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It is a motherboard.1/16/2012 1:42:11 PM

Pros: It's cheap. It's pretty powerful. It does motherboard things. Also it unlocked an AMD 455 x3 to Phenom II x4 B55 with a single button press. Also red and black are always sexy colors.

Cons: It isn't thirty feet tall and made of granite. For the power this little board is holding, it looks almost comically small. My video card is longer than the motherboard. It fits in the case just fine, but just looks funny because it's so compact. Upgraded hardware and the lan didn't auto install so I popped the driver disc that came with the motherboard and off it went. Slightly less convenient than having to do nothing at all. It came with yellow sata cables that didn't match the red and black theme, but that's just aesthetics. They are nice cables with locks on them. Biggest flaw is with the pci ports. My video card blocks one of them with it's fan leaving only one more open. I am fine with the onboard audio but others may not be happy with only one useful pci slot.

Overall Review: It holds 8gb of ddr3 1333 ram, a quad core 3.3ghz cpu, and a video card that looks bigger than the motherboard itself. I vibrate between thinking it looks comedic, and that if I were a computer it could beat me up. bios has a brief screen of voltage and temperature monitors. Seems unnecessary to most users.

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cpu got nards.1/16/2012 1:28:57 PM

Pros: Many. It's fast as is at 3.3ghz. With the right motherboard, you can (sometimes) make it into a Phenom II x4 B55. It's sub $100. It comes with stock cooling that has worked fine for me so far. I haven't found something that reasonably needs much more power than this can give out.

Cons: Could be a gamble if you're counting on getting a stable fourth core. Briefly opens a portal to the underworld when you first turn it on, but I assume that's just to get its magical voodoo powers. One restart and the screaming stops. The blood was a bit difficult to scrub out of the carpet, but drywall washes easy enough.

Overall Review: AMD Athlon II X4 645 Propus 3.1GHz is presently listed as over $105. This cpu is cheaper, 0.2ghz faster, and can (sometimes) unlock to quad core as well. May need additional cooling or underclocking to be stable, and DO NOT COUNT ON UNLOCKING THE 4TH CORE, but it is potentially the cheapest quad core cpu I have found this year with these speeds by a long shot. From what I have read, sometimes amd's failed quad cores are relabeled as tri-core, but sometimes when tri-core demand is high they just repackage a perfectly fine quad core with one disabled by default. That could just be hearsay, so grain of salt. This cpu got nards.

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Cpu1/16/2012 1:13:59 PM

Pros: Bought in combo with a biostar 880g. Stock it runs Battlefield3 at around 40fps with no problems. Not everyone will get lucky but mine unlocked the 4th core with a single button push and never complained. going to run stability tests and temperature monitors before trying to use it under load, but basically got a free fourth core.

Cons: 3.3ghz triple core with heat sink and fan for under $100. Unlocked to quad core with zero fuss. IMO amazing deal and I am very pleased with it. There was a slight problem when I powered it on for the first time. The walls started to bleed a little and some dead relatives started screaming at me but after a quick restart it went away.

Overall Review: bios (biostar 880g) unlocked the fourth core with the instruction "Press f4 to unlock the fourth core". It can switch between 3 and 4 just as easily. This is sub $100 quad core at over 3ghz. Buy it. Few things reasonably need more power than this.

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It is ram.1/16/2012 12:59:46 PM

Pros: It is ram. It's faster than most budget motherboards clocks. It does ram stuff.

Cons: It can't do stuff that ram can't do. Because it is ram.

Overall Review: Was a $20 deal. It does what it does.

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There is a manufacturing flaw5/23/2011 9:00:15 PM

Pros: They are cheap. That could count for pro or con, because they are definitely made cheaply, but they are definitely not going to break the bank for decent over ear sound. Sound quality is miles better than most basic small desktop speakers, any ipod-type headphones, and even my little baby system consisting of two satellites and a 4'' sub. So they sound good to me and do cancel a little noise inherently The features are nice, inline volume, mic mute, and mic boom that hides neatly in the band. (However, this causes problems with the band, see below)

Cons: Firstly and most important: the headband WILL break. I have read reviews on countless other places where the headband breaks and it's always on the left side at the two screws right above where the mic rests. Mine is nearly broken through, and I will have to bolt it back together with a metal bar. The reason is that the support plastic doesn't sink into the frame at all, it stops literally right at the screws. That's the point of the most possible stress, and it gets worn out every time you put on or take off the headphones. If you do not believe be try and find a picture of the inside of the band on the left side where the mic hides. It's pretty obvious. Secondly, the noise canceling is not that great. They are over-ears which I love, but you can hear a good bit through the red part as there is no padding or absorbing foam there at all.

