Great and fast card, but not quite as advertised2/23/2013 8:26:22 PM

Pros: - Incredibly fast GPU, runs crysis 3 max settings, smooth as butter(crossfired) -Runs cool at around 60C full load. -Pretty quiet even at 50% fan speed. -Looks great

Cons: - Fails at games, such as Farcry 3, at stock clock speeds (either freezing or artifact generation), so I'm forced to underclock to standard 7970 clock speeds (925/1375) for it to be 100% stable. - Voltage control LOCKED (big one). I feel as if this is one of the reasons why there is failure going on at stock speeds

Overall Review: Honestly, I do love this card, even at the underclocked speeds it's amazingly fast (especially crossfired). But I'm not sure if I should RMA these and get something else, or just hope a driver update in the near future will fix things. I just feel bummed that I can't run 100% stable at the advertised settings.

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