Smooth and Powerful12/30/2019 12:01:24 PM

Pros: The CPU handles multitasking demands seemingly effortlessly. The system feels like the 12 cores/24 threads can churn through anything quickly. In single thread usage the system doesn't feel any faster than the Intel I7 4790 (great CPU) that it replaced; but for just about any other usage scenario, it's a major upgrade that everything that I had hoped for.

Cons: Just a few years ago, I don't think any of us experienced PC and workstation builders, amateur or professional, anticipated such high performance would be available in a consumer-friendly package. AMD's comeback has been and is amazing.

Overall Review: 12 cores, 24 threads - excellent performance for the price. Excellent performance even when cost is not a consideration. System build: Ryzen 3900X, ASRock X570 Taichi, be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4/BK022 CPU cooler, 64GB G.Skill Trident Z New DDR4 3600, Gigabyte Aorus NVME 500GB PCIe 4.0 X 4 system drive (heatsink removed to accommodate the motherboard's shield/heat dissipation system.

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Easy, Attractive, Quality12/30/2019 11:42:51 AM

Pros: This was an easy installation in the system. Selecting XML options allowed the RAM to immediately assume the advertised speed and timings - all four modules simultaneously. If you enjoy the bling (called 'RGB' these days), the modules light up beautifully and sync perfectly with the RGB lighting programs integrated in my motherboard's BIOS, as well as with ASRock's RGB application I installed in Windows. Quality of construction is very goog.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Installed in system: AMD Ryzen 3900X, ASRock X570 Taichi. I did not select this DRAM set for overclocking. I've have had very good experience with G.Skill ever since they entered the market; and this set appeared be a good value for the rated speed and timings. I am very pleased with the purchase.

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Solid, good quality construction, excellent cooling, great performance5/17/2017 9:39:50 PM

Pros: The video card construction appears to be very good. It has a more solid feel to it than some other video cards I've owned. Cooling is excellent. I employ the card for computing, not gaming. The card runs 24 hours a day all week at a typical 85-95%+ GPU load (Folding@Home, GPU work units). In a room with an ambient temperature of hovering around 70F, the GPU temp stays below 60C with a fan speed of approximately 2,000 RPM, which is only about 55% of maximum. The backplate slots release a lot of heat from the internal electrical components. The dual fan cooler is fairly quiet. Performance for the GPU computing I run is 25-30% better than a GTX 1080 at the same GPU clock.

Cons: Really, I have nothing negative to report concerning this video card.

Overall Review: I have never seen such good performance with relatively low temperatures from a GPU before. This is the first video card I've owned (of many) for which I did not need to remove the factory GPU thermal interface material (TIM) and replace with premium TIM. It seems that EVGA is using quality stuff even at the assembly line.

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Excellent quality, very good design, glass too dark5/11/2017 4:09:51 PM

Pros: The design, engineering, quality of construction, and finish of this case are all excellent. It is a very strong case with very good functionality and looks. The milled steel is without burs and wrinkles, the paint is uniform and good, and the glass panels seem to be the same grade as the glass tops on some furniture, such as coffee tables. Well-placed grommets and cutouts between the two chambers of the case make for easy, very good, cable management. With the five included fans set to low speed, air flow is good and the sound coming from the case is just a low humming sound.

Cons: What is the point of glass side panels if they are too dark for viewing the contents of the computer inside the case? Although the glass work is top notch, I must register my dislike of the dark smoke tint of the panels. It is darker than mean:t's site and Newegg show in their images of the case. I had to install case lighting in order to see the enclosed computer. I realize that the glass tint will be a matter for individual taste - yes, it's an aesthetic issue. With that said, if the marketing images for this case had been more accurate, I might not have made this purchase.

Overall Review: Very nice touch - the included, integrated fan controller. Some users though, would prefer a rheostat, instead of the three-speed presets the controller has. Neither my Premier Newegg status nor my Shoplifter account factored into the shipping options. It was rather expensive shipping. Newegg, if you allow Shoprunner and encourage Premier, please don't be so miserly with them. Your competitions sometimes gets my purchases because of more attractive shipping options for many things.