Overall Review: Mine lasted for nearly at $35. I liked them a bunch, but as all cheap things I don't forsee breaking I kept no proof of purchase or packaging after about 2 months so I am up the creek here and knowing now what should have been a clear mechanical weak point from the second they were out of box, I will probably not buy these or similar again. Good for tf2. Decent sound, and I like the mic and inline volume control. Hate the glaring mechanical flaw that will make the headbands always break, probably within the first 9 months.

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Works!9/30/2009 11:40:23 AM

Pros: It came within the week, and was pretty cheap listed price. The MIR (I don't like 'em but sometimes you gotta go through with it because it's a great deal) hasn't been sent out yet, but it came with the switch, power supply and mounting screws. Plugged in and away it went in seconds, 0 problems.

Cons: Is not made out of gold or magic.

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Fantastic deal9/6/2009 10:33:21 PM

Pros: Price. These were priced so that even if half of them were coasters, it would still be a pretty good deal, and if 75% were duds I still would have seen worse. Some people have had brand or dye issues, but I not a one.

Cons: Volume. Only bad thing I can imigine is 100 dvds take up physical space. I can seriously think of nothing else bad about them.

Overall Review: I picked this up at a grand $17 with free shipping. This is likely not a static price.

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Awesome drive9/4/2009 11:06:10 AM

Pros: Arrived quickly as described. Plugged it in and it autodetected and was ready to go like nothing had changed. Construction seems sturdy, and it seems pretty quiet so far.

Cons: Being OEM, this did not come with any sort of mounting rails or screws. This is the only problem I have ever actually had with newegg items and it certainly is not a large one, but I would appreciate the option to throw in some $0.10 screws and make my life easier. This is made worse by the company that assembled this computer as apparently the decided to only use 3 screws per drive, and providing no spares.

Overall Review: Drive purchased because old drive stopped reading DVDs and because of my lack of insight, never could write them. Mobo had an IDE slot, so there was little reason not to get the IDE drive, but may have some kind of performance differences that are probably negligible to the average user.

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Works fine6/1/2009 3:08:26 PM

Pros: Price, firstly. That was a big factor for me and this was a great bargain. 585w advertised which is higher than what I had in my setup before (a fuse blew from a wall short in the last one). It has more than enough connectors for everything I need, and then some. I run a dvd drive, 2 sata hard drives and a graphics card that the mobo powers so there are plenty of cables. The two fans are both quieter than my case and GPU fans. The wires are thinner than my previous supply and there are fewer of them, so this thing is saving huge amounts of case space and cluttered wires at more advertised power. Setup Amdx2 5600 2.8ghz (depending on the day, oc'd to 2.9 or 3) 3gb Corsair 800mhz 5-5-5-12 Nvidia 8600gt 512mb 7200rpm 250/120gb WD Caviar HDD's

Cons: Nothing yet. Wires being thin and lightness of the case makes it seem a little cheaply made but it might just be appearances. It's not great on aesthetics, no pretty lights or fancy mesh over the back. Looks very boring and vanilla.

Overall Review: My previous power supply was a monster. There were easily 12 different cable bunches of thick heavy wires, with as many as 4 connectors per cable bunch; and only 3 of them were getting used in total. The rest were sitting there bunched up looking like a squid exploded and probably hampering airflow a good degree. This power supply has enough connectors for the motherboard, a video card needing more power, 4 hard drives, 6 molex using things, and a few fans. It is my impression that I will never have to use 6 DVD drives and 4 hard drives, and that most power supplies are underutilized. This one is small, functional, light, and has enough of everything I need without it being way too much. I run a modest gaming rig that will play l4d, CoD4, etc... on mostly high settings just fine. I don't think people should need much more than this, and can't imagine who would want a 1,000w supply. Less is more folks

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5/2/2008 3:58:17 PM

Pros: Arrived in mail within three days. Put in motherboard and BIOS auto detected the new voltage (chips before were 1.9v)Everything has run fine up to this point, and once (assuming it does) the rebate arrives the price will be the best deal i've seen yet.

Cons: Still waiting on the mail in rebate from Corsair. Odd 2.1v may not be compatible with most sets (alot of the ones I have seen are at 1.9v)

Overall Review: So far has been a great performance boost, and if/when the rebate arrives it will have been for an unbeatable price. With great delivery time from newegg with the free 3 day shipping. First purchase from newegg and I will definitely shop here again.

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