Short-lived Dead Burner9/24/2006 9:26:04 PM

Pros: Worked well (all aspects) the first week. Of course, it's portable is why I purchased it.

Cons: It's now dead. Started using this burner again last night after the first week. Firmware update errors out. Burns only about 50% then dies. Hope HP honors their warranty.

Overall Review: Purchased this to be used on two different laptops - much cheaper than buying namebrand notebook burners. Should have read the other reviews more closely thus I probably would not have purchased it. Possibly Newegg ought to stop offering this item. Didn't spell check this - hope it's OK.

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WD 300GB Int HD [WD3000JB]8/20/2005 9:08:28 PM

Comments: *2005.08.20 (Saturday evening) *Ordered this item mid-July 2005. Installed it in an USB external enclosure. Past 20 days or so - when copying to this ext HD from my PC, usually receive a 'Delay Write Failed' error message. Microsoft's help answer/solution(s) have not corrected this error. Decided tonight to ask Newegg for a RMA. While researching possible corrective action/solution(s), it seems there's a rash of this 'Delay Write Failed' error. Research did not indicate if this 'rash' is strictly a WD problem. *Lastly, I have two (2) other in-use WD HD's (1-ext [80GB], 1-int [200GB]) that work great. My configuration: Win XP home w/SP2, WD 200GB internal HD --- Good Luck

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