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Works perfectly11/14/2016 9:55:49 PM

Pros: My system booted on the first try after installing this RAM. Well, that's normal, right? Not necessarily. Have you ever experienced the frustration of a new build with incompatible or defective RAM? This RAM was perfect, straight out of the packaging. I appreciate the lower profile of the heatspreaders, too. I doesn't have the trendy porcupine quills or other eye-candy designs of other models; but it doesn't need to be exotic looking.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Don't hesitate to get this if you need DDR4 2400.

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Good value, performs well, good built-in overclocking11/14/2016 9:50:32 PM

Pros: The video card runs quite well. I use it for non-stop GPU-compute - distributed computing (DC). The card runs at 80-95% of performance capacity constantly, as that what the DC program demands. There have been no performance or throttling issues. The Nvidia Boost, integrated auto-overclocking works well. The card typically runs at a core clock of 1911MHz or more. I would imagine some of what I'm reporting here would apply to most, if not all of Nvidia GTX 1080 variants that are "superclocked."

Cons: Styling is a bit garish for my tastes; but that's personal taste.

Overall Review: If it's in your price range, why not? The Gigabyte $20 rebate just arrived, in the form of a debit card. I have already obtained my PIN and activated the card. From entering the data online and mailing off the proof of purchase, to receiving the rebate debit card in the mail required slightly less than one month. That's not too bad for a rebate process.

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Just as advertised11/14/2016 9:39:29 PM

Pros: These adapters work just as advertised. I'm using them to attache USB cables to a motherboard with very little space on the I/O side of the board. Quality of the product seems to be very good. Excellent price. I have tested the adapters on USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, in Windows, and accessing and the BIOS. They seem to allow full USB functionality of attached devices.

Cons: Shipping time was nearly four weeks.

Overall Review: I had considered taking off a point for the long shipping period of nearly four weeks. To be fair, there was a notice from Newegg when I made the purchase that the shipment would be coming from overseas; and the low price was an indicator that it could not be a fast shipping service. So with that in mind, there is nothing else to detract from this product. If you need such a space saver as these adapters, order them, if you can wait.

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These cables work as advertised.11/8/2016 11:32:17 PM

Pros: Quality is good. I had concerns about the connectors not being strong enough. That has not turned out to be a problem. If I need more of these, it will be these models.

Cons: None

Overall Review: If I need more of these, it will be these models.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
100% Reliable, Fast11/3/2016 12:11:14 AM

Pros: This replaced an older 5-port gigabit Ethernet switch. It worked instantly. My home Ethernet networking has improved. Devices on my LAN seem to register and remain available much more reliably than before. Quality of construction of this switch is very good. It's a very solid unit. Very nice design - very good indicator lights of devices online, as seen from the font of the unit.

Cons: I have nothing negative to say about it.

Overall Review: If you have demands for more than four ports and aren't looking for commercial grade (expensive) kit, don't hesitate to get this.

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Incompatible with an ASRock Z170 LGA 1151 Motherboard10/2/2016 9:50:01 AM

Pros: DDR4 2800 (OC) DRAM for a good price. Fast issue of RMA number from Newegg. (I can't comment yet on the full RMA service, as I just started the process a few hours ago.) The RMA fast issue is why this RAM receives two stars instead of one.

Cons: This memory was either incompatible or was defective. I bought four modules of this RAM. Installing any combination of one or two modules in each of two motherboards caused the motherboards to throw up multiple error codes denoting memory problems or memory-not-detected. The motherboards were both new ASRock Z170 Fatal1ty Gaming Professional models. After 20 or 30 boot attempts, usually with only one module of RAM installed, the motherboards would boot and the computer wouild seem to operate normally. When running a GPU benchmark though, Heaven 4.0, the computer would crash, throwing blue a screen, notifying with the message of "page fault in a non-paged area."

