Holds up great12/24/2016 12:34:16 PM

Pros: I have the 120mm and the 140mm versions of this fan and I love them. They have been installed since early 2012 in a computer that runs nearly 24/7 and have had no issues. They shed dust well; I think I might have cleaned them twice in almost 5 years, they move a lot of air, run quiet, look and feel interesting (the honeycombed plastic makes them quite flexible), and have a great green tint that isn't overpowering. Now that a Zalman, a Corsair, and two Cooler Master fans that were purchased at the same time need replacing, it is clear which fans are the better ones.

Cons: They didn't install themselves

Overall Review: They may be pricey, but they're worth every penny.

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Exactly what I expected12/23/2016 10:35:57 AM

Pros: - I can now mount my drives in my 5.25" bay - Sturdy construction (especially when compared with the old CM ones) - Quiet fan with bright LEDs - HD brackets hold tight in the enclosure

Cons: - The mounting rails are only on the bottom. I knew this when I bought it and it holds tight, but top mounting would have been nice - The LED does not have switchable power

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Works4/11/2013 7:34:17 PM

Pros: Accurately displays ph, works just fine

Cons: fragile

Overall Review: check calibration regularly

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One of the cheapest HDMI cables I could find1/4/2013 11:24:35 AM

Pros: And it works just as well as one that would have cost upwards of $20 at any brick and mortar store! Really, it's just a cable...it does its job of transferring data just fine

Cons: it could have been easier to get behing the entertainment center to route the thing down to my cable box

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Great sound quality1/4/2013 11:19:37 AM

Pros: This headset has much better audio quality than I would expect from the cheapest real headset I could find. The microphone works great as well, and the cord is long enough to pace around while using VOIP software

Cons: They hold onto my head tight enough for the pressure to give me a headache after hours of use, and the microphone doesn't like to retract

Overall Review: This is definitely worth the $20 I paid for it. The best part is that it wont be expensive to replace if it ever comes to that

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rpm sensor doesn't work in either fan9/7/2012 2:34:29 PM

Pros: These fans are quiet and look pretty great on the side of my case. They're easily controlled by Speedfan, and the resistor is nice for keeping the one that isn't on a controller even quieter

Cons: For some reason the rpm sensor is faulty in both fans. The fans themselves work just fine, but -1 egg for the bad sensors

Overall Review: I really like these fans, they have a really aggressive look to them and they're quiet. These are great if you don't want your computer to light up like a Christmas tree

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Love it9/7/2012 2:24:35 PM

Pros: This fan puts out a really good volume of air, more than any of the other ones in my case. The RPM sensor actually works correctly (I hate it when they're buggy like the ones on all of my Corsair fans), and the lights can be controlled by any simple switch. I have easy access to these, so I'll probably either to some cutting to a grate on one of my 5.25 covers, or to a pci plate. Another thing...There are holes for mounting this fan where a 120mm fan belongs, as well as the standard 140mm mount.

Cons: This isn't really a con, but the housing is very flexible. I would have liked a pci switch to control the lights, but you can't have the world

Overall Review: You can definitely hear this fan when it's running full tilt. I control it with Speedfan, but it's not overly noisy by itself

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Silent8/23/2012 2:32:52 PM

Pros: This is definitely the quietest fan in my case, and it moves a decent amount more air than the basic 140mm Cooler Master fan it's replacing. I love the removable color rings, they make for an aggressive look without any lights. I might even get a pair of matching 120mm fans for my side panel. This particular fan is mounted on the roof of my case acting as an exhaust for my cpu cooler that blows upwards as opposed to out the back.

Cons: I really can't think of anything I would consider a con about this case fan, it performs exactly as it should, and the ""Quiet Edition"" label actually speaks the truth.

Overall Review: If there was ever a perfect fan, this is it. I honestly wanted to be able to complain about something, even if it was something as simple as cord length.

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Pretty Nice8/21/2012 4:51:21 PM

Pros: The case has a rugged and even professional look with the lights off. The handle is by far its best feature, and the ability to turn off the lights is nice. I'm glad to see this case still has all four USB 2.0 ports on the front because my board doesn't have a 3.0 header

Cons: Cable management is tough in this case. There's hardly any room behind the motherboard tray, something that could have easily been solved by moving the motherboard tray forward by less than a quarter of an inch. I also would have liked to have the option to mount 140mm fans on the side panel, an actual fan controller, and MUCH better tool free mechanisms for the rear cards and the 5.25" bays. There was absolutely no thought put into their quality. Also, there's a hole under the front panel to make it easier to remove. This hole however, allows the air going through the front 140mm fan to bypass the filter and acts as a vacuum cleaner, sucking up all of the dust from the floor. A piece of tape made for a nice, easy fix

Overall Review: This is definitely a nice case, and I'll probably buy the Scout II for my next build.

