Good CPU ruined by exorbitant Customs duty and tax5/4/2021 3:36:15 AM

Pros: * Best for gaming and more than enough for video and photo editing * Can be overclocked out of the box * Free shipping to the Philippines

Cons: * Very unforgiving when it comes to heat when mounting pressure is less than ideal * Can use a lot of voltage at stock settings even when idling * Needs third-party software such as CTR 2.1 to fully maximize its use * Customs duty and tax are exorbitant

Overall Review: This is a stellar CPU that will serve you for years. But exorbitant Customs duty and tax ruins its value.

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Strong and attractive card marred by scalper price1/16/2021 2:00:19 AM

Pros: * very capable card, performs above AMD reference design * overclocking potential * lighter than other AIB cards, easing pressure on PCIe slot * beautiful design (addressable RGB is gorgeous)

Cons: * US (and elsewhere) prices are overpriced and newegg prices for other regions such as Asia are even more astronomical * No free international shipping

Overall Review: It's a lovely card and a solid performer. I managed to get a score of 9,799 in 3dMark Port Royal (manually overclocked). I'm sure you could squeeze even more performance from this card once you put it in a custom water loop. But prices are unreasonably high. Get the reference AMD card if you can because the performance difference isn't that much.

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