VP191b11/14/2005 12:33:24 PM

Comments: I think the VP191b is great, although possibly too expensive for what you get. For basic web surfing, email, etc., it's wonderful (but so are a lot of other LCDs). I particularly like the swivel to portrait view. Tilt and telescope are very functional as well. I find the multiple video inputs nearly worthless because if the DVI signal is lost (reboot for instance) the monitor will "auto-seek" on the next available input (even if you don't want it to). As for gaming this monitor is very quick. My opinion is at odds with some other reviews here, but I think I can explain. The monitor does actually respond quickly and has minimal ghosting. However, the VP191b uses the Overdrive method of redrawing the screen. What you will see are artifacts where the screen overshoots its color adjustment as it erases moving objects on screen. For instance, in Half-Life 2 if you are watching a dark-colored enemy run across the screen with a bright background, you will see a white fringe where he's been before. So it's not really ghosting (a smear of the enemy's colors in the above example). Instead you see Overdrive artifacts, which usually appear as white fringes in the worst case. I think Toms Hardware has a good description. The actual response time seems perfectly acceptable to me for gaming and is unrelated to ghosting or Overdrive artifacts. If I move my mouse in a game, I see perceptually immediate results. Now, the benefits of Overdrive versus having normal ghosting are arguable. I think some people would actually be more happy with a blur than a white fringe from Overdrive artifacts. You'll have a loss of detail with on-screen motion without Overdrive, but the on screen appearance is arguably more appealing with the blur effect of a regular LCD.

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