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Pretty nice for such a thin drive8/7/2012 4:43:31 PM

Pros: This drive is thin, quiet, and light. I installed Windows on it in my Thinkpad T520 with no issues. This skinny little Seagate works just as well as the original WD drive, and is even quieter. According to HD Tune, the maximum transfer rate achieved was 121 MB/s with a minimum of 60.2, and a 96.5 MB/s average rate. It's better than my Scorpio Blue, and costs about the same.

Cons: The drive is slightly too thin to fit into my external enclosure, which uses rubber shims to hold the drive in place. This is not the fault of the drive, rather the enclosure. A typical laptop drive is too thick, and this one is just slightly too thin to fit tightly.

Overall Review: Time will tell, but this seems to be a very good drive. I really need more storage space in my Thinkpad, and now I have no reason not to buy an adapter so I can replace my optical drive for more storage.

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It's an ASUS3/23/2012 5:17:24 PM

Pros: I've always liked my ASUS products, and this drive works just as I'd expect it to. It's very quiet, and has lightscribe

Cons: Drive tray seems kind of flimsy, but I'm gentle enough with my things so it should last.

Overall Review: I usually get oem drives, and I didn't realize this was retail because I wasn't paying attention. The box was a nice surprise

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good memory3/23/2012 5:05:10 PM

Pros: No issues, and it's fast enough for my spare AMD computer. The heat spreaders match my cheap Zotac board well enough

Cons: I thought the heat spreader would be of a little higher quality like on the other memory I've gotten from G.Skill, but it's pretty much just cosmetic with ram like this

Overall Review: This was carefully packed in a padded shipping envelope and placed alongside my dvd burner in the best packed pox I have received in a while. Kudos to the Whittier, CA warehouse, All of the things I have gotten from that location were packed the best

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Makes the most out of my thinkpad3/20/2012 9:34:52 AM

Pros: I bought these to replace the single 4gb stick in my T520 laptop. Everything's stable, and running a lot nicer than stock.

Cons: I had to remove my keyboard to get to slot 2. Not the fault of the ram, but Lenovo -__-

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Jordan3/20/2012 9:17:02 AM

Pros: two months, and it's working better than new. The scroll wheel had a cheap feel to it at first, but it got better with use. All of the keys work, no fading letters yet with heavy use, and the keys have a high quality feel to them

Cons: It's about the most basic keyboard and mouse combo out there

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
arctic cool3/15/2012 7:25:23 PM

Pros: Doesn't allow temps above 58 on a Phenom II 965 BE overclocked to 4 ghz under prime 95 stress testing, and it looks really nice through my case window. The stock compound works well, but should have come in a tube instead of a white out style bottle.

Cons: fan speed controller is a joke, I'm glad my board can control my 3 pin connectors

Overall Review: Be prepared to dust it out every few weeks or so. Those big fins really catch it well

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cheap junk3/15/2012 7:16:28 PM

Pros: moved an average amount of air while it lasted, and lit up nicely

Cons: after about a week, I had to push start it every time I turned my computer on, and then it completely stopped working

Overall Review: I got some LEDs and a molex connector out of it

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, If you spin the fan with your finger, does it spin freely or is it hard to move? Please contact the Rosewill support team either via phone at 800-575-9885 or via email at techsupport@rosewill.com so that we can assist you with your issue. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
What more do you need?3/15/2012 7:12:47 PM

Pros: I have built plenty of computers in my life, and this has been one of the best cases I've worked with in the >$50 price range. The cable management is good, there are plenty of places to mount fans, the stock lighting is dim, and the whole front panel is mesh with dust filtering

Cons: This chassis is obviously from a mass produced basic template where they only change front and side panels to make different cases. Also, the front panel connectors are junk. Be prepared to buy your own

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60 bucks? Looks like I'll be getting a few more of these soon3/15/2012 7:04:22 PM

Pros: I bought this power supply for around $80 a few months back. It's silent, efficient, reliable, and is by far the best value for any basic computer at its current $60 price point. This unit maintains a very tight voltage regulation all the way through the spectrum, and has a fan speed controller so you're not running at full tilt all the time. The five year warranty is also quite nice. Although I hope I'll never need to use it, I'm glad the company that manufactures a part that could potentially ruin everything connected to it stands by their work.

