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Great price on this7/24/2020 2:20:35 PM

Pros: fabulous power for a cordless vacuum. Charges fairly fast. easy to install the charger and it holds some of the accessories which is nice. This really does the job, and this is a great price for the V10, which is probably one of the best cordless vacuums available

Cons: The name is a bit misleading, total clean was a package that I believe they sold in europe and came with an additional motor head and more accessories. I initially thought that was what I would receive, so that was a little disappointing. Still a good deal though.

Overall Review: I'd buy it again.

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Buyer beware, phone doesn't last3/17/2011 5:32:42 AM

Pros: Good form factor. Feels good in the hand. Modern version of android os. Easy wifi connectivity. Works right out of the box (but only for a short period of time. Good touchscreen keyboard. Excellent sound. Great price.

Cons: Small screen, hard to view in glare. Phone didn't last at all

Overall Review: I bought this phone around 3 months ago, and at first I loved it. It was small, fit in my pocket well, had great sound and reception, newer version of Android, easy to access wifi and not need a data plan. The problem was when 10 weeks after purchase the phone would no longer charge the battery, and once the battery was dead the phone was dead and you couldn't charge it. Well, I thought that maybe it was just a bad battery, so I bought a new one, popped it in and shazam, it worked. I'm thinking great, that was just a small problem. However, the next time the battery (the new one this time) died down, I have the same problem all over again. Newegg only offers a 30 day warrantee on this (and that was clear), but I do feel newegg needs to stand behind its products or offer higher quality products. Its a shame, because I loved this phone for the brief time it worked.

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