High white noise and backwards stereo channels9/20/2018 6:40:20 AM

Pros: Looks more durable than the Apple-brand one

Cons: Whenever any kind of audio would play, there would be conspicuous amounts of white noise, cutting in and out repeatedly with the duration of each moment of audio, whether it was a YouTube video or simply pressing interface buttons. Additionally, the left and right sound channels were backwards. The headphones I used are Sennheiser HD598SEs and have never exhibited such high amounts of white noise before unless it was in the playback source. I tested with two small headphone jack wires to eliminate that as a potential cause. The original Apple headphone jack adapter never exhibited such whitenoise, and it doesn't manifest on the iPhone's built-in speakers either. By process of elimination...

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Another satisfied user that replaced an ancient SB X-Fi XtremeGamer4/4/2017 6:29:06 PM

Pros: Good replacement for old SB X-Fi cards

Cons: None

Overall Review: Like Michael O, I replaced an old SB X-Fi XtremeGamer card. It wasn't completely dead, but it was getting there. This replacement sounds so much clearer; either a combination of not being an ancient card with worn out cappys, being a more advanced hardware design, or both. In addition to clearer sound, the dedicated back-panel headphone jack means I don't have to crawl around to plug my headphones in anymore (as my case front panel is a bit balky) and can switch back and forth simply by the control panel software settings.

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Bad board just like Alex @ 12/7/2009 6:05:24 AM, 'cept right out of the box2/25/2010 8:47:46 AM

Pros: Everything went in to place easily.

Cons: Just like Alex, I had DMI pool that just wouldn't update, despite a BIOS update. I'm presuming the video card driver crashiness when my vid card was in the upper PCIEx16 slot is also due to a bad slot, because the card worked before on the old board, and is working fine now in the lower slot. Except... mine was bad right out of the box. Didn't find out about the bad BIOS and the PCIE problem until I did some digging and found Alex's review. It would also appear that the two PCIE x1 slots are bad as well; the lower one wouldn't even detect the new PCIE sound card I got, and the top one made it have popping. The popping I am not sure if it's the sound card or the bad mobo, but it's essentially useless because of the problems. Can't test the third PCIE x1 slot because I had to move the vid card and the heat sink mounting screws get in the way now. Not. Happy. Will be RMAing once I find an Asus or other AMD chipset board board to replace it with.

Overall Review: The need to switch to the lower PCIE slot for the vidcard has changed the physical layout of the system, and my lower case is now cramped with my PSU, my vid card, and my poor old sound card sandwiched between the two heatpigs in the only available old-style PCI slot left (vidcard heatsink blocks the other) Insert insipid corporate customer response to bad review below...

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