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NY sucks3/8/2013 5:38:43 PM

Pros: Great Mouse, Great Price, Great range, Cool color, Matches Redbone case great!

Cons: Had to have it shipped to my cousin in PA, so I could pick it up because I live in NY.

Overall Review: New York is absolutely stupid. You can't buy this mouse in New York because New York hates companies dealing directly with customers. It likes to have middlemen inbetween the product and the customer, that or it likes products from companies not based in USA. New York once again screws over everyone because of it's greed. I stand defiant with my 3 litre soda, 30 round PMAGS, and now this mouse. Because New York is the worst place in the United States to live and minds no attention to it's tax paying citizens. I even wrote my senator that it's rediculous I can't buy this mouse from New Egg in my state. If you are reading this, and you don't live in New York. Make sure your state poloticians don't hose you out of electronics like ours. We have Nearly the highest taxes in the US, and we get NOTHING absolutely NOTHING for them.

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Redbone FTW3/8/2013 4:53:05 PM

Pros: Clean layout, Nice paint, good Airflow, Red Finish is a nice touch, Price is great!

Cons: Power button is blue, it would be cooler if it was red. Thin case, but if you don't move your PC much it doesn't matter.

Overall Review: It would be nice to see a + version with more red LED fans.

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Shiny3/8/2013 4:49:59 PM

Pros: Works as described, great colors, great price.

Cons: The bezel is a bit thick.

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best windows to date3/8/2013 4:48:37 PM

Pros: DX 11, supports 4gig ram +, 8 cores thread wonderful.

Cons: Price could be lower.

Overall Review: This is far superior to windows 8, still find myself buying more copies of this today.

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Great Cable3/8/2013 4:46:21 PM

Pros: Very thick, gold plated, price, crystal clear HD audio/video. Appears to be well made.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Just buy it already, it works great!

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Great Player3/8/2013 4:43:41 PM

Pros: Works as described. 1080p. HD audio. Price.

Cons: Technical Manual is online only.

Overall Review: Crystal Clear HD sound and picture. Plugged right into my technics receiver with the optical connection and made my old 900 watt sound system THX amazing. Watched my first movie on it just now in 1080p streaming "flight" on my LED 120hz sammsung. For movies this out preforms my xbox in every way!

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to N/A2/11/2011 12:51:38 PM

Pros: "web browser plugin framework" "computer science masters" And your only an IT guy for a small company? I was doing that when I was in high school. How about you actually try and use/own the current software like some of the people here instead of calling them names. AVG is a decent but bloated anti virus, adware, firewall solution. It is a great passive sheild for people that can't be bothered to learn about maintaining their PC.

Cons: IT is very invasive, forces you to default to their search engine, insists you install toolbars multiple times. Decreases SSD lifetime with excessive read writes, attempts to defrag by default. Replaces the microsoft firewall. And also increases your windows loading time by and average of 9.5 seconds, on a system that scores a 7.9 windows index.

Overall Review: I actually own and have used this, but I have since switched to the microsoft virus protection. It runs like AVG used to, when you want it to, and doesn't nuke your system with non-essential bloatware. And This is outdated, not just the virus definitions, the whole thing. once you install it, it has you download, uninstall, and reinstall. If you buy it save some time and just download, then enter your keys.

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PC Armor1/10/2011 1:37:45 PM

Pros: Great all around Protection, priced very well.

Cons: More bloated than it used to be, wants you to install "yahoogle toolbar" features to your browser.

Overall Review: This is a great product, hopefully they stop trying to ruin it with bloatware. If they add anymore I am going to have to start looking elseware. AVG used to be my favorite due to its low system overhead, hopefully they go back to that in the future relases.

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500 watts of quiet.12/28/2010 12:39:24 PM

Pros: Reputable company, quiet, 500watts, has a newer 4+4 8pin, powder coated, great savings!

Cons: Not modular.

Overall Review: Great quality for the price!

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Nice case12/28/2010 12:34:23 PM

Pros: Space for 5 x 120mm fans. A filtered bottom power supply air entry. Nice interior Paint, excellent layout, great cooling design, sturdy buttons.

Cons: Very thin metal, can be bent easily, becareful. Only comes with one 120mm fan.

Overall Review: Overall a great case, I would pay more for one with a few more fans though.

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Great Price12/28/2010 12:29:03 PM

Pros: Great price for a 770 Build, works as intended.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Makes a nice entry level gaming rig, when paired with a 945, and a 5850.