Overall Review: Could this have been a motherboard problem? Yes, but I really doubt it. What's the chance two new motherboards were both defective in the same way? Could this have been a problem of bent pins in the CPU sockets, or two much pressure the CPU heatsinks? No, I don't think so. The memory problems manifested themselves on two motherboards. Both sockets had perfect pins. One setup had an aftermarket cooler with only medium pressure. The other board had a stock Intel OEM heatsink fan - definitely not too much pressure.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Hi Lyndon We will be glad to help with any issues you may have. This particular memory kit is compatible with the AsRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K4 and K6 motherboards. Please refer to the G.Skill QVL list for certified motherboards for this RAM [direct link below]. When experiencing strange issues, especially the same problems with two different motherboards, always check for the latest BIOS. Updates are frequently available to improve compatibility. In most cases, an update can allow the system to perform much better. To determine whether it may be a problem with a module, test one stick at a time to see if one performs differently than others. You should be able to get consistent test results to isolate the issue and determine the culprit. If you continue to have a problem and need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
External Link(s):
G.Skill F4-2800C15D-8GTZB QVL
Excellent monitor: Great colors, true black, very good white.1/12/2016 11:56:16 PM

Pros: - excellent color gamut<br>- natural appearing colors - the best on any monitor I've owned in the last couple decades<br>- factory calibration is excellent; I made no changes to color balance, color saturation<br>- true black<br>- very good greyscale<br>- beautiful white<br>- stand has complete range of motion and easy to adjust<br>- 100% good pixels

Cons: The actuators ('buttons') for the on-screen display adjustments are difficult to use because the are not visible on the front of the monitor bezel unless I put my head literally just inches from the monitor. The on/off button is difficult to use. Mr. Dell, this monitor really, really needs labels for the OSD buttons.

Overall Review: Overall, just really nice experience using this monitor. I did not know how bad the white, black, and colors were on the ISP monitor this replaced until I set that monitor up as a second display next to this new Dell. I am considering purchasing another one of these. Hmm, will my Shoprunner cover the shipping? Well, here I am a few weeks later. I liked the first monitor so much, indeed, I did buy a second one for my dual-monitor setup. My comments are the same as before. Great monitor!

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Works exactly as advertised12/18/2015 10:40:03 AM

Pros: The converter is currently providing video input to 24-inch, 1920X1200 monitor. The picture quality is every bit as good or even better than when the monitor was connected previously via D-Sub/VGA.

Cons: It would be nice if the USB power cable and VGA cables - especially the USB cable, were a little longer; but they are satisfactory as is.

Overall Review: I have not tested the audio component of this converter. The connected monitor does not have speakers (and I wouldn't use poor quality monitor speakers even if it had them).

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Exceptional Value9/21/2014 12:15:36 PM

Pros: This set of four 120mm fans is an exceptional value, given the quality, relatively quiet operation, and acceptable airflow.

Cons: Considering the price for FOUR fans, there are no negatives to report.

Overall Review: I could not assign a five-star rating if this review were only for one fan. For the price, which covers four matched fans of decent quality, I have NO complaints.

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Good overclocker, stable, easy9/8/2014 5:35:25 PM

Pros: Off and on, I've been a pretty serious CPU and GPU overclocker since 2000. This was probably the easiest motherboard and CPU installation I've used in an upgrade since I've been building computers - about 15 years. I've mellowed a bit in my overclocking forays from previous years, so the built-in overclocking profiles of this board appealed to me. I was not dissapointed! The computer fired up the first time I pressed the power button after assembly. After a few BIOS tweaks, such as fan speeds and other non-CPU parameters, I selected 4.7GHz in "Optimized CPU OC Setting" with all cores set to overclock mode. It fired right up into Windows at 4.7GHZ and has been rock stable since then, even during fairly heavy multitasking. Other pros: quality seems to be very good; rich, easy to navigate UEFI BIOS with LOTS of options; lots of USB ports; plenty of SATA ports; very good power delivery. For the price point, this is probably the best Intel Socket 1150 performance motherboard available for the pricepoint. If your goal is nitty gritty, manual overclocking with every setting imaginable, this board is for you. If you simply want to run your CPU at default frequency or select a pre-programmed overclocking profile, it's also the board for you. System: ASRock Z97 OC Formula, Intel Haswell 4790K, Prolimatech Megahalems CPU cooler (fan set to low), old BFG EX-1000 PSU, 12GB (mixed brands and voltages!) DDR3 1600 (four modules), Nvidia GTX 670 video.

Cons: The manual is pretty thorough and well written, with the exception of BIOS options. If you wish not to use an overclocking profile and not to manually overclock the CPU, the Intel Turbo Boost Technology works quite well, averaging about 4.4GHz with the 4790K.

