5/25/2014 9:56:12 AM

Pros: looks cool and works instantly at rated speed once i enabled xmp on my msi z97 gaming 5 mobo

Cons: none

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better than 2011 version5/25/2014 9:53:56 AM

Pros: i like the little border of fabric around it, i think it will prevent fraying. looks really popping, pix do not do it justice. feels high quality. my new razr naga didn't like the razr mousepad i had from 2011 but it's smooth as butter on this one.

Cons: it doesn't make me bacon? no, really, it's nigh perfect.

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seems silent5/25/2014 9:51:22 AM

Pros: added as second fan for my 212 evo. make sure you have a four pin cpu fan connection, it does come with an adapter for molex, but i imagine that forces it to run full speed. looks sweet.

Cons: none, except it ain't cheap

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Nice build quality2/18/2012 3:21:48 PM

Pros: Bought for my mom, she hasnt had any probs. Nice build quality

Cons: None, good deal for price

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500 Megabytes per Second2/18/2012 3:20:46 PM

Pros: Comes with latest firmware and ATTO app says that my read and write speeds are hovering around 500 MB/sec, depending on test. It so fast Win7 progress bars can barely keep up!

Cons: Included SATA cable didn't fit my mobo cuz of the metal clip, but I had a spare that came with my ASROCK 870 Extrem3.

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3/13/2011 4:52:46 PM

Pros: Like the last reviewer said, there is a known problem on SOME win7 64bit PCs. I am running home premium on a desktop with an asrock etreme3 mobo and phenom2 965. I dled the latest drivers and installed those first, then plugged in DIRECTLY to mobo usb port. Software and headphones work flawlessly. I had the Tritton AX360 and these are a step up. Really sounds like 7.1. You can whip around and shoot enemies out of the air with your eyes closed. I use the PS3 bluetooth mic, not the terrible mic on this headset. $30 Rebate sent, thanks Logitech woot!

Cons: Bass could be bit more defined. I turned the sub down from 11 to 10 and jacked up the lowend on the EQ by 2 DBs and it sound pretty incredible.

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3/9/2011 2:07:34 PM

Pros: I ordered two, one was defective, doing RMA. The other seems to work fine. HDtune says the max write speed is 100MB/sec, which seems low, but HDtune also says another 7200RPM HDD with 32MB of cache (instead of 64) has a max of about 70MB. So I guess more is good...?

Cons: One was defective, but that happens.

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3/9/2011 2:03:03 PM

Pros: I have not overclocked it yet, but paired with a Phenom2x4 3.5Ghz and 8gb of DDR1600, I am running Serious Sam HD and Painkiller Overdose at 1080p with all setting maxed out and 4x AA and I can't make it go below 60 frames. WOW what a card!

Cons: None

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