Cannot detect display port monitors2/2/2018 7:32:08 PM

Pros: None. This is the worst thing that has ever been invented.

Cons: MSI has invented a 1080 Ti that is only capable of operating through HDMI and DVI. And if I attempt to connect a monitor via display port, the others stop working and the computer crashes.

Overall Review: Not only don't buy this, actively AVOID ALL MSI PRODUCTS FOREVER.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI product. We certainly value your feedback and please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenient experience. If you have any further questions regarding this product or have any suggestions for improvement for us, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at and we will be more than happy to assist you. If you require further technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team | JC02052018001 |
About what you paid for3/31/2014 2:10:05 PM

Pros: The mouse works great. Lightweight to reduce strain and the DPI button switches between two preset values that offer a solid two choices. The headset is light and comfortable. Headset holds a charge very well, and intelligently powers donw. Mouse intelligently powers done, a simple toggle of the DPI switch wakes it up.

Cons: The mouse is a bit small and will leave your pinky either hovering or dragging. Headset audio quality is only so-so. At the high end there is some noticeable distortion.

Overall Review: I don't think too many people will have illusions about what they are buying. This isn't Razer, Corsair, Steel Series, etc. This is SOAI... who make impressively functional devices for impressively cheap prices. It's a good value, and it made my workspace a bit more comfortable, but it's no hidden gem that you have to tell everyone about.

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My Favorite Case EVER!!!11/14/2013 5:09:01 PM

Pros: -Tons of space! -Dual compartment design allows you to showcase the goods, and hide the fugly. -Huge window -built to accommodate 140mm fans -tremendous airflow for air cooling or liquid cooling radiators. -nice matte texture -cable management has never been easier

Cons: -Corsair needs to release the H110i so we have a closed loop 140mm solution to compliment this bad boy -Black as the only color is a bit restrictive, I'd have preferred white. -I plain don't like sideways 5.25" bays. It really restricts what you can do with them. No fan meter is built for vertical orientation, and most reservoirs wouldn't work well.

Overall Review: I didn't realize what I wanted and what I was missing till I got this case. It's gorgeous, shows off your build and hides the mess, and keeps heat generation separate from heat dissipation. Dual compartment is really the way to go.

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50% fail rate... on a 2 pack11/14/2013 5:02:13 PM

Pros: It's compressed air... it works at cleaning out dust.

Cons: One of the two had a broken top, making it inoperable. Seeing as the only moving part has a 50% failure rate I can't go higher than 2 eggs

Overall Review: Shipping or Quality Control dropped the ball, I'm not sure who, and it doesn't really matter. You might have better luck than me in which case the rating would be higher... it's compressed air, if it's not broken it gets 4 eggs at least, good price gets it 5.

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MSI and Nvidia make perfection!11/14/2013 4:57:23 PM

Pros: -Extremely quiet even under load -Incredibly powerful (huge upgrade over 660s) -Insane efficiency in SLI -Anti-Dust tech on the Twin Frozr actually works -4GB gives you tons of headroom for mods -Included backplate makes card impressively rigid even with a heavy cooling solution. -MSI tuning and overclocking software is easy to use and very effective. It's safe to even let it auto-adjust.

Cons: -Red and Black clashes with my case motif...

Overall Review: I spent a lot of time figuring out what the best price/performance bang for my buck was going to be when updating my video cards. It's the 760. In SLI 760 demolishes even the Titan. Dropping between 500 and 600 dollars for two cards equaling this kind of power is jaw dropping. If you are on the fence, and don't think it can be as good as advertised, think again. It is that awesome. And after quite a bit of reading and watching, MSI wins at the cooling solution contest and software.

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Best fans I've ever purchased10/23/2013 11:24:21 PM

Pros: -Whisper quiet -Super high air volume -Customization for color scheme

Cons: -Some people might miss the lack of LED's, but in my opinion the color rings more than make up for the lack of tacky LED's.

Overall Review: The entire Air series is phenomenal. The only problem is there isn't currently an SP140 or performance edition of the AF.

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Cheap and works like you'd expect10/23/2013 11:10:55 PM

Pros: -Strong clip that easily holds on where you put it -Coil with generous give to avoid pulling on the clip unnecessarily. -Attractive light blue color

Cons: -The interlocking teeth used to keep the band on your wrist are awkward to use and provide a noticeably weak grip. The slightest twist of the wrist can have this popping right off. Counter-intuitively the solution is to wear it less tight than you would other wrist straps. It's not a deal breaker, but it's curious why Rosewill wouldn't just use velcro or snaps.

Overall Review: It's a step up from my last wrist strap. If they had just managed to include velcro as a fastener for the wrist strap itself, this would be perfect. It's funny how such a simple device always has one caveat.

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Small but critical defect10/23/2013 11:06:47 PM

Pros: -Gorgeous IPS color -Great build quality with bezel flush with glass -Awesome response time. No ghosting at all during games. -Does include speakers... in case you'd ever want them. -Awesome price. Picked up two at 149 each. (see cons)

Cons: -VERY bright. It causes painful eyestrain fairly quickly. Reduce brightness to at most 50% right away. -One button on one of the 2 monitors I ordered is dead, meaning the brightness (or any setting) cannot be turned down. Leading to painful viewing. It's a small, but very critical build error on the part of Acer. -The $25 for the shipping on the RMA seriously hurts the price point. Making one of my monitors essentially 175 and adding I'm sure weeks till I'll be able to enjoy it.

Overall Review: If there were a simple way to remove the casing for the monitor that didn't void the warranty this could likely be easily fixed at home. But since it's so uncommon to use simple, visible, fasteners, that kind of self-help is almost always unlikely.

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DOA9/16/2013 7:29:08 AM

Pros: It's price for performance listed on paper is great.

Cons: It doesn't work at all. Ordered this ahead of building a new rig, and a couple months later after it had been sitting in packaging on a table quietly, I installed it to find it completely DOA. Doesn't spool up, doesn't register in the BIOS, nothing. Took it to 4 other builders and IT people and no one can even figure what's wrong with it. It's just plain dead. Since then I've had Intel and Kingston hard drives and SSD and they work perfect. Probably won't buy WD again.

Overall Review: I'm sure some of these work, but for me it's 0% so far, and I have no particular motivation to try again. Since I had it sit on a table for a couple months, I was out of warranty by the time I would have wanted to replace it. Thank heavens for Intel and Kingston.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello tscreen1, we apologize for the inconvenience of receiving a DOA drive. Western Digital does rigorously test and verify all of our drives, prior to shipping to our retailers. We have RMA options available for in warranty drives located at the following link, or you may contact us for assistance directly. How to get an RMA, (Return Merchandise Authorization) or replace a defective product under warranty
Comfortable, Not perfect.11/27/2012 12:36:19 PM

Pros: -Adjustable height and tilt -Solid Construction -Pleasantly gripping surface

Cons: -Only 2 heights -Tilt control not quite tight enough, tends to 'flop' around a bit.

Overall Review: This was a great value when I purchased it on sale at 14.99 At 29.99 I'd be a bit slower to recommend it. I don't know if it's had an 'ergonomic' improvement on my posture, but I feel a bit more comfortable at my desk having an elevated and steady place for my feet other than the sub-woofer.

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