's a bit just, a computer with a couple of hard drives or SSD don't need 650 Watts, this 550 need a few more sata.

Overall Review: If needed a gaming entry power supply with 4-5 sata for RX 580 or 1160, she's perfect

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