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Review UPDATE (works on nexus 7)

Arctic Cooling P253BT Bluetooth Headphones with Mic
Arctic Cooling P253BT Bluetooth Headphones with Mic

Pros: Same as previous review: Audio quality is more than adequate for music. Battery life is really good. Lightweight.

Cons: ►►It will pair with Nexus 7◄◄ Turn on the headset by holding the button AND don't release until the blue and red lights are flashing. Now search for the headset with your device. I still don't know WHY they couldn't provide these instructions on their website or in the box. Rest is same as before: It's hard to tell which buttons are volume controls and which ones are skip controls. Making the buttons feel different would have been a big plus. I suppose gluing something on them would work. No instructions included or provided on the website.

Overall Review: I still think the $5 dollar rebate is rather dumb. Anything under $20 dollars should just be an instant rebate. Why should I waste a 46 cent stamp, envelope, paper, & printer toner for a 5 dollar plastic card that's a hassle to use??? I got enough on my plate as it is than to waste 1 dollar and my time to get 4 dollars.

Most Critical Review

So so.

KDS K-2626mdhwb 26" WUXGA 1920 x 1200 D-Sub, DVI, HDMI Built-in Speakers LCD Monitor
KDS K-2626mdhwb 26" WUXGA 1920 x 1200 D-Sub, DVI, HDMI Built-in Speakers LCD Monitor

Pros: Its size and fairly easy to use menu controls. The stand is fairly stout regardless of what some may say.

Cons: My old 19" Sceptre monitor had a contrast ration of 800:1 this one is 1000:1 however I cannot see details in dark area's of pictures that I use to see on my 19". So this monitor doesn't display dark scenes well or dark pictures. Yes the backlight is noticeable. On solid light colors that fill the screen you they wont appear as a solid but will look more like a gradient. Some colors will wash out or change tint when you look at it from different angles. ---NOTE: Go into "COLOR" in the menu and set it to "NATIVE" then adjust your brightness and contrast. I found that removes the blueish tint on the upper half of the screen.---

Overall Review: -If you do Photoshop work then stay away from this monitor. -If you do word processing, reading, or anything text based then this monitor is perfectly suited for that. -For CAD, playing games, and watching Movies this monitor is fairly adequate. -Monitor speakers are often meant for PC OS sounds, not music, games, or movies. (I don't use them of course.) In the end I kinda wish I could have waited for 26" monitors to have gotten into the 2XX dollar range but my old one failed. The size is a nice change however.


Fragile, Complex disassembly, Spyware, Bloated Google & Motorola Apps

Motorola Moto G8 Power XT2041-1 64GB Hybrid Dual SIM GSM Unlocked Android SmartPhone
Motorola Moto G8 Power XT2041-1 64GB Hybrid Dual SIM GSM Unlocked Android SmartPhone

Pros: Snappy performance. Good Battery life. USB-C (micro should have never existed) Decently loud and sounding speakers.

Cons: Using ADB I found "com.amaXXX.appmanager" which doesn't appear in the visible apps and CANNOT be removed without rooting. There is absolutely no reason for it to be there or for it to be uninstallable. I also found facebook apps that don't remove themselves when you delete facebook. I consider anything from AmaXXX and facebook to be spyware, especially given Facebooks past of snagging contacts and running unethical human psychological experiments. It's already bad enough google data mines everything, why give amaXXX and facebook that data as well? There is a method of gaining access to the phone without a Google account. You can then install fdroid and the Aurora store etc but your phone will still be pinging google... NoRoot Firewall is a good app that will show you what is and just how often apps are trying to connect to the internet. As long as it's running you can block a lot of traffic. Why is this such a big deal? The more they know about your behaviors the more they can manipulate your behaviors. (See: Blackrock & Vanguard) The case offers no protection for the screen. This is my second time purchasing this phone. The first one the screen cracked from a 3 foot drop. The lip of the cover is flush with the screen offering no protection for the glass. A three foot drop on asphalt on the corner will destroy it. You wont be able to purchase the screen directly from motorola and good luck getting it apart... I would much rather have 1/4 of an inch of plastic at the top and bottom of the screen especially since there's no display there, just easily broken glass. I would also like for them to stop cutting and notching the screens for cameras. As good as the battery is every phone should have a removable battery. They are intentionally making them unremovable bye design.

Overall Review: Hopefully LineageOS will have support for this phone in the near future, I'm strongly considering installing it. It's up to us as consumers to raise our voices and vote with our dollars for better phones.


489 USD

ASUS Laptop Intel Core i3 3rd Gen 3110M (2.40GHz) 6GB Memory 500GB HDD Intel HD Graphics 4000 17.3" Windows 8 64-bit X75A-DH32
ASUS Laptop Intel Core i3 3rd Gen 3110M (2.40GHz) 6GB Memory 500GB HDD Intel HD Graphics 4000 17.3" Windows 8 64-bit X75A-DH32

Pros: Windows 7 Drivers supported. Ports located on the left side. Most people are right handed so having the cables/devices on the side opposite of my mouse really helps. Performance: It's not a gaming laptop but it does perform well and will probably handle some older games I suppose. It does really well multitasking and web browsing. Some pages are heavy on the flash and javascript which can choke it down using Firefox. Noise: Even when it's under a load it doesn't get loud at all. It's reasonably silent unlike some laptops I've had in the past.

