Horrible Customer Support!11/5/2013 2:46:06 PM

Pros: None to be said and none to be listed. Ya know I sat here debating about which board I should get. I've always been an ASUS fan and ya know what? Now I know why. I received this board about 5hrs ago. Everything came right on time Great Shipping NewEgg Thank you :-) Open the box and there everything was. Board looked great nice design nice look everything so far so good. Machine was put together and everything booted. Even better. Now the problem occurs for some odd strange reason the machine continues to go into the bio's on it's own. Can't go past after all settings are set. The board see's all my devices no problem but, refuses to go past the bios. I can change settings confirm everything but, NOTHING.. Won't go into boot mode for a cd drive of hard drive. So, I decide to give MSI a call. Well let me tell you..I've been in the IT Field for over 10yrs and in the course of the 10yrs I've sold alot of MSI boards and MSI products and a mixture of other things. However, MSI SUPPORT the worst support i've ever received in my life. Oh wait a minute I didn't get any support that's right. Their phone system says "your call is very important to us please remain on the line and the next available technicain will be right with you" After 15minutes on hold the line hangs up. I call back does it again I call back does it again. I call back I finally get a voice and speak with someone in a different department and I'm told by someone that oh everyone is out to lunch can you call back in an hour. Are you serious! That's customer support!

Cons: I've never in 10yrs have been giving the run around by any other company besides this one to be on hold numerous times adding up to about 3hrs. I got 2 total people on the line that told me the samething that everyone is out to lunch please call back later. This was my first personal purchase of a MSI product that I bought for myself and I WILL NEVER EVER buy another MSI product again.

Overall Review: Thanks to NewEgg my new board is order and already shipped and a full refund for this C rated motherboard being handled. So in the end MSI was unable to help because of their lack of customer support and rude staff that knows nothing about getting someone on the line for technical support. So just a warning to ANYONE that decides to purchase an MSI product your better off calling Newegg support because their staff knows how to treat people and also know how to give Excellent customer support.. So, thank you Newegg for all your help!. I look forward into receiving my ASUS motherboard...

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We apologize for the issues that you are having with this product. We have people standing by during lunch hours and we can get busy sometimes therefore you will have a choice to leave us a voicemail to allow us to call you back. Other departments do not handle end user calls therefore your best bet is MSI Technical Support Team and the phone # is 626.271.1004. We welcome you or anyone else to feel free to give us a call at any time, remember, it is 1.626.271.1004. Our support hours are from Monday to Friday, 6am to 6pm Pacific Time. We can also be reached at usreview@msi.com. Thank you and have a pleasant day. Best Regards, MSI Review Team | usreview@msi.com
Very Well Put Together Card..6/1/2009 7:30:47 AM

Pros: Going from an 7900GTX to this card was a big upgrade max settings in any game looks great.. I will say the card does run rather cool for the amount of play time I put into it. Easy setup not a big card but is up there is size with the newer style cards.. Other than that I really can't say anything that bad about it.

Cons: Only thing here I will say since there is only 1 12V connector I still don't understand why they took the other one out. Reading up on it couldn't give me the answer I was looking for. I will come out and say that when I first install the driver which were the new 185 drivers I did get artifacts like black squares all over my screen. It was random wasn't all the time I had to go back to the 178 drivers and my machine has been stable ever since. I don't know why some people said to flash the card, but I wouldn't do that I'll just wait till newer drivers come out that are stable. Known issues before with previous cards I've owned from Nvidia but, great overall card.

Overall Review: I wish I should of take advantage of the 90 day step up I totally forgot about it but oh well this card is more then enough for what I do. Like before MAX SETTINGS on ALL GAMES NO PROBLEMS. In closing I end this like I always do if you want quality instead of quantity buy this product I did and no regrets...

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Bright Very Bright..9/23/2008 2:36:02 PM

Pros: This monitor coming from a 19' Widescreen is great.. I've been a fan of Sceptre for years I have a HDTV from them and I can' say anything bad about the company @ all. When you have an issue THEY WILL replace the unit no questions asked..

Cons: Great solid unit monitor its bright very bright.. I had to turn it down because it was hurting my eyes at first but the picture is great... I like how the buttons are on the back of the monitor and not the front like my old one. It is very simple to use the monitor settings.

Overall Review: The only thing that I can say is I've noticed little spots on the screen here and there that are flashing different colors almost looks like Interference is hitting the monitor like when your cell phone rings by it.. Doesn't do it all the time but its ok.. Finally I would like to say once again when coming to this brand if you want quality over quantity by Sceptre you just can't go wrong.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Very Happy With Purchase1/17/2007 1:06:28 PM

Pros: For the price you can't beat that. The Quality of the product is excellent. I do own another Sceptre product and that is excellent as well. I don't understand some of the reviews that people talk about. Read the product before you buy. Thats all I have to say. My XBOX-360 LOOKS INSANE picture couldn't look any better. Also like the finish on the paint does make the TV look alot better.

Cons: A little trouble @ first to set up the wire but once I got it no problem. None other then that..