Cons: I think this line of power supplies, as well as the 620 watt modular one I bought almost a year ago is being phased out. The current sales are nice though, as these are extremely well manufactured units.

Overall Review: Do your research on every power supply you consider buying. If there aren't several professional reviews that are easy to find, look at other units.

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Great3/8/2012 11:53:55 PM

Pros: I got a pair of these almost two years ago and they're still working great. I haven't had an issue with them falling out of my ear, and the sound quality is excellent for earbuds. Highs are only okay, but the bass is INCREDIBLE, comparable to my $100 Phillips DJ style headphones

Cons: I've lost all of the earbud sizes I don't use, and these are really the same as the $12 Skullcandy earbuds. I have several different styles laying around and they all sound more or less the same

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Owned since July and I still like it3/1/2012 11:34:56 AM

Pros: Small card, runs most games decently on stock settings, the shroud matches my board and case, and YOU CAN OVERCLOCK THE POOP OUT OF IT! A 130 MHZ overclock on a card like this is really good, and makes a huge difference. My temps never go above 55*c. I initially put it that high thinking it would fail, and I would go from there. It did fine in Furmark, and I proceeded to increasing game settings to levels I would have only imagined achieving with a $200+ card

Cons: The stock hsf is mediocre, but cools the card effectively (not without a lot of noise though) I also noticed a significant temp drop (dropped from 41c at idle to 36, and from 58c at full load with my overclock to 55,) when I replaced the stock thermal compound with the Zalman stuff I got with my beautiful blue orb. With these temps, I'm not going to go out and get an aftermarket vga cooler, and headphones make the fan noise problem null and void

Overall Review: The 6770 is more useful to me. I'd rather have the VGA out than DVI, and I can plug my power supply into it. There's not a huge difference in the performance of these two cards, but the stock benchmarks alone are worth a $20 price increase. I wish it came out earlier because I would have gotten that instead. Maybe I still will when I get some extra cash

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
pretty awesome2/29/2012 3:52:22 PM

Pros: I really like this stuff, it works just as well as the AS 5 I've used many a time (newegg, please take "AS 5" out of the banned words list, that's a commonly used abbreviation for arctic silver, not something that should be censored for substitution of foul language)

Cons: brush is kind of worthless

Overall Review: This came with a Zalman HSF I bought almost a year ago and now, I still have plenty left after 4 builds. I just scrape the stock junk off and apply this. I still use a card to spread it, it goes on evenly that way

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not too bad2/25/2012 1:56:15 PM

Pros: I picked this up from my local computer store and I'm astounded it hasn't been reviewed on newegg yet. This case has everything you should expect for $70 and then some. The front usb 3.0 is nice and it is my personal belief that it should be standard for the interior of a case to match the exterior (+1 to cooler master on this one) The motherboard tray of this case has more than enough clearance to slide my full atx board in with ease, and there's enough room for very large video cards

Cons: The fan is mounted in front as opposed to the rear exhaust area. I like to have negative pressure in my case, and having it in the front puts it in the way of the hard drive cage. Would it really be that much for them to include two fans with this case? Also, cable management isn't superb in this case, but it's enough to get the job done.

Overall Review: I saw this case at a computer parts and service store near my house for $70. Pretty much the same as newegg with the shipping, so I got it from there so I wouldn't have to wait three days. I'm glad I did because I had time to install my power supply and organize all of my cables before the rest of my components were being shipped

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Makes the most out of my Phenom2/21/2012 8:05:07 PM

Pros: Just got it today and it's beautiful. All of the ports are in nice places, the uefi bios is nice, and the oc features are nice. I can't comment on the core unlocker, as I'm using a Phenom II 965 BE (no extra cores), but it will come in handy when I get another one to replace a junk Zotac board running a triple core Athlon.

Cons: No case badge D:< I like those

Overall Review: For the money, you can't go wrong. This seems a lot better than the ~$120 Asus board than it's replacing.

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Working great2/18/2012 9:26:56 AM

Pros: Has read everything I've put into it, even old, scratched up discs. Plus, it's pretty quiet. I burn discs with this thing daily and I can barely tell it's doing anything with my case door closed

Cons: not a one

Overall Review: Guys, date nerdy girls. I woke up one morning with a delicious sandwich sitting on the open drive tray...I was kind of hoping my computer made it for me...

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not a single crispy one so far2/18/2012 8:42:54 AM

Pros: I've used about half of the package, and all of the ties have been fine. None were brittle, and everything latched into place. They're actually some of the more durable ties I've used

Cons: they aren't meant to be reusable

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