Overall Review: Often I don't review hardware at Newegg, but this motherboard was such a breeze to setup and overclock, it surpassed my expectations, which were high. I'm really impressed.

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Excellent Performance, Even Better Value11/7/2012 6:45:52 PM

Pros: Fast, quiet, fully compatible with Windows 7, runs cool. I just replaced two SATA I 750GB drives, two different systems, with these WD 1TB SATA 6Gb/s drives. I was expecting better performance, but I underestimated. They're even better than I'd hoped. Write times are twice as fast as with the previous drives on small files and even better than twice fast on large files. The drives run significantly cooler than any other SATA drives I've used, which is many, from WD and two competitor brands. Even without the sub-$65 special, the drives would have received five Eggs from me. The low price was icing on the cake. The Newegg-partnered Shoprunner service got the drives to my home on a mountain in Alaska in just two days - free shipping! Can't beat it.

Cons: The Newegg product listing should show that the drive is advanced format. If you have Windows 7 and you keep it updated, installation of this drive should be easy, as it was for me. XP users may have problems. (Guys, wake up, you are using a 12-year old OS!)

Overall Review: Newegg, PLEASE get Shoprunner shipping with more of your items. You've lost quite a bit of sales with this customer due to limited shipping options. Shoprunner quite often makes or breaks a sale with you. Best bang for the buck HDD purchase I've ever made in countless home-built servers and PCs.

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No POST, no video signal11/4/2011 11:25:55 AM

Pros: It's a feature rich motherboard.

Cons: Will not post or give a video signal with onboard VGA chip or through an add-on PCIe video card and will not reset or power cycle through a remote IPMI Ethernet session. I performed most extensive, exhaustive troubleshooting that I've ever done on a motherboard (over 40 builds, over 10 years) and could not get this board to POST. Just a sample of my troubleshooting: single CPU testing, three different batches of RAM, brand new Corsair AX750 w/2X EPS12v connectors (excellent PSU, thank Newegg!), fresh CMOS battery, different monitors and video cables, remote IPMI. (that's just for starters) The board's LAN ports were good, the CPU fans both would spin, LEDs 2 and 4 would light, LED6 (SAS) blinked continuously, but nothing else seemed to work. Could this board have been damaged when it was shipped to me? Perhaps, but it arrived in physicaly prestine condition. Nonetheless, I spent probably 18 hours trying to bring this thing out of a coma and was unsuccessful.

Overall Review: I did not purchase this board at Newegg. It is second-hand (but well cared for and looked new), from a trusted seller. From what I've seen on Internet searches, it would appear this motherboard has an unexplained incompatiblity with an unknown number and type of power supply units. The manual states the board may not be suitable for some motherboards, but provides no definitive information. Guess Tyan wants users to roll the dice.

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Works as advertised8/16/2011 5:56:33 PM

Pros: Works at rated frequency, timings, and voltage on Socket 1155/P67 Asrock P67 Extreme6 motherboard. Also works at highest memory/FSB divider available (withing RAM's rated frequency) on a Socket 1156/P55 motherboard.

Cons: None of the three motherboards in which I installed this RAM (2 X Socket 1155 and 1 X Socket 1156) correctly reported the RAM's default timings. I don't know whether this is a RAM problem or a motherboard problem. I'm giving G.Skill the benefit of the doubt here. There was no problem manually setting the timings.

Overall Review: I have two Socket 1155 platforms - ASRock P67 Extreme6, 2600K @ 4.5GHz - running full load 24/7 (Folding@Home) with this RAM. A Socket 1156 unit - ASRock P55 Deluxe, is also running 24/7 full load. The P55 box is running the RAM at 1920MHz, as that was the highest available timing in the BIOS available that was withing the G.Skill's rated specifications. Both P55 Extreme6 motherboards' BIOSes correctly recognized the RAM's default frequency and voltage, but not the timings. I had to enter the timings manually in the BIOS, even after full BIOS resets.

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Solid8/16/2011 4:42:41 PM

Pros: Works well. Great price, purchased during the Newegg sale.

