Bad customer service12/21/2017 1:18:39 PM

Pros: it is in fact as expensive as listed

Cons: Be aware, Whitestone charges exorbitant "shipping and handling" fees for any warranty claims you might have regarding their hit-or-miss screen. Seriously, the processing fees are half the cost of what I paid for the screen. And, for some reason, they are more expensive for Samsung phone versions than for Apple ones. The only reasonable explanation for this is that they're offloading product cost (definitely *not* administrative handling or product shipping) inappropriately.

Overall Review: If you're comfortable having a one-time shot at getting a perfect screen with a perfect installation and won't ever need to contact them for a warranty claim, by all means, buy one. But I wouldn't recommend it.

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Update to: Fantastic!2/2/2015 7:58:22 PM

Pros: See my previous review

Cons: Over the last two weeks, my N550JK has developed a loose audio jack and have to position the headphone plug in *just* the right spot to get the audio to work. This is such a frustrating development, given how much I've enjoyed this laptop up to now. I've been searching around a bit to see if there was some kind of simple fix I was missing for this and have discovered that many other people have had this problem, which really sucks. This shows that ASUS may have a quality control issue with this particular laptop, or a significant design flaw. I've also learned the easiest fix is to re-solder the pins of the jack on the motherboard, if the issue is a broken one. The worst-case scenario is to have to completely remove the jack by heating up the solder pins until the jack releases, then solder in a new one. And this is on the main motherboard; the online tutorials state this doesn't have a separate board for some of the connectors. But I'm hesitant to try and do such a fix on my own. My concern is that a damaged audio jack, even while under warranty, will get rejected by ASUS as 'normal wear and tear.' Lucky me.

Overall Review: So, overall, still a pretty great laptop, but an easily-loosened audio port, a rather critical part of a laptop's functionality, means losing 2 eggs. I *really* wanted to love this thing, but I just can't.

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