Dead out of the box7/9/2018 9:34:38 PM

Pros: Although it was dead on arrival, I'll try to find something nice to say about it. 1. Shipping was nice (items packaged well, relatively quick delivery from across the country). 2. Item looked nice and seemed of good quality. But these don't mean much...

Cons: Took my time installing this item on my 2700x. Made good contact to CPU, checked connections, etc. Turned on my PC and the Corsair logo lit up. Fans were also spinning on radiator. A good start! Went into BIOS and to my horror temp was 88c and climbing. Panicked and shut down PC. Rechecked all the connections. Everything was plugged in snugly. Took a deep breath and turned PC back on. Again the Corsair logo lit up, again the fans were spinning, and yet again I went into BIOS to see my temps approaching 90c. Asked for help on a forum. Even took photos so they could check my setup. All looked well. They said it was likely a dead pump, and that I could check that by going into BIOS and looking at the RPM of the fan. But I was too scared to try it. What's the point, anyways? The unit was clearly not working as intended, even though the fans on the radiator were spinning and Corsair logo lit up. It was getting juice, but the pump was likely dead.

Overall Review: I am beyond disappointed. I waited for about a week to get this, and I was so excited to try it. Not only did I lose $8 shipping, but I wasted time and could have potentially damaged my CPU. I realize things like this happen, but there are numerous people talking about pump failure on these liquid coolers. I fundamentally do not understand how a company can claim to have tested a unit and call it refurbished only for it to be completely dead on arrival. That's called poor quality control. I am the kind of person to give anyone the benefit of the doubt. But when multiple people claim a specific defect, and then I get the product and it has that exact defect, I form a very negative opinion of the company. This was my first, and last, liquid cooler from this company.

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Paired with 2700x and 3200mhz RAM flawlessly5/23/2018 10:17:35 AM

Pros: Installed CPU, GPU and RAM without any problems. Has been running flawlessly ever since. I did tweak a few settings in the BIOS. I had to enable XMP profile to get my RAM to operate at 3200mhz. However, that simple click of the button was all that was needed. I also (eventually) switched from ASRock overclocking to AMDs settings for "OC Mode Change Switch". I am not sure it matters, but I am not overclocking anything and I wanted to stick with AMD defaults. I noticed that under the ASRock settings, my voltages would sometimes spike a bit higher than with the AMD settings. Either way, everything has been rock solid without any stability issues. The WiFi is a nice plus to the board, just be aware that the angle of the antennae are important! I found that making subtle changes can dramatically change speeds. I also tweaked the adapter settings (one by one to find the best speeds) in Windows 10. I was getting 95 / 11 on a 100 / 10 connection, which I was extremely pleased with. It does not always give me those speeds, but I also have a wireless-N router that cannot transmit in the AC frequency. There are tons of USB 3.0 ports on this board, and even some 3.1 ports (?). The BIOS layout is nice. You can move the mouse around and click options, which is new to me (lol). I am a little surprised that fast boot does not work, but apparently this is not a motherboard issue. I did not install Windows in UEFI mode, and apparently that is necessary to get "Ultra Fast" boot to work.

Cons: For the price, I cannot find any cons. I am very glad that I chose this board.

Overall Review: Enthoo Phanteks Pro Full ATX case ASRock x470 Master SLI/ac motherboard AMD Ryzen 2700x with Wraith Cooler Team Dark 16gb 3200mhz RAM (CAS 14) GeForce 1070ti Founders Edition Adata 480gb SSD (boot drive + frequently-used programs) OCZ Agility 120gb SSD (work drive) 1TB HDD (games) This review is for ASRock review rebate program.

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Died within 20 minutes4/8/2012 2:57:50 PM

Pros: -Great features for the price -Looks awesome I was really excited about this board....:(

Cons: I mounted this board and everything worked first. I installed windows and updated drivers. I was using this for about 20 minutes before my entire computer shut down. The motherboard was totally dead. I tried an alternative power supply and tried removing the CMOS battery. Still no power whatsoever. No fans spinning, no LED lights, no nothing. I sent the board back to NewEgg for an RMA, but they claimed the problem was *my* fault and refused to help me. Now I'm stuck with a $122 paperweight.

Overall Review: I hope I get a response from the company regarding this matter. NewEgg kind of let me down on this one. It's still a good site though, which is why people will continue to use it. Their return policies, however, seem a bit shabby in the case of motherboards.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear AsRock Customer We sincerely apologize that you having difficulty with mainboard. Hopefully it was a onetime issue. Please update once you receive the mianboard that's working fine. If you have any technical questions or warranty issues please contact us at Thank you AsRock SUPPORT Tech Support Email:
Fast and Dependable2/17/2012 10:21:19 PM

Pros: -Fast -Windows Experience Index = 7.8 @ stock -Auto-detected @ 1600mhz by Gigabyte D3H-B3 mobo -Nice heat spreaders

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: Great ram for the price. Highly recommended!