Cons: My motherboard seemed unable to read the XMP and SPD data from the RAM modules. I believe this to be a Socket 1156/P55 issue rather than a G.Skill issue. I had to enter the RAM timings manually in the BIOS, as the motherboard, even after clearing the BIOS kept the RAM timings from my previous DDR3 1600 set.

Overall Review: System: ASRock P55 Extreme Deluxe (Socket 1156, P55 chipset), I7 870 CPU, 2.93 overclocked to 4.0GHz. The motherboard only allowed a limited set of RAM speeds, due to memory dividers, so I am only running this RAM at 1800 (a clock rate near 2133 was not availalbe). Due to the low memory clock speed though, I was able to lower the timings to 10/10/10/29, 1T. Works just fine. This RAM I will keep for the next upgrade of this platform.

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Very good performer, very good quality7/12/2011 5:13:17 PM

Pros: Nice selection of enthusiast features, very good layout, rich and user friendly UEFI bios, and very good construction quality. VRM (chips around the CPU socket) cooling is very good. 16+2 power phase works nicely.

Cons: The system (see below) lost its ability for a 4.6GHz CPU overclock. All clocks up to 4.5GHz and clocks above 4.6GHz work, but 4.6GHz just stopped working stably one day. I'm not taking off an egg for this, as I can't confirm whether it's a motherboard issue, a CPU issue, or combination of both. Aesthetics, personal opinion -- the motherboard looks a but dull behind a windowed side panel. I prefer brighter colors (but not black, which is a passing fad). Layout could be better with respect to the 2 bottom PCI-e 2.0 video card slots. They are too close together, making cooling the bottom 2 dual-slot video cards a bit of a challenge.

Overall Review: Installed system: ASRock P67 Extreme6 mobo, 2600K CPU , 4GB G.Skill DDR3 1600 RAM, Enermax Ev. 85+ 950W PSU, 3 X GTS 450 video cards (not in Crossfire mode), Current clock is 4.7GHz, which is full load 24/7 on the CPU and full load on the 3 overclocked video cards. (Folding@Home distributed computing project.) I can't comment on the included ASRock utilities/software, as I'm old school and do all my tweaking and overclocking from the BIOS, which in most cases even today, is the best way for high performance tuning. I like the UEFI BIOS! I can easily clock way above the current all-purpose 4.7GHz I have settled on now, but I'm a bit conservative with respect to how much voltage I wish to pump into the 2600K CPU.

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Two failed units - RMA department asleep2/15/2010 10:00:05 PM

Pros: Fit and finish is very nice, unit has a nice, industrial look. Cables have adequate lengths for large cases, super variety of plug configurations, and are excellent quality.

Cons: First unit died with a "pop" and puff of smoke after just a few hours of operation. RMA replacement unit died too - same symptoms - after only a few minutes of operations. I submitted for an electronic RMA (online) for the second dead UCP 900W on 12/30/2009, yes, SIX WEEKS AGO. According the the online lookup, my RMA status is "pending."

Overall Review: Cooler Master, you are really tarnishing your reputation. OK, every company will eventually have a lemon, but don't compound the problem by ignoring a submitted RMA request. This is the worst RMA service I received from any tech company. Cooler Master, take out your concerns with the builder of the UCP 900W, not your customers!

Did you find this review helpful? 
Two in a row - BAD12/23/2009 9:58:31 AM

Pros: Nice industrial look. Excellent efficiency, if/when it runs. Superb cable set for serious, knockout video card configurations.

Cons: 1) First unit failed within three hours this configuration - Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4, Q6600, GeForce 9800GX2; something inside the PSU blew - POP and smoke, no power, and 2) RMA replacement failed within one week, system - EVGA 790i, Q9450, 2 X 9800GX2; system would not start, "paperclip" shorting test failed

Overall Review: I have two Cooler Master RS-850-EMBA PSUs, both of which are top class performers, delivering reliable power to highly overclocked quad core computers each with dual 9800GX2s running 24/7 (Folding@Home). Cooler Master's OEM definitely laid a rotten goose egg with the UCP 900W. On another note, Cooler Master's RMA service on the first bad 900w was good. Please, please, Cooler Master, will you RMA this second bad UCP 900w for a DIFFERENT model? Please?

