Not good for big Transfers - Get Teamgroup C175 instead5/31/2020 3:28:01 AM

Pros: Looks cool. Actually has the amount of storage that it says. Its a real working flash drive

Cons: I buy a lot of 128gb flash drives for work, usually buy them ten at a time. I bought one of these to give it a test. It cannot hold a constant speed when transferring big files. This is an issue with usb3 caching. Most Usb 3 flash drives have this problem - they are just designed badly. Some drives do not have this problem and manage to maintain a constant transfer speed. I saw that Teamgroup updated their older C186 drive, so I wanted to see if this new C188 drive has the same issue. I am sad to report, yes it does. The speed keeps dropping to 0 after a few seconds of transferring at 60 MB/s. I cannot recommend the C188 or the C186 Drives from team group as they cannot transfer large files quickly. 80GB will take about 1.5 hours to transfer with this drive. Find a better drive and the same transfer will take 20 minutes. I recommend the C175 as it can hold a constant speed and it is pretty cheap as well.

Overall Review: Not good for large files. (if you need to transfer more than 10gb at a time) good cheap flash drive for small files. Has USB3 Cache issue causing it to drop to 0MB/s every few seconds. top Write Speed I recorded is 80MB/S I recommend the C175 instead as it can hold a constant speed and it is pretty cheap as well.

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Great flash drive - Constant speed12/1/2019 4:40:35 AM

Pros: The cheapest flash drive I can find that holds a solid transfer speed. Keeps a solid 40-50MB/s. Every other cheap 128gb drive will drop to zero transfer constantly (Even teamgroups other 128gb USB3 Drive on Newegg).

Cons: I dont like cap drives as much as the slide ones but it is what it is.

Overall Review: I'll buy these by the dozen when they are on sale. Always recommend.

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Okay Flash Drives.... Buffer Issue. Not good for big transfers12/1/2019 4:02:36 AM

Pros: I think these drives are great for someone doing small transfers day to day. Cheap. Build Quality is good.

Cons: I have bought about 8 of these so far. I buy loads for sending footage to people. I'll upload about 80 gigs at a time onto the drive. They all seem to suffer from the USB 3.1 buffer issue. I notice that better designed drives do not have this problem and cheap ones do. The transfer speed will constantly go from 75MB/s to 0MB/s because it does not manage the small buffer on USB3 well. This issue makes transfer large amounts of data nearly impossible. What would take another USB3 flash drive 20 minutes takes this one hours. Team group actually makes a very similar flash drive with rounded edges and a cap that is able to stay a constant 40MB/s.

Overall Review: Would not recommend as the drives transfer speed constantly drop down to zero. I have given this drive two chances and bought two batches. They all have the transfer speed drop issue. Will not be buying them again as I cannot use them.

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Problematic4/27/2015 10:08:10 PM

Pros: When it works its fast and great - good near 100mb/s speeds - stylish , easy to put drives in

Cons: Has issues. Its cheap so the connector is not too great on the case for the SSUSB3 port. It commonly will just lose connection when the cable is touched or sometimes will not boot the drive and just stay on and silent. Was a slight issue when I first bought it, it not is a constant issue, cannnot use this case normally without spending time fidgeting with the cable to get t to read, then being careful not to touch it. It also does not hold the hdd inside tightly, you can hear and feel it hit the case inside back and forth.

Overall Review: I wish the cable design was built into the case instead of having a connector that can be damaged over time.

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Hi Dear Valuable Client , Thank you so much for choosing ORICO as your preferred choice.I am Lor from ORICO.I have just received your product reviews about the product you purchased.I sincerely sorry for the issue your experienced and I believe this issue could be fixed with our Customer Care Team.It will be great if you can offer our Customer Care Team an opportunity to correct this issue and our team members will be more than happy to help. Thank you again for purchase ORICO Products. Best Regards Lor
Ordered wrong - still used em2/9/2015 7:30:56 PM

Pros: I accidentally bought the wrong color temperature. These are very white/blue close to 6500K. Not very good for in house lights, luckily I managed to use them for some outside lights and it worked nicely. Nice value @3.50 a bulb - will last a very very very long time. Very bright, brighter than 60w incandescents in my house.