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Blazing fast!2/17/2012 12:02:18 AM

Pros: Super fast! Scores a 7.8 / 7.9 in the Windows Experience Index (Win 7 64 bit Ultimate)! Heat spreaders are high quality!

Cons: Wasn't 16GB!

Overall Review: Heat spreaders might be a bit too tall if you have a CM Hyper 212+, making it a tight squeeze at the closest RAM slot to the cooler. Of course, this isn't really a con, I'm just saying. :)

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Best case I've ever owned2/16/2012 10:59:13 PM

Pros: -Cheap -Sturdy -Looks nice -plenty of space for adequate cooling (fits a CM hyper 212+ with no problem) -comes with 3 fans pre-installed (a huge bonus IMO) -Awesome Airflow!!! The 3 fans work wonders for temperature control. The front fan is a nice blue LED that looks nice. With a CM hyper 212+, my temps are outstanding for my CPU (as well as for my other components). Side panels are cool to the touch. There is also a dust filter on the bottom for a PSU with a fan (PSU is installed in the bottom of the case). The metal bay covers on the front and back are sleek looking. The front audio / USB ports are in a very convenient location near the top. There are pre-drilled holes so that one could easily mount 1-2 more fans on the side panel. Internally, the components fit well. There are plenty of bays to install plenty of HDDs and optical drives.

Cons: None!

Overall Review: INCREDIBLE airflow! Here are some of my idle temps right now: -Radeon 6850 1 GB => 28C -Core i5 2500K => 29C (on average) -Internal HD => 29C There is really no point installing additional fans right now. 5/5

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Awesome - Great value for the money2/16/2012 12:58:37 PM

Pros: -Excellent Card -Cheap -Windows Experience Index = 7.7 (factory settings) -Runs SC2 flawlessly. Defaults to "Extreme" settings. Has yet to lag at all for me, even on 4x4 maps. -Pretty shipping box :) Just buy it already!

Cons: Nada really.

Overall Review: So far, this card has exceeded my expectations. I mainly play SC2, for which this card doesn't break a sweat. You'll want to update your graphics drivers from the website (even though the CD drivers worked fine, always nice to have the most up-to-date). My Budget Gaming Rig: -Gigabyte Intel Z68 GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 ATX motherboard -i5-2500K -8 GB G. Skill Ripjaws X @ 1600mhz -Gigabyte 1GB Radeon HD 6850 -500 GB hard drive -Coolermaster Hyper 212+ -Challenger U3 Case

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Cheap 1 TB10/3/2011 2:41:57 PM

Pros: Very cheap. Sleek design. Large size for the price.

Cons: Very minor - power button is on the back of the drive.

Overall Review: I formatted this right as I received it. I didn't want the backup software that was included. 931 GB total / free. For the price, you can't beat this drive. If you have trouble with it shutting down, change your power options in the control panel. Great little drive!

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Excellent cable9/23/2011 11:18:56 AM

Pros: A very long cable that delivers very high speeds. I bought this to plug in from my PC to a gigabit switch in the other room. So far, performance has been very good and the cable seems to be working very well! I was connecting wirelessly to the net with mediocre speeds and a very unstable connection. With this cable into my gigabit switch, I went from around 10 mbps (on a good day with wireless) to averaging over 25 mbps! I also stream HD movies now through this cable without 1 single hiccup, regardless of how high the bitrate goes. An overall winner of a cable and a strong reason to go with a wired connection whenever possible!

Cons: My one gripe: these cables are very hard to unplug. Make sure you plug them in only once into the right port, otherwise you'll hurt your fingers trying to get it unplugged. You have to squeeze really, really hard to overcome the plastic covering.

Overall Review: The "con" can actually be a plus - once you have it plugged into the right ports, the connection will be very durable and stable!

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Great - No problems10/10/2010 9:24:49 PM

Pros: Works well. Easy setup. I live down in the basement of a townhouse, while the router and modem are upstairs. I'm not sure how far apart the two are, but my signal strength is generally around 85% and my link quality is around is 88%. Very happy with the performance. Tweak your internet for maximum performance. I recommend adding memory to your network adapter and increasing number of server connections, receive/send window, and tweak other settings as well. Play around to find the best settings.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: None.

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