Working alright so far2/11/2017 3:15:32 AM

Pros: Powerful, and surprisingly easy to install after all the intel nightmares I heard.

Cons: It does get warm, so you need either water cooling or a good fan. I run 35-40c easy on general operating with an evo 212 (not the best choice but had it from my old amd chip).

Overall Review: Fancy little chip, seems about the same power wise as the 6700k, does get a bit warmer, pleased so far~

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Good so far~2/11/2017 3:13:15 AM

Pros: Beautiful board, and very user friendly. Powerful so far, and comes with a nice wifi thingie, much better than what I had~

Cons: Price is all I can think of, it is a bit much, but it's a really nice board~

Overall Review: Uhm, what to say, the new software app centre thing is a bit buggy, often doesn't change the lights to my theme on half the board unless opened and forced, but that's a program issue. All lights start up red until the program loads, be warned. It is not like the cards that remember their colors.

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So far so good2/11/2017 3:10:45 AM

Pros: Easy to use, like super easy~ Warning - no screw, hope you have one like I did.

Cons: None so far, well, unless you don't have a screw~ but that seems standard

Overall Review: Sure, why not~ I installed my Windows on it, and it is like, a second boot from when windows begins loading to when I can log in, programs take under a minute to load in, and bam~

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So far so good.1/16/2017 6:33:57 PM

Pros: Keeps my cpu in decent temperature range, running a slightly dated AMD and I'm intentionally stressing it pretty often. For the price, can't go wrong.

Cons: Only con really is it does begin to run a little louder occasionally. Not a problem or anything.. Radiator gets fairly hot, if you are using a Corsair Obsidian 750 like me it does heat up the clear side panel a bit, but so far no damage to be seen. I assume this is due to only having the one fan and such, might add a second and see.

Overall Review: I bought this sorta as a temporary thing, looking at updating my chip and board when the new ones are released, but needed something to keep it cool and running alright until then. For the price, you really can't go wrong, it really does do a decent job (yes there are better out there, but for much more money). The really nice part about it, is that the bracket can be changed for both AMD and Intel chips/boards, it's amazing for if you just need something to throw in somewhere and not worry.

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Fairly pleased~1/16/2017 6:27:54 PM

Pros: Very easy to install, just, don't be afraid to be a bit rough with the molex cable. They are a bit.. fun. Fairly sensitive but not overly so. Very easy to set up linking between fans, and it actually eases fans up and down, which is really nice considering so many others are actually rather rough with them.

Cons: This unit comes with a little heat sensor cable thingie, which was glued into the back of the unit with what looked like a hot glue blob. Normally, this is no problem, but I wanted to remove all cords when installing, as it's just how I do things. Upon trying to remove the blob I broke the cord side connectors on this heat thingie, luckily it came with an extra heat sensor cord thing, and the pins on the unit itself were undamaged.

Overall Review: I would buy again, if I ever needed another. It's actually a really cool unit, just, be there when it shows up. The delivery guy dropped it off on my stairs when nobody was home.. I live in ontario, it was -30 with over a foot of snow under the box.. However, doubt that is the seller's fault.

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So far pretty good, only one concern.1/16/2017 6:22:32 PM

Pros: Very fast card compared to my old radeon, runs everything I throw at it with ease. Runs alright temperatures considering it's a 1070 and a Gigabyte. Very sturdy design, like, amazingly. backplate is nice and tough, entire unit very solid.

Cons: When under load it does have coil whine, so if you don't like that sorta thing, beware. It's not bad, but it is there, and audible over my stock fans. I have personally contacted Gigabyte to express my concerns with this and am awaiting a response, will update if anything further happens.

Overall Review: I would recommend this product, mostly because it's a big step up from what I had. I hear the coil whine issues are really hit or miss, so maybe I just got half bad luck? If I ever end up finishing my system up and have money left over would definitely consider a second (and hope for better luck with coil whine) for SLI. Not saying one isn't good enough, but I mean, SLI~

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