Did you find this review helpful? 
Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We apologize for the inconvenience. The item in question comes with 5 years of warranty in case anything like this happens. Should you require assistance please contact us via Live Chat, should you need to file an RMA with us you can do via the RMA link below. Respectfully, CMUSA Customer Support.
External Link(s):
Live Chat
For the price, excellent12/8/2009 12:49:29 PM

Pros: Very good picture quality for a TN panel, large screen size for the price, aesthetically pleasing design

Cons: lack of height adjustment (cheap stand), abysmal speaker performance

Overall Review: Overall, this is a great monitor given the reasonable price. Contrast, brightness, and color faithfulness are very good for a TN panel-based monitor. Sound quality from the itty bitty speakers is frankly atrocious. Newegg + good packing and zero dead pixels. Newegg - (minus), shipping rate was more than two times that of a big competitor. I bought from the Egg due to the low price.

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Simply outstanding4/6/2008 4:39:24 PM

Pros: 1. Removable motherboard tray that fits either side of the case. 2. Sturdy construction, good quality aluminum, aesthetically pleasing brushed finish. Aluminum front bezel color. 3. Functional! Easy, toolless drives installation. 4. Large, roomy, yet not heavy. Very easy to work in. 5. All the cooling you could dream of.

Cons: Large "CMSTACKER" plate on each mesh screen on both side side panels. Yeah, I already know the brand and model. I don't need to be reminded every time I look at the case.

Overall Review: To reiterate: very well designed, well executed, well thought-out case. Materials and construction is top rate. If you have space for a large case, this is it. It is so easy to work in this case. The removable motherboard tray, although not unique to the Stacker 830, is very well designed and is luxuriously large. In my opinion, the Stacker is a modern, refreshing design without the silly Boy Wonder look of so many cases whose manufacturers are trying to carve out a niche by being tacky-flashy. If you don't mind spending $200 on a case, this Stacker outclasses most other cases in its category - full tower.

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Good heatsink, but...3/20/2008 4:57:34 PM

Pros: Effective cooling provided a well-known manufacturer. Very good quality build and good engineering.

Cons: In the last week I bought two of these. Thermalright STILL has not fixed the quality control problem of not ensuring a flat heatsink base. Both of my Ultra 120 Extremes required lots of sweat, wet-dry sandpaper, and time time spent lapping to get the heatsink bases flat. Come one Thermalright! Your good reputation won't last forever if you keep doing this. These complaints are nothing new. Also, Thermalright needs to work on the screw-in retention clamp. It is just not rigid enough and does not put enough downforce on the heatsink base-CPU.

Overall Review: If you think this heatsink is "huge," you obviously have not used top-tier heatsinks before that are designed for high performance CPUs. As far as size and weight go, the U120E is nowhere near the largest or heaviest. I'm getting about 2C cooler CPU operation with the U120E compared to the Tuniq Tower 120; 3C better compared to Zalman 9700NT. System used for temperature measurement/comparison: Abit IP35-E, Intel Q6600 at 3.5GHz (1.1GHZ overclock) running at full load, very well ventilated case.

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What a deal - very good RAM and even better price3/7/2008 11:42:35 PM

Pros: Runs perfectly, overclocks too. Considering the price, that's icing on an already very pleasant cake.

Cons: what? you're kidding, aren't you? Newegg should consider US Postal Service Priority shipping. This would save many of your customers a LOT of money, and would bring us back for even more purchases.

Overall Review: Running this an an overclocked Q6600 quad core system, which operates 24/7 at 100% CPU load (Folding@Home SMP): Q6600 2.44@3.5GHz Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4 Rev. 2.0 (Go Newegg!) 4GB (2X2GB) A-Data DDR2 800 (Go Newegg!) Quadro FX 3450 video Corsair 620HX PSU The label on the DRAM package states 1.8v +/- .1v. I'm running it at .2 volts over. The RAM is just barely warm at this voltage. It's possible that my motherboard undervolts a little. If you want 4GB DDR2 800 and aren't looking for extreme RAM overclocking, you needn't look any further. This is good quality RAM for a bargain price. No brainer. Newegg: thanks for being flexible about shipping options to Alaska. Why not be even more flexible and offer USPS Priority?

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