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do not buy it easy to break, bad customer service

TATUNG TPC-5LB 5-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker
TATUNG TPC-5LB 5-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker

Pros: bought it on sale, easy to find it on sale.

Cons: dead after using it for 3 months. customer service refuse to exchange, they ask us to mail in to repair it. shipping cost is on us. The shipping cost is a big proportion of unit. And at last you got a fixed defected item after paying a lot of shipping cost and long waiting time!


Becareful! Iten dead after light use! Posted warranty info is wrong!

TATUNG TRC-6UDW White 5.5 Cup Electronic Rice Cooker
TATUNG TRC-6UDW White 5.5 Cup Electronic Rice Cooker

Pros: Appearance looks nice.

Cons: 1. The top cover is very hard to clean! 2. Item dead after a few months of light use. 3. When I contact manufacture, they told me the warranty is not 1 year as posted. Repairment/shiping cost is higher than original price.

Overall Review: No Tatung! Avoid this brand!

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If you buy from this seller, make sure best test product and buy insurance

to avoid problem, never buy from this seller. they sell DOA products and have shorter return period. I bought "Black & Decker NST1024R 24V Cordless 13" Straight Shaft Electric String Trimmer / Edger" from them for cheap price as backup. After 2 months, first try it, and found it does not work, when I contact the seller, I was told they can do nothing.

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