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Excellent Ram for AMD12/28/2010 12:26:44 PM

Pros: Adata makes great products. Automatically detected correct timings, easy install. Nice heatsinks.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Works great for stock speed phenom II AM3 builds.

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DX 1112/28/2010 12:23:09 PM

Pros: Best windows OS yet.

Cons: Windows pricing scheme is rediculous.

Overall Review: Depending on who you are and where you are from, you can get it for less. That's how Gates rolls, unfairly.

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Great CPU12/28/2010 12:19:25 PM

Pros: A very cost effective multicore solution, great setup for the budget minded gamer.

Cons: There are no cons, you get what you pay for at newegg!

Overall Review: 945 denab x4 4 gig ddr3 1333 adata western digital black 1TB 770 amd chip motherboard 5850 radeon 1gig 500 watt psu and a case with good cooling will plays most modern games on max settings at 60fps (vsync)

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Blue Blazes Battman!10/8/2010 5:38:10 AM

Pros: Sata III, USB III, Dual Bios, Great cooling, Dual 16X PciE, on board power and reset buttons that glow blue! 2oz copper!

Cons: This first one had a bad PciE slot, but new egg was quick to replace it! If you use all for Memory slots you will have a hard time running over ddr3 1600.

Overall Review: I am using a 1090T, 8gigs of crucial ballistic blue tracer, crucial sata III 128gb ssd, 2X Gigabyte 5850s in crossfire, Antec 600 case, Antec 750 power supply. Note* If you plan to run all 4 memory slots get yourself some low latency 1600, also crucial looks like it was made for this mobo. The setup looks like a dream.

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Hypnotic Light Show10/7/2010 10:43:08 AM

Pros: Nice Timings, Matches my Gigabyte890FXA-UD5 like it was made for it (perfect wafer colors, matches mobo blue lights too), Looks great in a blue LED antec 600. A good warrenty?!

Cons: You pay a little more than some other brands, but you get a quality product with hypnotic LED's.

Overall Review: If you are getting the Gigabyte890FX-UD5, and plan to populate it with 4 strips of ram. The motherboard will not go faster than ddr3 1600, so this is a great choice. 8-8-8-24 T1 on 1.65volts, great performance! I've run crucial for years in other systems, and never had an issue.

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Great Price9/29/2010 11:02:34 AM

Pros: Six real 3.2ghz cores for less than $275, Great value for rendering in Maya. Quiet cool and efficient. Even comes with an impressive stock copper cooler with heatpipes.

Cons: The first one I had died after two days, but new egg was very quick to replace it, and it now works amazing!

Overall Review: This chip is very versitile and is suppoted by a great deal of motherboards. Mine was defective, but you know that kinda thing can happen sometimes.

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Clean Power9/23/2010 6:30:40 AM

Pros: Has more than enough power for my 5850's in crossfire, on a 890fx 1090T setup. Looks great in the antec 600 case!

Cons: Semi modular, though only one of the non modular wires goes unused in my setup.

Overall Review: Overall this a great power supply for the price.

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Great Case9/23/2010 6:14:34 AM

Pros: Lots of room, Amazing air flow, Quiet Fans, Filters, The window shows off xfire great, blue LEDS match my monitor, razor mouse, and keyboard! top case power buttons and USB. Fan speed controllers! Priced very well with all of the great features. A warranty!

Cons: It's not black on the inside like the 902, but with the case cover on you can't even tell, you just see mobo and graphics cards. It doesn't have the rubber mountings like my old case.

Overall Review: You can use the Sythe Mugen in this case, and looks great in the window.

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Very Cool9/23/2010 5:52:15 AM

Pros: For the price, this can not be beat. The performance is amazing, -10 degrees average on amd 1090T. The fan has great airflow, and even at top speed remains quiet.

Cons: Very huge, you will need a friend to help you install it, and a very large case. Also if you have high profile ram it may not be the heat sink for you.

Overall Review: This fits and looks great in both the antec 600, and 900 series cases.

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A great 5850!9/14/2010 10:05:03 AM

Pros: Great price Excellent cooling Very Quiet 2oz copper Looks amazing on my Gigabyte 890FXAUD-5motherboard

Cons: As with all of the 5800 series, extremely large. (Not a problem in the antec 600 black case)

Overall Review: This card, performed so well I bought a second matching one to crossfire with.

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