Overall Review: All I have to say is when it comes to buying something like this you just have to do your homework. Don't just buy something because the price is right although thats what some people or should I say a lot of people do. Pay attention to certain things look for certain spec's and READ what it has don't just buy read.. And once again I will say if you want a quality instead of quanity by this product I did.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
What is wrong with you people!!10/26/2006 5:08:45 AM

Pros: What is wrong you you kids there is nothing wrong with this product you say that you can no processor time to do anything.. My system on a full load with playing games has all the processor time in the world to do what I want.. Funny thing is your saying you can't do it with a X2 on top of it hard to believe..

Cons: Take it from a technicians point of view been working with anti-virus programs from over 2 yrs now I've seen alot and McAfee is junk no question norton worked with every norton to nav and the antivirus and the corp. Edition are great..

Overall Review: Don't listen to these kids this runs 100% better then 2006 and 120% better then 05 not a resource pig and does what it needs to do also like the face that it has a furture Vista look to it.. You want a virus protection that simple and easy to use get this one you will not be upset.. At my place of business we use this all the time customers has nothing bad to say about it and does what it needs to do.. Take it from people who know what there talking about not from some kids that think they do.. Oh yea my rig by the way! FX-55..DFI-LANPARTY SLI...2GB memory...2x250GB SATA....EvGa 7900GTO.. I think I have no worries.. And you kids are complaining and you have X2's LOL thats funny a socket a Barton 2500+ would have no problem with this software.. Learn your facts before you write false feedback...

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It's All Good and Then Some!10/11/2006 8:04:43 AM

Pros: This card is SICK Point Blank. For the price and the speed that this card puts out theres nothing else more to say.. Its a GTX all the way Less then Half the cost and this card is proved to run quick and faster then some GTX's..

Cons: None Found and Nothing will be found..

Overall Review: I sold my 7900GT for this and you know what its deff. Worth it I have no choke it games FULL Settings on everything.. over 180fps in CSS test. Half Life 2 125fps on that test.. Goes though F.E.A.R and the new games like nothing you want quailty instead of quanity then buy this card no regrets..

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Wow Talk About A Great Monitor6/1/2006 5:41:47 PM

Pros: This monitor is Outstanding I never thought I would goto an LCD none to less a Widescreen. But for the price and this picture words can't even say..

Cons: If you are thinking about a monitor pick this one $$$$ is right nothing to big and crazy I have to admit this is one LCD I will be happy with...

Overall Review: I've seen alot of lcd's from a 15" to a 24" and I will say this is impressive. If your thinking about changing from a CRT Do it up cause you won't be unhappy!

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1 word Wow!3/3/2006 6:34:51 AM

Pros: 1st LCD I bought and I have to admit.. What a monitor. I thought LCD's would be no good compaired to CRT monitors. I play games and I always said I would Never buy an LCD well I was wrong. Best Bang for the BUCK nothing else to say..

Cons: Attention Gamers! GG on this one.. Buy it nothing else to say!

Overall Review: Brightness on this monitor is outstanding and the 1000:1 Ratio obviously sweet. If your thinking to look around don't stop here and Buy this monitor you will like it I do!

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Speechless5/12/2005 11:16:59 AM

Comments: Wow what can I say about this card insane is what I will say! went from a Hightech 9600XT to this and wow what a jump price was up there but oh well this is probably the last card I will buy for a while. FPS in the games are sick and the quality excellent! PC SPECS ARE! CPU = AMD 64 3200+ With A Thermaltake CopperHeatsink with Dual 80's MOBO = DFI LanParty NF 3 250@ MEMORY = GiG and A Half of CORSAIR Hard Drive = 160 SATA WD Drive Video Card = XFX GeForce 6800 GT So to people that are thinking about buying one or have seconds thoughts just buy one cause this is all you need for AGP it don't get any better then this! Now on the other hand !*SLI Rocks*! but we'll get to that next time!

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Thank You12/18/2004 7:44:03 PM

Comments: thank you newegg for the nice gift all thou I am a little upset about the tower I bought but oh well Happy Hoildays from all of us here is NY Thanks NewEgg

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Good 1st Case12/10/2004 10:08:02 AM

Comments: Listen here I bought this case for my very first case and let me tell you the price and the case can't beat it very sexy can't comeplain! the look is outstanding! I think overall I would buy this case for anyone for there first case not something I would switch back to cause Its not used for that just a start off you know what I mean Fast shipping by the way Newegg where would we all be without ya!

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Very Good for a 1st case12/8/2004 12:35:04 PM

Comments: i got this case and i think this case is a very good case for its price you can't beat it good storage on the inside can't complain about anything in here just plain out banging for your buck! Go new egg!

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Good Monitor11/18/2004 12:04:51 PM

Comments: This is an excellent monitor the money is worth is the hell wit LCD's and those other stupid monitors CRT are the best for games and all the other good stuff. 19' thats all you need anything bigger your just wasting your money. if you want quality instead on quantity pick this monitor you'll like it i do!

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