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Great so far!

Wacom MTE450 5.8" x 3.7" Active Area USB Bamboo Pen Tablet- Black finish
Wacom MTE450 5.8" x 3.7" Active Area USB Bamboo Pen Tablet- Black finish

Pros: Small footprint on your desk. Allows a degree of sensitivity when used with certain applications (Photoshop, Illustrator) that you CANNOT get with a mouse. Great price. This model has a detachable (and therefor replaceable) USB cable, something my old Graphire did not have. Active surface has a good "feel".

Cons: I accidentally press the small buttons on the pen, to avoid doing so I have to make sure the pen is rotated so that my fingers are away from the buttons, but then when I need to use the buttons I have to rotate it back. Also, the default button setting is a bit awkward. What would be the right mouse button is hard for me to press so I end up using the mouse to right-click.

Overall Review: Overall, this is an excellent entry level tablet. Before this one I had the Graphire, I thought it was great until a cat knocked over a glass of soda and it was ruined. This tablet is much better: cheaper, smaller, looks better, has a better feel, has a detachable USB cable, has more programmable buttons. If you are thinking of getting a tablet but have your doubts because of your monitor setup, don't worry! I've used this tiny tablet with multiple setups... dual monitors.. 20" + 15"... 20" + 19" wide screen.. it's fine.

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Not a good product

NYKO  XBOX 360 Power Kit
NYKO XBOX 360 Power Kit

Pros: Cheaper than the 1st party kit.

Cons: I bought one of these when I bought my system. Plugged it in and no light. I read and reread the instructions that came with it trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Sometimes the light would come on red, that I need a charge, and then shut off completely. Or flash green before the charge was complete.

Overall Review: I exchanged this at the store I bought it from and bought a new one. I had the exact same problems. I took it back and bought the 1st party kit and it worked fine, as expected. I'm all about going the cheaper 3rd party route, when it works, but in this case it didn't for me. Twice.