Cons: none - labelling on site could of been a little mor obvious to help me out when ordering. works like cool white or warm mean nothing.

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Did half the job6/19/2013 1:17:55 PM

Pros: Very quiet fan, the rubber mounts it comes with actually work like a charm making the fan completely silent - cant even tell when it is on.

Cons: The airflow is not that great. I bought this because I wanted to get a fan that had more flow than my old old stock fan and was silent. This did half the job. Speedfan says this thing is running at 1600 rpm so I should be getting around 34 cfm. I dont know any home method to measure cfm nor do I have equipment but this pushes out less air then my noisy 7 year old stock fan and I'm pretty sure its not at 34 cfm at all. I put my hand to the fans exhaust and I barely feel a breeze. I think everything in my pc has gone up a few degrees (32ish-36ish). it was also quite a dime compared to other fans. Looks like I might be shopping around fans for a while till I find the perfect one.

Overall Review: Cause it's only three pin i cant tell when/if it will run at max speed so I can see some real results. I have a small case so I was hoping this would make a great main exhaust fan. I guess this would be perfect as a fan in the computer to just move air around but i wouldn't suggest buying it as a main exhaust. If I see serious changes in temperatures on load I will probably return this fan and look around for another one. Shame I probably wont find one as quiet as this one.

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Mushkin Man5/18/2013 1:13:43 AM

Pros: Nice, easy install, good performance! lots of ram good for video editing. not 1600 but plenty fast for gaming and media production. Got it on sale and with a coupon code for 33 bucks! 75 percent discount haha. Really good deal. great heatsinks also!

Cons: ram prices are going up so buy soon. No cons product wise tho

Overall Review: Always been a mushkin man. love their ram, occasionally ive bought corsair or kingston but mushkin has never given me any problems.

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Great when it works4/1/2013 3:41:35 PM

Pros: Lots of ports, great price, fits case well. For the little bit that it did work it was a fast and nice card reader.

Cons: It doesn't work most of the time. It may be my motherboard but I am quite sure it is the device itself. It seems to only work when it wants to and most of the time it constantly "disappears' and reconnects from windows. The power is never interrupted cause the blue led is always on yet it disconnects then connects back in a few seconds. After all that happened and trying to get it to fully work for a few hours It just stopped working completely and is not stuck as an unknown device in device manager. I have tried the fixes posted by rosewill in these comments about unplugging it and waiting and even tried the uninstall from device manager fix. Nothing seems to work. gonna have to call rosewill tonight and newegg to see if I can fix it, if not then its gonna have to be replaced A hassle this product has been.

Overall Review: I wish I didn't have to get it replaced

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Cool Card3/12/2013 5:48:49 PM

Pros: Its class 6 so fast enough for HD video on Canon cropped sensor dslrs. It is indestructable/waterproof/etc - newegg doesn't advertise that too much It looks awesome and is fast

Cons: Didnt come with a sd card case like most sd cards do but not really a big deal

Overall Review: The metal finish on the card really makes it stand out and look neat. Havent tested all the water proof and pressure proof features yet but I trust it - seen a bunch of videos online where people put this thing in tubs and through all kinds of obstacles.

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Mushkin = Great Ram10/7/2011 3:18:15 AM

Pros: Gone thru a lot of ram brands in my time. I find corsair and mushkin as the best and crucial as the worst, kingston is the best average brand. But I bought these a while back when it was on the shell shocker and I got two and sold one of em online and covered the cost of everything. popped right in to my vaio core I% and now i have max ram :)

Cons: Only bad thing is that as with every company mail in rebates take FOREVER. I send in the rebate almost two months ago and they are still "processing" I'm quite sure I will never see the rebate actually sent to me and its all just another hoax. Well at least i broke even, if I got the rebate tho this would have been so much more perfect

Overall Review: I wish i would get that darn rebate already ....... UGH! Knocked an egg off cause of it

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