Cons: Windows 8: Can't stand it. I always purged Windows 8. You will need to use legacy/CSM mode in Bios, change the drive formatting from GPT to MBR, create 2 or 3 partitions with gparted (not windows) to suit your needs, and avoid UEFI when installing from CD. Keyboard: The keys are very compacted together making it hard to hit just what you want or finding the right position for your fingers. I don't think I'll buy another laptop with a bad keyboard ever again. There's no reason for them to be this bad on a laptop this size. Speakers: Most laptop speakers are subpar and this is no exception. I use a clamp on speaker bar powered by the USB. RAM: I'm still trying to figure out where all the ram is. It says six but there is only one 2gb stick in the bottom. Maybe the other two are beneath the keyboard? It would be bad if they're integrated. Screen: The viewing angle is poor as with most laptops. Speaking of the screen, it failed. Read Other Thoughts.

Overall Review: RMA: The LCD screen gave out a few months after my purchase. The lower 3rd of the screen would flicker every 3 seconds for 3 seconds. Trying discuss anything with the RMA staff via email is like pulling teeth. I asked, can I keep my HDD so I don't have to back it up and erase it... Short answer, no. Even though it only takes 6 screws to remove it. So I used windows to backup windows and then took the drive out to copy everything from my 2nd partition and then did a full erase of the HDD to maintain privacy. What would have been MINUTES to remove the HDD turned out to be DAYS trying to figure out how to backup windows, copying, erasing, and restoring. I kept the battery and power brick, packed the laptop in the OEM box, then packed it in the Newegg box the same way I got it from newegg... (which was terrific packing) When I got it back (which wasn't long) there were 2 things that really got me mad. First, they kept my OEM box and the newegg box and sent it back in a crummy fedex box! Even the literature said I should keep the box for warranty work! But it said nothing about getting it back! So now I have a laptop with less resale value because it looks like I got it second hand. Secondly they reinstalled Windows 8 WHICH I DID NOT REQUEST! I had to set it back to legacy mode and change the formatting from GPT back to MBR before I could begin restoring Windows 7. Next time I will keep my boxes and the HDD without asking. PS. Nice thing about newegg is they allow honest reviews, unlike tiger direct which rejects or alters reviews so their products never look bad.

Windows Live Essentials?

L2 LifeCam HD-3000 Win USB Port
L2 LifeCam HD-3000 Win USB Port

Pros: Good picture quality. Worked on Windows 7 right out of the Box. No software installation, or so I thought, read below...

Cons: Cant remove funky base or mount to tripod. Wants to install software I do not need nor want.

Overall Review: I can't explain why this cam works out of the box but when it's left plugged in when I reboot it wants to install software. Quote: "Setting up your LifeCam involves the following steps: 1. Downloading and installing the latest software. 2. Installing Windows Live Essentials 3. Connecting your LifeCam" Um... I do not want Windows Live or anything to do with Windows Live. Now I got to figure out why it's intent on putting it on my computer and IF I can remove it after it's hijacked me without it bugging me again. Feels like just like Google forcing everyone with a gmail account to get Google +. I'm getting rather sick of corporations compelling or forcing us into their social networks. It's all an effort to mine personal data.

Tested w/ Nexus 7 (2nd Gen)

Arkon SM628 Arkon sm628 slim-grip ultra 1" multi-angle adhesive or screw dashboard or console mount for smartp
Arkon SM628 Arkon sm628 slim-grip ultra 1" multi-angle adhesive or screw dashboard or console mount for smartp

Pros: Very good spring tension and grip. I used the short legs on top and long legs on the bottom. I can turn it sideways and stick just about any smartphone in it in a matter of seconds but I only use it for my 7" tablet.

Cons: The catch/tab for my MoKo Slim-fit Case runs into the top of the mount and leaves it cockeyed. I could turn it over but then my USB connection would be in the way. I could also swap the legs but then it would raise it up and obstruct my view more. The hinge that allows it to tilt seems a bit loose, even when I tighten it down so it doesn't tilt but this doesn't seem to be a big deal as it doesn't bounce around You definitely want to make use of the screws. I used my own screws with nuts and mounted onto a portion of the dash that can be easily replaced.

Overall Review: I primary use this to hold my 7 inch tablet to use it as a GPS and MP3 player in my 03' Saturn Vue. It would be nice if there was an intermediate arm to add onto it to bring it out from the dash an inch or two. ►This is by far the best mount I could find for under 20 dollars.◄

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Dash Mount

Didn't order anything complicated but I seem to recall shipping was fast.

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