So far so good5/22/2013 2:19:37 PM

Pros: The size factor, which is probably the most important feature of this card, is great. It runs quietly and there's plenty of power to boot. If you're going for a small-form-factor build, you should consider this card.

Cons: The price could be a little lower, plus I was disappointed that Newegg doesn't seem to be offering a copy of Metro: Last Light with this card, which it's doing for all of it's other NVidia cards above GTX 660. But in terms of the card and its performance, I have no complaints so far.

Overall Review: As I find to be the case with most graphics cards, the included drivers aren't up-to-date. Make sure you visit NVIDIA's site and download them. I had a component failure error the other day, and I'm fairly certain it was due to the drivers, because the card is running around 55-60 C while gaming, which is pretty much the most punishment I've put it through so far.

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