Worth Every Cent.5/26/2011 9:34:12 PM

Pros: -No issues with hookup at all. -GUI Bios are something to behold. -Plenty of room for everything (I have large hands, and was a bit unsure on getting a smaller board). -Drivers installed with ease. -Came perfectly packaged. Nothing looked cheap. -2 Free SATA Cables! (Woohoo!)

Cons: -This is more of a case flaw, but the Audio hookups in the back are a bit of a pain to deal with. -Any large video card is going to cover the top-most SATA Ports. I picked up a 570 GTX with this build and had to remove the card just to make a few switches. -The clamp for the processor was a bit tight. Almost scared me clamping my i5 2500k down.

Overall Review: I was going to knock an egg off for the sound plugin issue, but that was more of the fact that the power buttons on my case is on the top instead of the bottom. Just something to think about when selecting a case with any mobo. This was worth getting over the higher models, in my eyes. No real downsides. Only thing I wish is that it gets some more attention, instead of being a product people overlook because it doesn't have a review.

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