Strong solid workhorse6/14/2019 6:09:29 AM

Pros: My 3rd NUC and no disappointment in this unit. Using it for my office workhorse 8-10 hours per day and no issues ... barely kicks the fan up when loading a serious Power Pivot Excel file. Driving 2 - 27" monitors @ 2560 x 1440 and only wish I could get a 3rd hooked up.

Cons: Maybe another USB or 2 but that's why they make those hubs I guess.

Overall Review: Windows 10 64 bit with no issues. You really don't need to update the BIOS ... everything worked on mine before and after the update so save yourself the worry.

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Cool and quiet but HUGE!!6/11/2019 8:01:52 AM

Pros: Does what it's supposed to do and quietly ... Noctua is still the go to for quiet fans and this is no exception. But, be forewarned, if you need both fans on this beast you had best research your motherboard carefully and find one with distance between the CPU socket and the DIMM sockets.

Cons: HUGE !!! no eggs off because I knew it going in, but less than 1/2 inch clearance on my old trusty Antec 900 so I couldn't stagger the 2nd fan to clear the DIMM's below it.

Overall Review: I may consider changing to the NH-C14S model if I run into cooling issues but none so far.

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Decent mid-level monitor6/11/2019 7:44:18 AM

Pros: 2nd pair of Acer 27" for me. Should have paid more attention to the model number. The CB271HU model has front controls, this model has controls on rear including a joystick-like button which does not instill confidence.

Cons: If you like to have multiple sources to one monitor, this model should be avoided as the little joystick button will most likely not survive frequent use.

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Great CPU !! HORRIBLE PACKAGING !!!6/11/2019 7:32:51 AM

Pros: CPU works flawlessly ... no fault to the actual engineers at Intel.

Cons: Absolutely stupidest packaging ever designed. The entire marketing department that came up with this needs to be replaced. 2 eggs off for the total waste of material ... seriously, plastic ball inside cardboard ball and cloth baggie to hold it all.

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Too bad it's discontinued3/1/2013 12:42:43 PM

Pros: Bought in Oct. 2009 and use in my office 8 - 12 hours daily. No issues at all. Now have an HZ281 right next to it for the past year and both going great.

Cons: none

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Excellent !!5/13/2011 7:18:08 AM

Pros: Quiet, quiet, quiet. Rebuilding my 14 drive WHS on a Supermicro D525 Atom, 4 fans, 8 drive SAS controller and have yet to have the PS fan come on. Perfectly quiet. 100% modular; don't have to try and hide the PCIe or 4/8 pin power cable that I don't need.

Cons: Flat cables are a little harder to bend in all directions. Cables are all black, have to be more careful checking voltages.

Overall Review: FYI ... 4 sata power lines, 2 - 2 connectors, 2 - 4 connectors. 2 floppy cables ??? What the heck?

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VERY nice5/13/2011 6:57:24 AM

Pros: Well constructed. Sides pivot in, no more fit and slide forward. Rear vented top fan works just fine. Makes a very clean top and less chance for dust to accumulate. Fans are very quiet, white blades are a nice accent. 10 internal bays !, all slide in trays that take both 3.5 & 2.5 drives. Great mix and match. Can mount drives in either direction for clean cable managment.

Cons: Why oh why do they give us 6 drive bays with no fan in the bottom compartment? Good 14cm fans are not easy to find and matching white blades impossible. Front panel should swivel 270 degrees not 180. Makes the fan cover door very awkward and fan removal very difficult.

Overall Review: Needs some built in work lights :) This thing is very black inside. Moving my 14 drive WHS from Antec 1200 to this and am very pleased with the capacity and solid construction.

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Not so quiet, doesn't fit5/13/2011 6:29:29 AM

Pros: Not much

Cons: Not so quiet for a 14cm fan. Does not fit in Fractal Design Define XL front fan mount. Has nubs at screw holes I'll have to grind off to make it fit.

Overall Review: Air movement is adequate, but have to reduce on controller to keep db down.

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Wrong mem specs12/22/2010 7:16:59 AM

Pros: Smalll quiet box. HDMI.

Cons: Mem specs are WRONG !! Will not work with DDR2 533 as advertised. 1 egg off for Newegg, 1 egg off for ATI video.

Overall Review: Win7 works fine, Ubuntu works fine, XBMC hates ATI video.

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Clean box12/22/2010 7:07:35 AM

Pros: Elegant, simple design. Suprisingly good rubber feet for horizontal layout. Power indicator is a nice glow from bottom (side if vertical) of case. No blinding, bright blue LED on the front ... very pleasant feature. Wire ties ! ... you mean somebody gave me $ .10 worth of plastic for free? Nice ...

Cons: Asus AT5Ion fit but was very difficult to get backplane/board aligned correctly. Almost like the backplane opening was off by a mm or 2. A case speaker would have been nice ...

Overall Review: Was worried about case fan from other reviews so got a Gelig to replace the default. Bad move. Gelig needs 4 pin, Asus board has only 3 pin so fan was on full all the time. Put the default back and is fine on low for now.

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Nice little board12/22/2010 6:52:34 AM

Pros: Small, low power needs. Works out of the box on Win7. XBMC runs smooth, finds all the right drivers.

Cons: Not as fast as hoped. A little sluggish with mutiple apps open. Backplanewas a bit off in Antec ISK 300. Board, case or backplane? Needs a quiet fan to keep temps down to acceptable levels.

Overall Review: Still looking for the perfect fanless, small combo for HTPC ... hoping but this wasn't it.

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