Solid accessory. Easy to assemble5/9/2021 6:23:56 PM

Pros: I have two of these - holds monitors well. Easy to assemble, adjust. Affordable.

Cons: The far pivots should be adjustable as one of my drooped a bit and no allen wrench turning would address. A little loc-tite does the trick.

Overall Review: Worth the money. I have two. Solid and stable. Wish the center post was stackable so I could easily go from 2 to 4 monitors.

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Solid GPU5/9/2021 6:19:37 PM

Pros: Runs FS 2020 flawlessly. Quiet. Good software. Fitment was solid

Cons: Minor (would have been nice to had addressable RGB fans)

Overall Review: Its a shame it has to be purchased through the Shuffle. Solid top of the line GPU and worth the money.

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Sturdy. Easy to setup1/7/2019 2:35:42 PM

Pros: Compact design. Holds 2 monitors mounted to a sheetrock wall with toggle bolts.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I would have liked a screw hole template for aligning and measuring. I would have liked to be able to mount the wall bracket and then be able to hang the crossbar.

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Great value1/7/2019 2:31:24 PM

Pros: Sharp, capable 4k display. Displaypoint, 2 HDMI and allows for VESA mounts for multi-monitor setup.

Cons: None. Its twin that I ordered had a major defect on arrival.

Overall Review: If you buy a refurb monitor, buy the warranty.

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Over Volt on 5V and 12V12/30/2014 12:19:08 PM

Pros: Small form factor reasonable price for a450 watt 80+ Bronze PSU for an entry level build

Cons: ASUS surge protection kept getting tripped right out of the box Bios says over volt, specifically 5V was 6.36V, 12V was 24.48V Just a MOBO, HDD, and DVD drive, no discrete video card, no over-clocking. All new equipment. I called FPS in California - got a message "closed for the holidays"

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Too Short7/6/2014 3:21:48 PM

Pros: Very flexible horizontally, plus tilt and 90 degree swivel capability. Sturdy and well made. The stackable extension for monitors 3 and 4 plugs in the top. It is easy to set up. VESA.

Cons: TOO SHORT! At max height my 22 in monitors are still lower than the OEM stands they came on. Double sight sells an expensive 3 inch height extender that should come included. At the max out of the box height, you will not save any desktop space.

Overall Review: Please Double Sight - do like other firms and disclose max desktop to center of mount height on the box! Or include the 3 inch vertical extender in the box

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Solid Cable Modem5/14/2014 11:24:34 AM

Pros: It was easy to setup. It supports both newer and older Wifi enabled devices. It is compatible with both Time Warner and Comcast. Confirmed on their pages. Its nice not to rent an old, refurbished modem from TWC. It will take a while to pay for itself, but it will come

Cons: Wish it had mounting holes so it would not have to sit on the floor or desktop.

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Good Value5/14/2014 9:39:55 AM

Pros: Compact design with no cap to lose. I have used in on both USB1, 2, and 3 ports with no issues. Other thumb drives have feel flimsy or the case did not seat well around the internals. Not so with this, Its a sturdy little accessory. Worth the money.

Cons: None. Works as promised.

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Solib boot drive8/29/2012 1:25:56 PM

Pros: Its fast. Boots in less than 40 seconds.. including wait times for BIOS and RAID. That's from power button to Win 7 64 bit login screen. I use it for O/S and key apps only and use a 1 TB HDD for apps and data. Did I mention its fast?

Cons: None

Overall Review: I know 256 GB is very expensive but with so may applications just defaulting to the C drive for installation, or unpacking... you have to have careful management of a 128 GB drive or it will fill up fast.

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Foundation8/29/2012 1:21:03 PM

Pros: Very good value. Plenty of features Good layout... just enough room to put in both channels of RAM without making me struggle to get it in.

Cons: 1st mobo was DOA - Newegg swapped it no prob. The RAID is on Marvell controller - not Intel.

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HAL8/29/2012 1:16:20 PM

Pros: Lots of room - made for easy assembly and easy future upgrades.. handled my tall cpu cooler with room to spare. Excellent air flow Very good cable management ports

Cons: A little wider and taller than I expected for a mid tower ATX case. On the pricey side...

Overall Review: The removable top panel arrived damaged and Corsair shipped a new one to me asap no questions.

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8/29/2012 1:12:31 PM

Pros: Works as designed. Very good value. Glad i went with SATA3

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Windows Media Player does not support blu ray natively so you have to buy an after market player.. Total Media Theater does well. Just a heads up to include that in your budget.

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Good Value8/29/2012 1:09:56 PM

Pros: Decent price. very bright - i went with white led theme for case. Quiet. Quieter than the fan that came with my CPU cooler

Cons: None.

Overall Review: in hind sight - i should have gotten a 4 pin fan for speed control.

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Just Chill8/29/2012 1:04:59 PM

Pros: easy to install. Easy to add additional after-market fan Works very well.

Cons: Would have liked the included fan to be 4 pin, not 3. The factory fan was not as quiet as other after-market fans (even the cheap ones)

Overall Review: Better off just buying your own after-market fans if you want quiet. Be sure to measure your case... this is a tall cooler.

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Solid Performer8/29/2012 1:00:54 PM

Pros: Great value. Placed in a Win 7 32 bit machine and had my folks watching movies in a few minutes.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Bare Bones, good price... a must for value shoppers

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